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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Livonia City Council works with Rizzo to get residents the right size container to meet needs. Why is this not possible in the City of Bloomfield Hills ?

In an article that appeared in the Livonia Observer, The  Vice president of the Livonia City Council tells how their community chose Rizzo…  

"After numerous hearings, with the public involved, it became clear that
people did not want to be forced to go to a 64 gallon container. The majority wanted to keep the 18-gallon containers but be able to have an option to use a 64-gallon or 48-gallon recycling container, which Rizzo Services agreed to collect. 

The Trash containers used in the City of Bloomfield Hills are 
96 gallons. In addition We have something Livonia does not and that is hills which can be challenging to an older population even in dry weather let alone winter.
City Manager Mr. Cravens say he designed the carts replete with the City seal which just appeared one day last March on City Streets. At the time no one question them or asked if there were alternatives. 

Our residents were given no say in the mechanics of the new system.

Rizzo is fast growing efficient company that seems to be cooperative with the community that it serves.

The problem is our City government which does not consult its Citizens before it acts, does not  asks for or fights for modifications when needed.