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Monday, January 30, 2017

Minutes of January 10th City Commission Meeting

Adopted: January 10, 2017
December 13, 2016, The regular meeting of the City Commission was called to order at 7:30 p.m., at City Hall 45 E. Long Lake Road Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48304. Mayor Sherr opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.
Commission Present:
Commission Absent: Staff Present:
Staff Absent:
Mayor Michael Coakley Mayor Pro Tem Sarah McClure Commissioner Michael Dul Commissioner Stuart Sherr
Commissioner Susan McCarthy
Finance Director / Treasurer Keith Francis Interim City Manager David Hendrickson Building Official Keith Woodcock
City Attorney Bill Hampton

City Clerk Amy Burton
Consent Agenda
Motion by Commissioner Dul, supported by Commissioner McClure, the city commission adopt the consent agenda, as presented.
Absent-1 (McCarthy) Motion Adopted.

117-2016 Citizens in the Audience
Mr. Bill Putney, resident on Trowbridge, spoke to the commission regarding the paving of the Trowbridge subdivision.
Mr. John Henke, resident in Trowbridge subdivision, requested the city administration provide assistance to the Trowbridge Association in researching their options to restore access to the Trowbridge bridge.
The commission suggested Interim City Manager Hendrickson can make himself available to the residents of the Trowbridge Association as he sees fit to aid in their endeavors working with MDOT.
118-2016 Resolution Honoring City Attorney Bill Hampton
Motion by Commissioner Coakley, supported by Commissioner Sherr, the city commission adopt a resolution honoring the years of dedicated exceptional service from City Attorney Bill Hampton.
Absent-1 (McCarthy) Motion Adopted.

City Commission 1 December 13, 2016
Adopted: January 10, 2017
119-2016 Cell Tower at 1805 Kensington Road
Interim City Manager Hendrickson provided an overview of the history of the proposed cell tower. He noted the improvement for DPS communications, as well as the location, height and screening of the tower have all been extensively researched over the last several months. Mr. Hendrickson noted the construction of the proposed tower will improve Public Safety radio communications, as well as cellular coverage for AT&T.
Mr. Andy Feld, the city’s wireless consultant, stated the proposed height of the tower at 140 ft. has been studied in great detail. As the proposal currently stands, 140 ft. tower with the antennae on top is the best option to improve communication and taking into consideration the aesthetics of the structure in the neighborhood.
Mr. Wally Haley, representing AT&T, was also in attendance.
City Attorney Hampton noted the planning commission approved the site plan location of the proposed cellular tower at their October 2016 meeting. Mr. Hampton stated if the city commission approves the request, the lease and contract negotiations can begin between the city and AT&T.
The commission commended Interim City Manager for his detailed study of the proposed tower including all the possible alternatives to find a solution to the DPS communication coverage issue.
Motion by Commissioner Coakley, supported by Commissioner Sherr, the city commission approve the proposal from AT&T and grant land use and site plan approval for a wireless communications tower to be located at the Department of Public Works building located at 1805 Kensington Road as submitted, subject to (a) meeting the conditions of the Hubbell, Roth & Clark review letter and the LSL Planning review letter (b) the City Manager and the City Attorney negotiating a lease agreement for said tower with AT&T.
Absent-1 (McCarthy) Motion Adopted.

120-2016 Appointment of Finance Director / Treasurer
Motion by Commissioner McClure, supported by Commissioner Sherr, the city commission appoint Keith Francis to serve as the Finance Director / Treasurer.
Absent-1 (McCarthy) Motion Adopted.

121-2016 Grading Ordinance Administrative Policy
Interim City Manager Hendrickson provided a memo dated 12/7/16 regarding the grading ordinance amendments.
Commissioner McClure stated ordinance amendments may need further consideration at some point to clean up some of the ordinance language, however she supports the grading policy as proposed by Interim City Manager Hendrickson.
City Commission 2 December 13, 2016
Adopted: January 10, 2017
Commissioner Dul expressed his support for the grading ordinance policy approach.
Mayor Coakley suggested the contractors and building professionals should be educated about the grading policy.
The commission directed the Interim City Manager and the Building Official to educate the building community on the city’s grading ordinance policy to ensure utmost compliance with the city’s ordinances.
Motion by Commissioner McClure, supported by Commissioner Dul, the city commission adopt the recommendations for a grading policy as proposed the memo dated 12/7/16 from Interim City Manager David Hendrickson.
Absent-1 (McCarthy) Motion Adopted.

122-2016 2017 Meeting Calendar
Motion by Commissioner McClure, supported by Commissioner Dul, the city commission adopt the 2017 meeting calendar.
Absent-1 (McCarthy) Motion Adopted.

123-2016 Building Department Fees
Interim City Manager Hendrickson explained the detailed process staff developed to determine the actual costs to run the building department and related fees necessary to cover those expenses. Mr. Hendrickson stated the application fees and re-inspections fees the building department was charging for permit applications didn’t cover the costs to issue the permits. He noted the proposed changes are focused on the application fees and re-inspection fees. Mr. Hendrickson also stated the Building Official and Finance Director should consider reviewing the fees on an annual basis as part of the budget process.
Motion by Commissioner Sherr, supported by Commissioner McClure, the city commission adopt the resolution setting the revised building department fees, as proposed.
Absent-1 (McCarthy) Motion Adopted.

124-2016 Boards & Commissions Appointments
Commissioner Dul requested in the future for the individual applications to be included with the commission packets.
Motion by Commissioner McClure, supported by Commissioner Sherr, the city commission approve the boards and commissions appointments as presented in the memo from City Clerk Burton dated 12/9/16.
City Commission 3 December 13, 2016

Absent-1 (McCarthy)

125-2016 City Manager Comments
Adopted: January 10, 2017
Motion Adopted.
Interim City Manager Hendrickson commended the DPW on their hard work during the snowstorm last week.
Mr. Hendrickson also noted the preliminary reports from Oakland County Equalization show the city’s taxable value is estimated to increase by approximately 2.6% - 3.1%.
126-2016 Other Business
Commissioner McClure noted there should be some budget amendments necessary to address approved changes to salaries and building department activity. Finance Director / Treasurer Keith Francis stated he will be looking at the first 6 months of the fiscal year and bringing amendments to the commission after that point.
Mayor Coakley suggested the commission review the approved goals and commission members may be assigned a participatory role in accomplishing these goals.
There being no further business, the regular meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.
_____________________________ Michael Coakley, Mayor
____________________________________ Amy L. Burton, City Clerk
City Commission 4
December 13, 2016 

Saturday, January 28, 2017


page2image280 page2image712 page2image880
Policy of the Act
The basic intent of the Act is to strengthen the right of all Michigan citizens to know what goes on in government by requiring public bodies to conduct nearly all business at open meetings.
page3image280 page3image712 page3image880
An overview of:
1) the basics -- the requirements of an open meeting
2) the key areas of dispute -- when a local government might be found to violate the OMA.
When must an open meeting be held? When does an exception apply?
page4image472 page4image904 page4image1072 page4image11192 page4image21840
Basic Requirements
All meetings of a public body shall be open to the public
All decisions of a public body shall be made at a
meeting open to the public
All deliberations of a public body constituting a quorum of its members shall take place at a meeting of a public body, except for closed sessions
page5image320 page5image752 page5image920 page5image1080 page5image1240 page5image1400 page5image1560 page5image1720
Meeting is subject to the Open Meetings Act if . . .
1) a public body (including committee, subcommittee)
2) meets with a quorum present (or constructive quorum)
3) to deliberate toward or render a decision
4) on something on which a vote by the public body is required and by which a public body effectuates/formulates public policy
page6image456 page6image888 page6image1056
A Public Body Is . . .
A legislative or governing body including a board, commission, committee, subcommittee, authority or council performing governmental or proprietary function.
page7image464 page7image896 page7image1064 page7image11536
A Meeting Is . . .
The convening of a public body at which a quorum is present for the purpose of deliberating toward or rendering a decision on a public policy
NOTE!! Beware of “constructive quorums” or “subquorums”
page8image280 page8image712 page8image880
A Decision Is . . .
A determination, action or vote on a motion, proposal, recommendation, resolution or ordinance, on which a vote by members of a public body is required and by which a public body effectuates or formulates public policy.
page9image736 page9image1168 page9image1336 page9image11456 page9image11624 page9image11792 page9image11960 page9image12128 page9image12296 page9image12464 page9image12632 page9image12800 page9image12968 page9image13136 page9image13304 page9image13472 page9image13640 page9image13808 page9image13976 page9image14144 page9image14312 page9image14480 page9image14648 page9image14816 page9image14984 page9image15152 page9image15320 page9image15488 page9image15656 page9image15824 page9image15992 page9image16160 page9image16328 page9image16496 page9image16664 page9image16832 page9image17000 page9image27120
Requirements – Notice
Notice Requirements
Post a list of regular meetings (dates, times, places) within 10 days of first meeting of the new calendar or fiscal year.
If there is a change in the schedule, must post a new schedule within 3 days of the meeting when changed.
For special or irregular meetings, must give 18 hours notice.
page10image672 page10image1104 page10image1272 page10image1440 page10image1608 page10image1776 page10image1944 page10image2112 page10image2280 page10image2448 page10image2616 page10image2784 page10image2952 page10image3120 page10image3288 page10image3456 page10image3624 page10image3792 page10image3960 page10image4128 page10image4296 page10image4464 page10image4632 page10image4800 page10image4968 page10image5136 page10image5304 page10image5472 page10image5640 page10image5808 page10image5976 page10image6144 page10image6312 page10image6480 page10image6648 page10image6816 page10image6984 page10image7152 page10image7320 page10image7488 page10image7656 page10image7824 page10image7992 page10image8160 page10image8328 page10image8496 page10image8664 page10image8832 page10image9000 page10image9168 page10image9336 page10image9504
Basic Requirements
The OMA controls the conduct of the members of public bodies when a quorum, and sometimes less than a quorum, gather to deliberate or vote on issues. Generally, the statute requires that all meetings of public bodies be conducted in public pursuant to notice, so that the public may attend and take part.” (Local Government Law and Practice, 12-3)
page11image280 page11image712 page11image880
Basic Requirements, cont.
Public meetings shall be open to the public and held in a place available to the general public. They do not have to be held in the municipality, but can’t be so far away that they are inconvenient.
page12image288 page12image720 page12image888 page12image12240
Basic Requirements, cont.
Persons attending the meeting may tape record it, video tape it, broadcast it live . . . but governing body may have rules to minimize the possibility of disruption of the meeting.
Citizens have the right to address the meeting, but governing body may limit this to a public comment portion of the meeting and restrict the amount of time an individual may speak. They can be required to identify themselves.
page13image472 page13image904 page13image1072 page13image10664 page13image20432
Requirements - Notice
Post a list of regular meetings (dates, times, places) within 10 days of first meeting of the new calendar or fiscal year.
If there is a change in the schedule, must post a new schedule within 3 days of the meeting when the change is made.
For special or irregular meetings, must give 18 hours notice. Per the AG, if the public is denied access to the notice for any part of the 18 hours, the notice is not valid. If a regular meeting is recessed for more than 36 hours, can’t reconvene without an 18 hour notice posting.
page14image464 page14image896 page14image1064 page14image12416
Requirements – Notice, cont.
Citizens can request that the public body put
them on a mailing list so that they are notified in advance of all meetings. Governing body can charge a reasonable fee for this. Newspapers, radio and TV stations may request notices without cost.
Emergency sessions may be held without written notice if public health, safety or welfare is severely threatened and if 2/3 of the public body votes to hold the meeting.
page15image464 page15image896 page15image1064 page15image10656
Requirements - Minutes
Minutes must be kept of all meetings. Minutes are public records and must be available for review and copying (except minutes of closed sessions).
Draft minutes must be available for public inspection
within 8 business days of the meeting. Approved minutes must be available within 5 business days after the meeting at which they were approved. Corrections must be made no later than the next meeting after the meeting to which they refer. Corrected minutes must be available not later than the next meeting after the correction and must show both the original entry and the correction.
page16image280 page16image712 page16image880
A Closed Session Is . . .
If all the conditions exist making the meeting subject to the Open Meetings Act, there are a limited number of circumstances in which the public body may meet in a “closed session.”
page17image296 page17image728 page17image896 page17image1056 page17image12232
Closed Sessions
Closed Sessions:
With 6 exceptions related to local governments, all meetings must be held in open session. The easiest way to avoid running afoul of the OMA is to conduct all meetings in open session.
Note that even where closed sessions are
allowed, the particular action must be taken in
open session.
page18image272 page18image704
Closed Sessions – When Permitted
The 6 Reasons for a Closed Session:
1) If requested by the named person, to consider dismissal, suspension or disciplining of, or to hear complaints or charges brought against, or to consider a periodic personnel evaluation of, a public officer or employee.
2) For strategy and negotiation sessions connected with negotiation of a collective bargaining agreement if requested by either negotiating party.
3) To consider purchase or lease of real property up to the time an option to purchase or lease of that property is obtained.
page19image1088 page19image1520 page19image1688 page19image1848 page19image2008 page19image11072 page19image11240 page19image11408 page19image11576 page19image11744 page19image11912 page19image12080 page19image12248 page19image12416 page19image12584 page19image12752 page19image12920 page19image13088 page19image13256 page19image13424 page19image13592 page19image13760 page19image13928 page19image14096 page19image14264 page19image14432 page19image14600 page19image14768 page19image14936 page19image15104 page19image15272 page19image15440 page19image15608 page19image15776 page19image15944 page19image16112 page19image16280 page19image16448 page19image16616 page19image16784 page19image16952 page19image17120 page19image17288 page19image17456 page19image17624 page19image17792 page19image17960 page19image18128 page19image18296 page19image18464 page19image18632 page19image18800 page19image18968 page19image19136 page19image19304 page19image19472 page19image19640 page19image19808 page19image19976 page19image20144 page19image20312 page19image20480 page19image20648 page19image20816 page19image20984 page19image21152 page19image21320 page19image21488 page19image21656 page19image21824 page19image21992 page19image22160 page19image22328 page19image22496 page19image22664 page19image22832 page19image23000 page19image23168 page19image23336 page19image23504 page19image23672 page19image23840 page19image24008 page19image24176 page19image24344 page19image24512 page19image24680 page19image24848 page19image25016 page19image25184 page19image25352 page19image25520 page19image25688 page19image25856 page19image26024 page19image26192 page19image26360 page19image26528 page19image26696 page19image26864 page19image27032 page19image27200 page19image27368 page19image27536
Closed Sessions – When Permitted
To consult with an attorney regarding trial or settlement strategy in connection with specific pending litigation, but only if an open meeting would have a detrimental financial affect on the municipality’s litigation or settlement position.
To review and consider contents of an application for employment or appointment to public office if candidate requests that the application remain confidential. Interviews by a public body for employment or appointment to public office must be held in an open meeting.
To consider material exempt from discussion or disclosure by state or federal statute.
page20image1416 page20image1848 page20image2016 page20image2184 page20image2352 page20image2520 page20image2688 page20image2856 page20image3024 page20image3192 page20image3360 page20image3528 page20image3696 page20image3864 page20image4032 page20image4200 page20image4368 page20image4536 page20image4704 page20image4872 page20image5040 page20image5208 page20image5376 page20image5544 page20image5712 page20image5880 page20image6048 page20image6216 page20image6384 page20image6552 page20image6720 page20image6888 page20image7056 page20image7224 page20image7392 page20image7560 page20image7728 page20image7896 page20image8064 page20image8232 page20image8400 page20image8568 page20image8736 page20image8904 page20image9072 page20image9240 page20image9408 page20image9576 page20image9744 page20image9912 page20image10080 page20image10248 page20image10416 page20image10584 page20image10752 page20image10920 page20image11088 page20image11256 page20image11424 page20image11592 page20image11760 page20image11928 page20image12096 page20image12264 page20image12432 page20image12600 page20image12768 page20image12936 page20image13104 page20image13272 page20image13440 page20image13608 page20image13776 page20image13944 page20image14112 page20image14280 page20image14448 page20image14616 page20image14784 page20image14952 page20image15120 page20image15288 page20image15456 page20image15624 page20image15792 page20image15960 page20image16128 page20image16296 page20image16464 page20image16632 page20image16800 page20image16968 page20image17136 page20image17304 page20image17472 page20image17640 page20image17808 page20image17976 page20image18144 page20image18312 page20image18480 page20image18648 page20image18816 page20image18984 page20image19152 page20image19320 page20image19488 page20image19656 page20image19824 page20image19992 page20image20160 page20image20328 page20image20496 page20image20664 page20image20832 page20image21000 page20image21168 page20image21336 page20image21504 page20image21672 page20image21840 page20image22008 page20image22176 page20image22344 page20image22512 page20image22680 page20image22848 page20image23016 page20image23184 page20image23352 page20image23520 page20image23688 page20image23856 page20image24024 page20image24192 page20image24360 page20image24528 page20image24696 page20image24864 page20image25032 page20image25200 page20image25368 page20image25536 page20image25704 page20image25872
Closed Sessions – Calling it, Closing it
From an open meeting, a 2/3 roll call vote is required, except for closed sessions permitted under MCL 15.268(a) (discipline, personnel evaluation, etc. of official/employee) or MCL 15.268(c) (collective bargaining) which require a majority vote.
The roll call vote and the purpose for calling a closed session shall be entered into minutes of the open meeting.
Normally one of the members of the public body moves to
return to open session. The body performs any action required as a result of the closed session in open session. The meeting then proceeds with other matters or adjourns in the normal fashion.
page21image1448 page21image1880 page21image2048 page21image2216 page21image2384 page21image2552 page21image2720 page21image2888 page21image3056 page21image3224 page21image3392 page21image3560 page21image3728 page21image3896 page21image4064 page21image4232 page21image4400 page21image4568 page21image4736 page21image4904 page21image5072 page21image5240 page21image5408 page21image5576 page21image5744 page21image5912 page21image6080 page21image6248 page21image6416 page21image6584 page21image6752 page21image6920 page21image7088 page21image7256 page21image7424 page21image7592 page21image7760 page21image7928 page21image8096 page21image8264 page21image8432 page21image8600 page21image8768 page21image8936 page21image9104 page21image9272 page21image9440 page21image9608 page21image9776 page21image9944 page21image10112 page21image10280 page21image10448 page21image10616 page21image10784 page21image10952 page21image11120 page21image11288 page21image11456 page21image11624 page21image11792 page21image11960 page21image12128 page21image12296 page21image12464 page21image12632 page21image12800 page21image12968 page21image13136 page21image13304 page21image13472 page21image13640 page21image13808 page21image13976 page21image14144 page21image14312 page21image14480 page21image14648 page21image14816 page21image14984 page21image15152 page21image15320 page21image15488 page21image15656 page21image15824 page21image15992 page21image16160 page21image16328 page21image16496 page21image16664 page21image16832 page21image17000 page21image17168 page21image17336 page21image17504 page21image17672 page21image17840 page21image18008 page21image18176 page21image18344 page21image18512 page21image18680 page21image18848 page21image19016 page21image19184 page21image19352 page21image19520 page21image19688 page21image19856 page21image20024 page21image20192 page21image20360 page21image20528 page21image20696 page21image20864 page21image21032 page21image21200 page21image21368 page21image21536 page21image21704 page21image21872 page21image22040 page21image22208 page21image22376 page21image22544 page21image22712 page21image22880 page21image23048 page21image23216 page21image23384 page21image23552 page21image23720 page21image23888 page21image24056 page21image24224 page21image24392 page21image24560 page21image24728 page21image24896 page21image25064 page21image25232 page21image25400 page21image25568 page21image25736 page21image25904 page21image26072 page21image26240 page21image26408 page21image26576
Closed Sessions – Minutes
The OMA requires that a separate set of minutes shall be taken at the closed session. According to an opinion of the Michigan AG, the minutes must reflect the date, time, place, members present and absent, and purpose of the closed session. (OAG No. 6817)
The clerk or designated secretary of the public body takes the minutes.
The minutes may only be disclosed if required by court order in a civil action filed in accordance with MCL 15.270, 15.271 or 15.273. OAG No. 6353 provides that disclosure may not be made even if the person requesting the closed session subsequently waives or withdraws the request and consents to disclosure.
page22image1248 page22image1680 page22image1848 page22image10912 page22image11080 page22image11248 page22image11416 page22image11584 page22image11752 page22image11920 page22image12088 page22image12256 page22image12424 page22image12592 page22image12760 page22image12928 page22image13096 page22image13264 page22image13432 page22image13600 page22image13768 page22image13936 page22image14104 page22image14272 page22image14440 page22image14608 page22image14776 page22image14944 page22image15112 page22image15280 page22image15448 page22image15616 page22image15784 page22image15952 page22image16120 page22image16288 page22image16456 page22image16624 page22image16792 page22image16960 page22image17128 page22image17296 page22image17464 page22image17632 page22image17800 page22image17968 page22image18136 page22image18304 page22image18472 page22image18640 page22image18808 page22image18976 page22image19144 page22image19312 page22image19480 page22image19648 page22image19816 page22image19984 page22image20152 page22image20320 page22image20488 page22image20656 page22image20824 page22image20992 page22image21160 page22image21328 page22image21496 page22image21664 page22image21832 page22image22000 page22image22168 page22image22336 page22image22504 page22image22672 page22image22840 page22image23008 page22image23176 page22image23344 page22image23512 page22image23680 page22image23848 page22image24016 page22image24184 page22image24352 page22image24520 page22image24688 page22image24856 page22image25024 page22image25192 page22image25360 page22image25528 page22image25696 page22image25864 page22image26032 page22image26200 page22image26368 page22image26536 page22image26704 page22image26872 page22image27040 page22image27208 page22image27376
Closed Sessions — Minutes
Minutes of a Closed Session (cont):
The public body may meet in closed session to approve the
minutes of a closed session -- if that decision is made in an open session of the public body.
The minutes may be destroyed one year and one day after approval of the minutes of the regular meeting at which the closed session was approved.
The minutes of a closed session are exempt from disclosure
under the Michigan FOIA unless required by court order in
accordance with the OMA.
page23image1464 page23image1896 page23image2064 page23image11128 page23image11296 page23image11464 page23image11632 page23image11800 page23image11968 page23image12136 page23image12304 page23image12472 page23image12640 page23image12808 page23image12976 page23image13144 page23image13312 page23image13480 page23image13648 page23image13816 page23image13984 page23image14152 page23image14320 page23image14488 page23image14656 page23image14824 page23image14992 page23image15160 page23image15328 page23image15496 page23image15664 page23image15832 page23image16000 page23image16168 page23image16336 page23image16504 page23image16672 page23image16840 page23image17008 page23image17176 page23image17344 page23image17512 page23image17680 page23image17848 page23image18016 page23image18184 page23image18352 page23image18520 page23image18688 page23image18856 page23image19024 page23image19192 page23image19360 page23image19528 page23image19696 page23image19864 page23image20032 page23image20200 page23image20368 page23image20536 page23image20704 page23image20872 page23image21040 page23image21208 page23image21376 page23image21544 page23image21712 page23image21880 page23image22048 page23image22216 page23image22384 page23image22552 page23image22720 page23image22888 page23image23056 page23image23224 page23image23392 page23image23560 page23image23728 page23image23896 page23image24064 page23image24232 page23image24400 page23image24568 page23image24736 page23image24904 page23image25072 page23image25240 page23image25408 page23image25576 page23image25744 page23image25912 page23image26080 page23image26248 page23image26416 page23image26584 page23image26752 page23image26920 page23image27088 page23image27256 page23image27424 page23image27592 page23image27760 page23image27928 page23image28096 page23image28264 page23image28432 page23image28600 page23image28768 page23image28936 page23image29104 page23image29272 page23image29440 page23image29608 page23image29776 page23image29944 page23image30112 page23image30280 page23image30448 page23image30616 page23image30784 page23image30952 page23image31120 page23image31288 page23image31456 page23image31624 page23image31792 page23image31960 page23image32128 page23image32296 page23image32464 page23image32632 page23image32800 page23image32968 page23image33136 page23image33304 page23image33472 page23image33640 page23image33808 page23image33976 page23image34144 page23image34312 page23image34480 page23image34648 page23image34816 page23image34984 page23image35152 page23image35320 page23image35488 page23image35656 page23image35824
Is it a Meeting ? E-mail
Communications Technology – Is it a “Meeting”?
If e-mail is used by members of a public body to for substantive discussions about matters pending before that unit of government, this may be viewed as a “meeting” under the OMA . . . not addressed by a Michigan court . . . yet.
Keep the intent of the Act in mind . . . did the members of the public body just passively receive some e-mails, or did they actively exchange e-mails showing an intent to deliberate.
At the very least, be careful if you hit “reply to all”
Blog / is everyone “in” the chat room at the same time?
page24image288 page24image720 page24image888 page24image11888
Is it a Meeting ? Committees
Keep in mind that committees and subcommittees are subject to the OMA, except those which adopt a non-policy making resolution of tribute or memorial. Committees that include no members of the public body itself can be subject to the OMA.
A sub quorum committee of the council that is appointed to “only make a recommendation” to the public body can be subject to the OMA.
page25image288 page25image720 page25image888 page25image10480
Is it a Meeting? Sub Quorum Committees
In some instances public bodies have divided into multiple subcommittees, met in private and then provided advice to the public body. Michigan courts have used the theory of “constructive quorum” to hold that this violates the OMA.
“The practical effect of various interpretations by the courts of the Act is that most activities of sub quorum groups are violations of the Act. Illegal sub quorum group activities include meeting to deliberate on public issues, using interlocking memberships on separate committees, circulating reports between committees, or using telephone polls to coordinate among a quorum of the public body.” (Local Government Law and Practice, 12- 10)
page26image288 page26image720 page26image888 page26image10304
Is it a Meeting ? Committees
Key: Is the committee operating with the delegation of authority to perform a governmental function – if so, in effect, it becomes the public body.
In Standish School case, COA held that since the Superintendent and Hiring Committee got authority from the Board - - did not have it independently - - that it was a “public body” where finalist selections and interviews were conducted privately with two Board members present.
page27image296 page27image728 page27image896 page27image10488 page27image20080
Is it a Meeting? Sub Quorum Committees
An informal poll taken by a mayor as to how the council members would vote on an issue was held to be permissible . . . where the intent was not to circumvent the OMA.
Recently, court of appeals held it was a violation of OMA where 2 commission members openly stated that they were going to discuss a matter in sub quorum groups, that they were trying to not violate OMA by discussing a matter in a sub-quorum setting, where there was no delegation by the full commission, and where the commission took the ultimate action in open session.
Even though “constructive quorum” is NOT in the OMA, it now has been effectively created by decisions of the COA and Supreme Court.
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Is it a Meeting? Sub Quorum Committees
In that second case, the 2 commissioners met separately and individually with 3 other commissioners - - with the publically stated intent to not have a meeting of more than 3 at any one time.
Ironically, the 3 commissioners ultimately did not vote the way the 2 wanted them to vote. Yet the COA still held the 2 intentionally violated the OMA. Plus it also affirmed the decision to invalidate the action taken by the full commission - - but noted it could be reenacted.
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Consequences of a Violation
Consequences of a Violation:
The action in question may be invalidated. Under the OMA, the AG, county prosecutor, or any person (which includes a newspaper) may bring a civil action in circuit court to challenge the validity of the action taken by the public body.
Suit must be brought within 60 days of approved minutes
being available; 30 days for actions re contracts, bids, bonds, etc.
The court can invalidate the action, but generally there must be an actual impairment of a public right. An invalidated action may be reenacted if done properly.
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Consequences of a Violation
Consequences of a Violation (cont.):
A public body is subject to an injunction to compel compliance with the OMA or to prohibit further noncompliance. Persons who bring these suits may be awarded court costs and actual attorney fees.
The OMA also provides for criminal misdemeanor penalties against any public official who intentionally violates the act. (90 days and $1,000 for the first offense; up to 1 year and $2,000 for the second)
Public officials who intentionally violate the OMA can also be subject to personal liability, up to $500 and court costs and actual attorney fees of the person or group that brings suit.
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When in doubt, please keep in mind the basic intent of the Act
to strengthen the right of all Michigan
citizens to know what goes on in government by requiring public bodies to conduct nearly all business at open meetings.
When in doubt, courts will keep the basic intent in mind!

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