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Friday, May 30, 2014

Home invasion, shooting suspects,to stand trial. Oakland Press and Birmingham Eccentric on line editions provide the latest details.

The Eccentric  article  written by reporter Jay Grossman who also provided photographs, can be accessed directly be clicking  the  Birmingham Eccentric  link which is provided on the left hand side of this page under Other news sources.

The latest from the Oakland Press and reporter Megan Semeraz  can be read clicking here

Yesterday the Oakland Press on line edition  published the audio of the 9-11 call to City of Bloomfield Hills dispatch. Both of the above newspaper accounts say  the the threat of calling the police prompted the shooting into a closed door wounding the home owner. Of note on the audio is the calm of our dispatchers in getting information in what was a fraught and  potentially life threatening situation. 

The name of the street where the crime occurred  is two words with beginning with consonants  that  if spoken rapidly may not be easy to understand.

The street itself is a not major one. In fact it dead ends. If you know the neighborhood's twists and turns however, it can be accessed by two of the City's major arteries. Possibly for that reason when Police arrived at the crime scene the suspects were gone.  Initial TV news reports said  the Police had no suspects. That would change. By May 5th the Police had made arrests.

The crime believed to be a blotched robbery,  occurred on April 30th.  
At the April City Commission meeting, three weeks prior  Chief  David Hendrickson asked City Commission  to participate in a multi community Police task force called MCAT. A motion to do so passed.  The memo the Chief wrote  for the commissioners  detailing the City's participation in MCAT and potential benefits was  posted on in our May 13th issue.  

In many conversations  with the media,the Chief has credited MCAT and  the addition resources  provided at a nominal cost as the keys to  the breaks in the case.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Baldwin New Titles 5/27/2014

Ghost Ship by Clive Cussler:  When Kurt Austin is injured attempting to rescue the passengers and crew from a sinking yacht, he wakes with fragmented and conflicted memories. Did he see an old friend and her children drown, or was the yacht abandoned when he came aboard? For reasons he cannot explain, Kurt doesn't trust either version of his recollection. Determined to know the truth, he begins to search for answers, and soon finds himself descending into a shadowy world of state-sponsored cyber crime, and uncovering a pattern of vanishing scientists, suspicious accidents, and a web of human trafficking. With the help of Joe Zavala, he takes on the sinister organization at the heart of this web, facing off with them in locations ranging from Monaco to North Korea to the rugged coasts of Madagascar. But where he will ultimately end up, even he could not begin to guess Check Availability

Skin Game by Jim Butcher:   Chicago wizard Harry Dresden must help a hated enemy, Nicodemus Archleone, break into a high security vault to steal something belonging to the Lord of the Underworld.
Check Availability  

Suspicion by Joseph Finder:  When single father Danny Goodman suddenly finds himself unable to afford the private school his teenage daughter adores, he has no one to turn to for financial support. In what seems like a stroke of brilliant luck, Danny meets Thomas Galvin, the father of his daughter's new best friend, who also happens to be one of the wealthiest men in Boston. Galvin is aware of Danny's situation and out of the blue offers a $50,000 loan to help Danny cover his daughter's tuition. Uncomfortable but desperate, Danny takes the money, promising to pay Galvin back. What transpires is something Danny never imagined. The moment the money is wired into his account, the DEA comes knocking on his door. Danny's impossible choice: an indictment for accepting drug money that he can't afford to fight in court, or an unthinkably treacherous undercover assignment helping the government get close to his new best friend. As Danny begins to lie to everyone in his life, including those he loves most in the world, he must decide once and for all who the real enemy is or risk losing everything-and everyone-that matters to him. Check Availability

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Interesting beach read thrillers, Monument Men and au courant About Last Night DVDs Highlight Baldwin New Titles 5/20/2014.

The One & Only by Emily Giffin:  Centering her life on the successful Walker family, into which she plans to marry, Shea struggles to end her affair with a less-than-stellar boyfriend only to have her entire existence placed in question by the death of the family's mother.

Resistant by Michael Palmer:   Dr. Lou Welcome must stop an epidemic, save his best friend, and uncover a shadowy group known as One Hundred Neighbors that has infiltrated society and is using health institutions as hostages. Check Availability

Sniper’s Honor by Stephen Hunter: Bob Lee Swagger is in love--with a woman who died 70 years ago. Ludmilla "Mili" Petrova was a great Russian sniper in World War II until she disappeared on a mission and was virtually erased from history. When Kathy Reilly of the Washington Post encounters a brief mention of Petrova in an old Russian propaganda magazine, she begins building a story around the legendary female sniper, who was once dubbed Die Weisse Hexe--The White Witch--and lauded by enemies and comrades alike. Mili's luxurious blonde hair and statuesque figure belied her fierce resolve to avenge the deaths of her husband and family by joining Stalin's Army and using her sharpshooting expertise to defeat Hitler's organization--ideally from the top down. There is very little on record for Reilly to mine for her profile, which only makes her want to dig deeper, enlisting her friend and former marine sniper Bob Lee Swagger to parse out the scarce details of Mili's astonishing military service. The more Swagger learns about the circumstances of Mili's last mission, the more he reveres the beautiful Russian heroine and longs to have known a fellow sniper with such courage and skill. And the more he believes her disappearance was no accident, and that Mili Petrova, while an essential player in Stalin's master plan, was merely a pawn in some larger conspiracy. But why would the Russian government go to such great lengths to erase one of their own decorated, legendary soldiers from history? And why, when Swagger joins Kathy Reilly on a researchtrip to the Carpathian Mountains, is someone trying to kill them for what they might find?  Check Availability

The Monuments Men (DVD): An unlikely World War II platoon has been tasked by FDR with going into Germany to rescue artistic masterpieces from Nazi thieves and returning them to their rightful owners. With the art trapped behind enemy lines, and with the German army under orders to destroy everything as the Reich fell, how could they possibly succeed? But as the Monuments Men, as they were called, found themselves in a race against time, they would risk their lives to protect mankind's greatest achievements. Check Availability

About Last Night (DVD): A modern reimagining of the classic this contemporary version closely follows new love for two couples as they journey from the bar to the bedroom and are eventually put to the test in the real world. Check Availability.


Monday, May 26, 2014

In Memory of 236 Oakand County Military Personnel Who Died in the Vietnam War.

         Listed by name, city, date of birth,date of death,military service and rank. 
  1. Andrews, Dale Charles Pontiac 11/29/45 05/08/1968 MC LCPL
  2. Angerman, Donald Edward Birmingham 06/21/47 04/27/1968 MC PFC
  3.  Aputen, Leslie George Pontiac 03/15/49 05/15/1968 MC PFC
  4.  Atkinson, Robert Louis Jr Clarkston 07/03/48 03/26/1969 AR PFC
  5.  Austin, Glenn Frederic Madison Heights 07/14/47 03/07/1970 MC CPL
  6.  Bachert, Richard Charles Davisberg 02/16/49 12/21/1968 AR SP4
  7.  Barili, Peter Lino Birmingham 09/04/46 02/21/1971 AR 1LT
  8.  Barnes, George Lee Lakeville 08/29/46 11/22/1968 MC LCPL
  9.  Becker, Tommy Joe Madison Heights 09/14/53 04/18/1972 AR PFC
  10.  Berg, Gary Richard Southfield 07/08/50 12/06/1968 MC PFC
  11.  Berry, James Craig Royal Oak 07/14/48 11/13/1967 AR PFC
  12.  Beske, William Henry Jr Lathrop Village 09/29/47 05/24/1969 AR PFC
  13.  Birdsall, Thomas Eddy Royal Oak 05/22/45 11/12/1966 MC LCPL
  14.  Boudreau, John Henry Birmingham 11/15/45 05/08/1967 MC CPL
  15.  Bowman, David Frank Pontiac 10/06/41 11/27/1967 AR SSGT
  16.  Boyd, Don Gaynor Southfield 06/14/46 02/28/1967 MC LCPL
  17.  Braid, John Edward Bloomfield Hills 06/22/42 06/23/1969 AR SGT
  18.  Brinkey, Larry Howard Troy 04/05/49 05/06/1969 AR SP5
  19.  Brown, Max Eugene Jr Hazel Park 01/13/47 02/06/1967 AR PFC
  20.  Bryan, Larry Michael Highland 12/01/48 07/02/1969 AR PFC
  21.  Bugni, Florian Anthony Jr Farmington 08/18/47 05/23/1968 AR PFC
  22.  Burkell, Gene Michael Pontiac 09/14/49 04/26/1968 AR CPL
  23.  Bushong, Donald Richard Troy 09/14/46 07/14/1968 MC SGT
  24.  Busse, Donald Gene Pontiac 08/29/49 05/21/1970 AR SP4
  25.  Cain, Robert Daniel Union Lake 11/22/45 10/23/1967 AR PFC
  26.  Campbell, David Graham Southfield 12/26/46 06/02/1970 AR SGT
  27.  Carter, James Devrin Clarkston 03/13/47 06/13/1968 AR WO
  28. Caswell, Robert Lynn Pontiac 10/22/47 04/03/1968 AR SP4
  29. Chambliss, Roger Ridgely Birmingham 06/10/52 10/31/1972 AR SP4
  30. Chisholm, Joseph Charles Union Lake 12/12/44 05/12/1969 AR SP4
  31. Clancy, Dennis Patrick Royal Oak 08/08/47 02/28/1968 AR PFC
  32.  Clay, James Wilford Waterford 07/17/49 05/29/1969 AR PFC
  33. Cobeil, Earl Glenn Pontiac 08/29/43 11/05/1970 AF LTC
  34.  Crouch, Nathan Eugene Farmington 05/20/47 01/27/1969 AR SP4
  35.  Curl, Robert Graham Walled Lake 08/10/45 12/02/1969 AR SSGT
  36. Dailey, Douglas Vincent Waterford 06/30/36 01/07/1974 AF SMS
  37. Frederic Hutchison Union Lake 10/26/47 06/07/1969 AR SGT
  38. Davis, Gerald Arthur Walled Lake 11/14/50 09/02/1971 AR SP4
  39.  Davis, Harold Michael Jr Hazel Park 11/24/48 01/18/1969 AR CPL
  40.  Deel, Harold Butler Ferndale 03/05/30 05/10/1969 AF MSGT
  41.  DeWulf, Patrick Thomas Bloomfield Hills 01/08/51 07/20/1970 AR CPL
  42.  Donaldson, Herbert C Jr Pontiac 11/18/45 10/29/1967 AR SP5
  43.  Dorse, Robert Edward Jr Waterford 04/01/50 01/07/1970 MC Jr Waterford      
  44.  Michael Joseph Royal Oak 05/15/48 12/16/1969 AR WO
  45.  Drinkard, Danny George Ferndale 10/15/50 04/20/1971 AR CPL
  46.  Dundas, Jerry Richard Oak Park 05/10/46 05/28/1968 AR SGT
  47.  Edwards, George Ray Fayfie Pontiac 02/05/41 05/17/1967 AR SP5
  48.  Edwards, Kenneth Miles Royal Oak 06/04/47 02/28/1967 AR PFC
  49.  Elmy, Michael Lee Pontiac 03/12/47 05/09/1967 AR PFC
  50.  Evans, Donald Patrick Lake Orion 01/13/42 11/20/1968 AR PFC
  51.  Evans, Gregory James Union Lake 03/07/47 02/18/1968 AR PFC
  52.  Ewing, David James Bloomfield Hills 09/17/48 05/22/1969 AR SP5
  53.  Fielder, Donald Reed II Rochester 09/27/46 04/22/1967 AR PFC
  54.  Forman, Lewis Michael Southfield 01/07/50 02/24/1969 AR PFC
  55.  Francis, Michael James Southfield 01/31/48 09/30/1967 AR SGT
  56.  Francis, William Joseph Southfield 02/13/47 03/09/1970 AR PFC
  57.  Gallis, Steve Samuel Jr Hazel Park 10/15/43 03/28/1967 AR PFC
  58.  Garrett, Jonathan Wayne Pontiac 06/06/50 12/02/1969 AR CPL
  59.  Gauthier, Dennis Lee Rochester 08/08/49 06/15/1977 AR SSGT
  60.  Girardot, Francis Michael Royal Oak 10/21/45 12/16/1969 AR CAPT
  61.  Glime, Donald Eugene Berkley 04/20/44 09/16/1968 AR SGT
  62.  Gonzales, Nicholas Valeria Pontiac 09/20/48 12/08/1968 MC PFC
  63. Greenhouse, Ronald Raphael Pontiac 02/11/48 11/29/1970 AR SP4
  64. Greenwald, Dennis Southfield 11/23/48 11/20/1967 AR PFC
  65.  Grieve, Michael A Hazel Park 07/14/46 01/31/1968 AR SGT
  66.  Griffin, William Donald II Pontiac 06/30/47 12/15/1970 AR SGT
  67.  Groover, John William O Farmington 02/21/40 02/14/1966 AR SGT
  68.  Gross, Richard Alban Royal Oak 02/12/45 09/03/1968 MC LCPL
  69.  Hall, William Gardiner Rochester 07/15/44 03/24/1968 MC 1LT
  70.  Haney, William David Keego Harbor 11/03/47 08/23/1967 MC CPL
  71.  Haney, William Thomas Pontiac 12/29/50 10/17/1969 AR SP4
  72.  Hartness, Donald Harry Royal Oak 08/12/47 06/07/1968 MC LCPL
  73.  Head, David Freeman Clarkston 11/18/48 01/22/1969 AR PFC
  74.  Hedger, James Robert Pontiac 01/14/44 02/04/1968 MC CPL
  75. Heliker, Russell James Walled Lake 02/16/47 05/07/1968 AR SP4
  76.  Henley, Charles Ray Union Lake 11/29/47 07/15/1968 AR SP4
  77.  Hill, Phillip Andrew Pontiac 06/21/49 11/19/1968 MC PFC
  78. Sterling Harold Rochester 07/22/43 05/26/1968 AR SSGT
  79.  Hodge, Ronald Ellsworth Pontiac 07/16/49 04/18/1970 AR SGT
  80.  Hoyt, Victor Ronald Pontiac 09/12/41 12/27/1966 AR SGT
  81.  Hubbell, Thomas Simcock Milford 02/25/40 12/27/1967 MC CAPT
  82.  Hughes, Gregory John Royal Oak 03/04/51 09/26/1969 MC PFC
  83.  Humphreys, Gilmer Earl Royal Oak 07/08/46 09/13/1968 AR SGT
  84.  Hunter, Barry Alan Hazel Park 09/08/48 10/09/1967 MC PFC
  85. Huxtable, Ronald Lester Madison Heights 09/08/48 09/17/1970 AR SP4
  86.  Jackson, William Eugene Pontiac 01/16/28 02/05/1964 AR SFC
  87.  Johnson, Gerald Lee Royal Oak 05/05/50 06/20/1968 MC PCOUNTY LAST, FI
  88.  James Dale Pontiac 02/04/46 11/30/1970 MC 1LT
  89.  Jones, Richard Stephen Ferndale 02/15/48 03/27/1969 MC PFC
  90.  Judd, David Terrence Birmingham 12/05/47 08/23/1968 AR SGT
  91.  Kari, Jarmo Antero Royal Oak 02/06/44 02/09/1966 MC PFC
  92.  Kayga, William Duane Pontiac 02/03/49 08/24/1969 AR PFC
  93. Kelsey, Ronald Keith Troy 08/01/42 12/12/1970 AF 1LT
  94.  Kennedy, Donald Lee Madison Heights 04/22/50 09/17/1969 MC LCPL
  95.  Killian, Gary Martin Hazel Park 08/08/47 05/20/1967 AR PFC
  96.  Killing, Ronald James Troy 03/22/49 04/12/1969 AR PFC
  97.  Klett, John Earle Birmingham 07/05/47 09/21/1967 NA HN
  98.  Harold John Troy 07/06/45 08/23/1968 MC LCPL
  99.  Knaggs, John Christopher Royal Oak 07/01/27 10/29/1964 AF CAPT
  100. Kolakowski, Henry Jr Farmington 07/13/38 06/15/1968 MC CAPT
  101.  Kutchey, Lawrence David Madison Heights 05/30/46 11/25/1968 AR CPL
  102. LaBohn, Gary Russell Wixom 12/28/42 03/20/1979 AR SFC
  103.  Lahti, James Walter Walled Lake 01/23/48 09/01/1968 AR 1LT
  104.  LaLone, James Clifton Hazel Park 12/16/43 03/16/1967 AR SP4
  105.  Lane, Albert Leroy Jr Ferndale 09/09/50 07/16/1970 AR SP4
  106.  Largent, John Alyn Rochester 11/04/49 05/10/1970 AR SP4
  107.  Laudicina, James Ray Union Lake 04/19/46 09/09/1967 MC SGT
  108.  Lawson, William Edward Jr Royal Oak 12/01/38 04/20/1967 AR 1LT
  109. Liminga, Frederick Hugo Pontiac 11/12/47 06/22/1967 AR PFC
  110. Lindsey, Dennis Paul Milford 04/18/46 11/11/1969 AR SSGT
  111.  Linville, Michael Thomas Madison Heights 07/31/50 09/20/1970 AR PFC
  112.  Long, Douglas Eugene Keego Harbor 08/07/44 06/15/1968 AR SGT
  113.  Lucier, John William Milford 10/13/49 10/03/1968 AR PFC
  114. Lukes, Thomas Burton Pontiac 12/18/47 07/13/1968 AR SGT
  115.  MacDonald, Harold Lee Clarkston 11/20/49 09/15/1970 AR SP4
  116.  Maria, Charles Anthony Ferndale 01/29/48 07/03/1969 AR SGT
  117. Markey, Christopher Hugh Birmingham 03/06/45 01/06/1970 MC 2LT
  118.  Marshall, Brian Alexander Bloomfield Hills 07/01/48 03/10/1968 MC PFC
  119.  Marshman, Michael Jon Bloomfield Hills 06/25/48 01/20/1967 AR PFC
  120.  Massucci, Martin John Royal Oak 11/01/39 02/09/1978 AF MAJ
  121.  Matarazzo, Everett Robert Southfield 08/06/48 06/10/1969 MC PFC
  122.  McArthur, Melvin Lloyd Waterford 07/06/47 08/08/1968 AR SP4
  123.  McCurry, Andreas Pontiac 11/10/46 07/04/1967 AR SP4
  124.  McGee, Roy Dell Oxford 03/03/49 01/29/1968 AR PFC
  125.  McIlroy, Patrick C Pontiac 01/01/48 03/24/1968 AR PFC
  126.  McIlvoy, James Lee South Lyon 07/11/43 12/30/1967 AR SGT
  127.  McMahon, Thomas Mark Jr Troy 06/06/50 12/05/1969 AR SP4
  128.  Megiveron, Emil George Pontiac 08/11/47 10/17/1967 AR PFC
  129.  Merz, James R Jr Royal Oak 08/13/49 07/02/1970 AR PFC
  130.  Michalski, John Mitchell Hazel Park 01/10/46 05/11/1968 AR SP4
  131.  Millan, Robert Dennis Jr Southfield 11/20/47 05/26/1967 MC PFC
  132.  Miller, John Robert Clawson 08/25/45 11/21/1968 AR SGT
  133.  Milliman, Dain W Birmingham 11/01/28 11/10/1966 AF MAJ
  134.  Montross, Burton Charles Clarkston 07/04/41  02/23/1966 AR SSGT
  135. Moore, David Charles Pontiac 10/23/49 03/02/1968 MC PFC
  136.  Stanley Leroy Troy 01/25/45 06/11/1966 MC CPL
  137.  Morley, James Richard Rochester 12/24/42 08/15/1966 AR SGT
  138.  Murphy, Patrick William Southfield 10/23/47 02/15/1968 MC LCPL
  139.  Myers, Gordon E Union Lake 07/01/50 01/25/1969 MC CPL
  140.  Nelson, Larry Douglas Royal Oak 07/26/47 08/18/1968 AR SP4
  141.  Noble, Ronald Glen Royal Oak 05/27/48 08/26/1968 MC CPL
  142.  Nowak, John Thomas Ferndale 07/28/51 03/16/1970 MC PFC
  143.  Nowakowski, John Alexander Rochester 03/02/47 03/05/1969 AR SP4
  144.  Orlando, Samuel Gizzi Birmingham 08/01/44 03/04/1966 NA HA
  145.  Pack, Sanford Gene Keego Harbor 02/21/52 03/25/1970 AR SP4
  146.  Parker, Charles John Royal Oak 02/18/48 10/23/1968 MC PFC
  147.  Parkin, Harold Leslie Pontiac 10/05/47 06/05/1969 AR SP4
  148.  Pearsall, Richard Mark Pontiac 12/26/48 03/16/1969 AR SGT
  149.  Peek, John Foreman Pontiac 01/12/41 03/31/1968 NA BUL3
  150.  Perkett, David Louis Birmingham 03/16/48 01/16/1968 AR PFC
  151.  Pineau, Roland Robert Berkley 07/06/29 10/08/1967 NA ATC
  152.  Pitcock, Elzia Ray Farmington 06/26/46 08/01/1967 MC PFC
  153.  Poe, John Wayne Hazel Park 03/31/49 02/19/1969 AR SP4
  154.  Pohjola, Jeffrey Willis Southfield 12/15/46 09/25/1968 AR CPL
  155. Powell, Ronald Louis Royal Oak 03/03/44 08/24/1965 MC LCPL
  156.  Radabaugh, Harold W II Royal Oak 11/08/47 06/18/1967 NA HN
  157.  Ramirez, Honorio, Jr. Pontiac 04/12/37 06/23/1966 AR SGT
  158.  Ramirez, Mario Pontiac 04/17/43 01/16/1967 AR SGT
  159.  Ramsby, James Edward Milford 12/07/44 03/06/1969 AR SP5
  160. Rasnick, Sidney McArthur Clawson 08/23/44 09/13/1967 AR PFC
  161.  Rawls, Robert Edwards Royal Oak 08/04/35 09/18/1965 AR CAPT
  162.  Rebits, John Raymond Berkley 06/08/47 02/03/1969 AR SGT
  163.  Reel, J C Troy 04/07/46 03/26/1969 AR PFC
  164.  Reiter, Clyde Alvin Pontiac 07/19/46 12/28/1968 AR SGT
  165. Reska, Craig Thomas Novi 06/23/50 11/12/1970 AR PFC
  166. Rich, Michael Robert Bloomfield Hills 08/25/45 11/05/1968 MC 2LT
  167.  Richter, Karl Wendell Holly 10/04/42 07/28/1967 AF 1LT
  168.  Riggs, Thomas Frederick Farmington 07/24/46 06/05/1973 AR CWO
  169. Roach, Terence Raymond Jr Birmingham 09/02/42 02/08/1968 MC 2LT
  170.  Roach, Thomas Joseph Jr Royal Oak 06/08/49 03/08/1969 AR SP4
  171.  Roerink, Gary Doyle Pontiac 06/26/47 11/23/1967 AR PFC
  172. Rose, Albert Eugene South Lyon 03/05/47 09/17/1968 AR SP4
  173.  Ross, Larry David Royal Oak 06/12/45 02/18/1967 AR PFC
  174.  Ruditys, Edward Michael Troy 10/20/48 02/24/1969 AR CPL
  175.  Ryden, Gary Ardean Pontiac 03/31/46 04/03/1968 AR PFC
  176.  Sales, Nathan Ray Milford 02/14/48 09/22/1968 AR PFC
  177.  Salminen, Paul John Ferndale 11/23/43 07/24/1969 AR SGT
  178. Sawyer, William A Madison Heights 12/02/47 02/06/1968 AR SP4
  179.  Scarmeas, James Sam Jr Hazel Park 08/16/50 05/21/1969 AR CPLMichigan
  180.  Schemel, Jerry L. Drayton Plains 09/09/46 07/27/1966 AR PFC
  181. Schmude, John Robert Pontiac 12/06/48 08/04/1968 AR CPL
  182. Selman, Charles George Farmington 11/14/49 04/09/1970 AR CPL
  183.  Seymour, Gary Carl Hazel Park 06/26/49 06/15/1968 MC PFC
  184.  Sherman, Thomas Alan Ortonville 02/03/47 01/04/1969 AR SGT
  185.  Shinn, Gary James Holly 07/01/50 05/31/1971 AR SP4
  186.  Sidor, Michael Edward Wixom 12/27/47 02/23/1969 AR SGT
  187.  Smarsh, Joseph II Orchard Lake 03/15/48 05/31/1968 AR PFC
  188.  Smith, Donald Allen Jr Royal Oak 05/08/46 10/04/1966 AR PFC
  189.  Smith, Richard Edward Pontiac 05/16/46 11/02/1967 AR SP4
  190.  Snyder, Earl Spencer Ferndale 02/10/49 03/12/1969 AR CPL
  191.  Snyder, George Eugene Ferndale 07/12/40 08/12/1969 AR SSGT
  192. Snyder, Richard Andrews Rochester 10/15/47 05/08/1967 MC PFC
  193.  Sotzen, Harold James Clawson 11/04/48 10/24/1967 MC LCPL
  194.  Sova, Conrad Andrew Oak Park 06/20/42 05/27/1969 AR SGT
  195. Spencer, Kenneth James Rochester 11/15/46 10/31/1972 AR 1LT
  196.  Staley, Freddy Keith Holly 02/17/51 10/01/1969 MC PFC
  197. Stamps, George Harrell Madison Heights 10/14/47 12/02/1968 AR SP4
  198.  Stephens, Dennis Arthur Pontiac 11/09/49 06/11/1970 AR SP4
  199.  Stevens, Dennis Michael Hazel Park 04/16/47 12/11/1967 MC CPL
  200. Stevenson, Bobby Dale Pontiac 06/13/34 06/11/1970 NA HM1
  201.  Stewart, John Wallace Union Lake 07/22/49 05/05/1969 AR CPL
  202.  Strahan, Larry Pontiac 11/28/49 03/11/1969 AR SP4
  203. Sutton, James Thomas Ortonville 02/13/48 04/17/1968 MC LCPL
  204.  Taffe, Thomas Leo Union Lake 06/14/47 03/27/1968 AR PFC
  205. Tamm, Richard David Royal Oak 02/03/48 12/04/1968 AR SP4
  206. Tate, Bernie Lee Pontiac 09/14/46 07/12/1967 AR SP4
  207. Taylor, Richard Allen Clarkston 11/03/51 09/26/1970 AR SP5
  208.  Thatcher, Thomas Milton Birmingham 09/03/47 09/24/1967 MC LCPL
  209.  Thurnham, John Brent Rochester 12/18/48 06/17/1969 AR SGT
  210. Tidwell, Voyd Eugene Pontiac 08/16/43 03/04/1968 MC LCPL
  211.  Townsend, Robert Franklin Royal Oak 07/03/36 11/04/1965 AR SFC
  212.  Traynor, Stephen Michael Keego Harbor 02/03/49 02/04/1971 AR SP4
  213.  Tyler, George Edward Royal Oak 01/31/30 01/22/1979 AF COL
  214.  Ulbrich, John Harold Rochester 05/04/45 06/08/1968 AR PFC
  215.  Urquhart, Glenn Ross Jr Southfield 11/21/47 02/05/1969 MC LCPL
  216.  Vallelonga, Larry Cosimo Royal Oak 12/18/46 06/30/1969 AR SP4
  217. Vandercook, David Franklin Royal Oak 02/19/47 02/25/1967 MC PFC
  218. Vescelius, Milton James Jr Milford 11/16/34 02/29/1980 NA CAPT                       
  219. Warfield, Dennis Gordon Pontiac 11/28/48 04/30/1969 AR SP
  220.  Wedhorn, David Earl Union Lake 04/24/47 02/07/1968 AR PFC
  221.  Weil, Larry Steven Birmingham 06/20/47 05/14/1969 AR 1LT
  222. Whelpley, Raymond Lawrence Lake Orion 04/16/47 09/06/1968 AR SP4
  223.  White, Timothy Allen Union Lake 10/17/51 07/28/1970 AR PFC
  224. Whitlock, Thomas Daniel Pontiac 03/22/24 11/01/1964 AR LTC
  225. Wilkerson, William Mhoon Royal Oak 08/07/48 09/10/1968 MC PFC
  226.  Williams, Roy Kenneth Jr Farmington 08/06/49 06/25/1969 AR WO
  227.  Wilson, Delvin Keith Pontiac 12/03/49 04/25/1969 MC PFC
  228.  Wishon, Donald Ray Berkley 09/10/49 03/07/1970 AR CPL
  229.  Wolfe, Patrick Robert Jr Waterford 05/26/45 01/19/1968 AR 2LT                             
  230.  Wolfe, Richard Lawrence Hazel Park 06/11/47 05/01/1967 AR PFC
  231. Wood, John Allen Lake Orion 03/13/49 09/27/1968 AR SGT
  232.  Wood, Lawrence Jeffrey Holly 06/25/46 09/16/1967 AR SGT
  233. Wood, Rodney Glen Berkley 11/12/49 06/17/1970 AR SP5
  234.  Yingling, Joseph Walter Jr Pontiac 10/07/51 06/30/1971 AR SP4
  235.  Yoshonis, George Charles Ferndale 05/14/50 05/16/1971 AR PFC
  236.  Zelinski, Joseph Vincent Troy 07/27/48 11/19/1967 AR PFC

In Memory of the 19 Birmingham and Bloomfield Hills Military Personnel who died in the Vietnam War.


Angerman, Donald Edward 06/21/47  04/27/1968  MC PFC

Barili, Peter Lino   09/04/46  02/21/1971  AR 1LT

Boudreau, John Henry 11/15/45 05/08/1967 MC CPL

Chambliss, Roger Ridgely 06/10/52 10/31/1972 AR SP4

Judd, David Terrence  12/05/47 08/23/1968 AR SGT

 Klett, John Earle  07/05/47 09/21/1967 NA HN

Markey, Christopher Hugh  03/06/45 01/06/1970 MC 2LT

Milliman, Dain W  11/01/28 11/10/1966 AF MAJ

Orlando, Samuel Gizzi  08/01/44 03/04/1966 NA HA

 Perkett, David Louis 03/16/48 01/16/1968 AR PFC

Roach, Terence Raymond Jr  09/02/42 02/08/1968 MC 2LT

Thatcher, Thomas Milton  09/03/47 09/24/1967 MC LCPL

Weil, Larry Steven  06/20/47 05/14/1969 AR 1LT

Bloomfield Hills

 Braid, John Edward  06/22/42 06/23/1969 AR SGT

DeWulf, Patrick Thomas  01/08/51 07/20/1970 AR CPL

Ewing, David James  09/17/48 05/22/1969 AR SP5

 Marshall, Brian Alexander  07/01/48 03/10/1968 MC PFC

 Marshman, Michael Jon  06/25/48 01/20/1967 AR PF

Rich, Michael Robert  08/25/45 11/05/1968 MC 2LT

Monday, May 19, 2014

City of Bloomfield Hills May 13th City Commission and 2014-15 Budget Presentation meeting.

 To see the meeting in its four hour entirety click here

City Commission
Agenda for Meeting May 13, 2014

The regular meeting of the City Commission will be held at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 13, 2014
 at City Hall 45 E. Long Lake Road Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304. Phone
248.644.1520, FAX 248.644.4813.

1. Call to order and Pledge of Allegiance.

2. Consent Agenda
A. Bills Payable for April 2014.
B. Department Reports:
a. Finance Director / Treasurer
b. Public Safety
c. DPW
d. Building
e. Engineering
C. Minutes:
a. City Commission Regular Meeting held April 8, 2014.
b. City Commission Special Meeting held April 8, 2014.
c. City Commission Special Meeting held April 23, 2014.

D. Correspondence:
 a. Memo from City Manager: 2013 – 2014 Goals.

3. Recognition of Citizens in the audience.
4. The commission will hear a presentation by LSL Planning and Parsons
Brinckerhoff on the Woodward Avenue Rapid Transit Alternatives Analysis
Study and consider a resolution supporting the Preferred Alternative
Recommended by the Woodward Avenue Alternatives Analysis Steering
5. The commission will consider approval of the Intersection Improvement Funding
for Quarton / Chesterfield Roads.
6. The commission will consider approval of the resolution declaring official intent
to sell and issue bonds.
7. The commission will consider the request of the property owner at 150 Lone
Pine Road for a grading variance.
8. The commission will consider the request of the property owner at 598
Barrington for a grading variance.
City Commission May 13, 2014
9. PUBLIC HEARING: The commission will consider adoption of the Budget
Appropriation Resolution, approval of the 2014-2015 budget and adoption of
the 2014 – 2015 millage rate.
10. The commission will consider approval of the maintenance services contract.
11. The commission will discuss ballot language and consider a resolution to place
the ballot question on the November 4, 2014 ballot.
12. The commission will consider approval of the amendment to the approved PUD
Agreement for “The Plaza”.
13. The commission will consider the RFQ for the irrigation systems.
14. The commission will consider the request to purchase a camera system for the
Department of Public Safety.
15. The commission will consider the approval of a Traffic Control Order for Pine
Ridge Road.
16. The commission will consider adoption of a resolution amending the fee
schedule for the Department of Public Safety.
17. The commission will consider a memo from City Manager Cravens on the Sign
Ordinance and subcommittee.
18. The commission will hear City Manager comments.

19. The commission will hear an update on individual lead responsibilities.

20. The commission will consider other business

Birmingham Planning Board Meeting - May 14th, 2014.

To see the meeting in its one hour and forty minute entirety, click on the link below.

Birmingham City Commission - May 5th, 2014

To see the meeting in its 2 hour and twenty minute entirety click on the link below.

Bloomfield Township Public Library April 22nd Board of Trustees Meeting. List of upcoming meetings. Link to meeting agenda,minutes, agenda packets, and to prior meetings since 2012.

 To view the April meeting in its forty minute entirely  

A Library Trustee recognizes the importance of the Library in the community and oversees the funding of all aspects of Library services including traditional media and computer technologies.  Library Trustees support freedom of information and the American Library Association Bill of Rights, which includes providing information presenting all points of view to all people of the community.  A Library Trustee sets policy, hires the Library Director, and approves the budget to provide the very best service the Library can offer the Bloomfield Township community. 

LIBRARY BOARD OF TRUSTEE MEETINGS 2014-2015 FISCAL YEAR – All Board Meetings are held at 7:00 p,.m. in the Board Room.

  • Tuesday, April 22, 2014*
  • Tuesday, May 20, 2014
  • Tuesday, June 17, 2014
  • Tuesday, July 15, 2014
  • Tuesday, August 19, 2014
  • Tuesday, September 16, 2014
  • Tuesday, October 21, 2014
  • Tuesday, November 18, 2014
  • Tuesday, December 16, 2014
  • Tuesday, January 20, 2015
  • Tuesday, February 17, 2015
  • Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tuesday, April 22, 2014 
Regular Board Meeting 
7:00 P.M. 

 1. Call to order of regular meeting 
2a. Request to remove items from the Consent Agenda for Discussion 
2b. MOTION to approve the order of items for the Regular and Consent Agendas 
3. President’s Verbal Report 
4. Director’s Verbal Report 
5. MOTION to approve the remaining Consent Agenda items 6-8d 

 9. Call to the public, communications 
10. Unfinished Business 
11. New Business 
a. Cleaning Service Bids 
12. Discussion of items removed from the Consent Agenda 
13. MOTION to approve any items removed from the Consent Agenda 
14. Other 
15. Next scheduled meeting: Tuesday, May 20, 2014 
16. Adjournment 
 6. Regular Board meeting minutes of March 18, 2014 

7. Budget 
 a. Cash Disbursements 
 b. Monthly Revenues & Expenditures 
 c. Energy Report 

8. Written Reports: 
a. President: *Joan Luksik 
b. Director: *Carol Mueller 
c. Tentative Schedule 
d. Committee: * 50th
 Anniversary Gala Committee Ad Hoc 
 *Art Committee Ad Hoc 
 *Bloomfield Township Liaison 
 *Building & Grounds 
 * Cranbrook 
 * Development 
 * Finance 
 * Friends of the Library Liaison 
 * Jeanette P. Myers Scholarship Selection 
 * Landscaping/Interiors 
 * Personnel 
 * Policy 

Items removed will be discussed under Item

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Bloomfield Hills School Board, April 24th, May 1st, and May 15th meetings.

To see these meetings in their entirety (the two May meetings are approximately two hours. The April Meeting is approximately two and a half hours)

Friday, May 16, 2014

Baldwin Library Board Meeting April 14th 2014

To see the  April meeting in its 35 minute entirety click here.

 To see the 146 page Board Packet for the next Library Board  Meeting on Monday May 19th Click Here. 

Five DVDs including Best Picture Nominee Highlight Baldwin New Titles 5/14/2014

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The Nut Job (DVD): Follow the travails of Surly, a mischievous squirrel, and his rat friend Buddy, who plan a nut store heist of outrageous proportions and unwittingly find themselves embroiled in a much more complicated and hilarious adventure. Check availability

Ride Along (DVD): 

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[Cover]That Awkward Moment (DVD): Three best friends find themselves at that confusing moment in every dating relationship when the decision has to be made:  So...where is this going?  Check Availability

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

City's participation in MCAT, proposed by Chief Hendrickson on March 31st, leads to arrests of April 30th attempted home invasion /shooting suspects.

Some of the details have been mentioned in the press. A knock on the door in late pm hours from someone reporting to be a police officer. Shots fired through the door wounding the homeowner in what is presumed to be a blotched robbery. The first TV reports said the the police had no suspects. In a matter of days however arrests were made.

The Police investigation is still on going. Arrests, and arraignments are not necessarily indicative of guilt. All the details may never be known. 

What is interesting is the time line which led to the initial arrests and what it says about law enforcement in the City of Bloomfield Hills.

A year ago the City was  interviewing for a new Chief and seriously considering outsourcing the Police Dispatch department to another community to save a few dollars. When the vote was taken to pursue the latter is was 3 to 1 in favor with one commissioner absent.

Eventually David Hendrickson  the third highest officer in the Warren Police Department was hired. He quickly became a favorite of the residents and eventually, the more skeptical City Commision. Henrickson's popularity prompted one doubter  to remark, "yeah well we don't want to hear about any disciplinary problems."

By early Spring all were on board. and even Mayor Hardy urged  the Chief to keep talking about coyotes, alarm systems, extraction devices or whatever because such wisdom was rare in municipal government meetings.

On April 8th at a  snooze of a City Commission meeting the Commissioners approved  a memo the Chief had written a week or so prior. There were a few questions like cost, and possible obligations but no one had any real objections and no onw knew how important that resolution would be in just three weeks.

The Eccentric reports the attempted home invasion  and assault occurred  on Wednesday April 30. The Birmingham newspaper quoted Chier Henrickson  as crediting  the agencies  involved in MCAT  ( Major Case Assistance Team ) with quickly helping to solve the case.  Hendrickson  added, "  It enabled us to have at our disposal a team of experienced detectives to quickly resolve the case.  They really did a fantastic job.

City Manager, Jay Cravens also pointed out that in terms of expense the only cost occurred by the City were additional overtime for our own officers who were involved.