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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

City's participation in MCAT, proposed by Chief Hendrickson on March 31st, leads to arrests of April 30th attempted home invasion /shooting suspects.

Some of the details have been mentioned in the press. A knock on the door in late pm hours from someone reporting to be a police officer. Shots fired through the door wounding the homeowner in what is presumed to be a blotched robbery. The first TV reports said the the police had no suspects. In a matter of days however arrests were made.

The Police investigation is still on going. Arrests, and arraignments are not necessarily indicative of guilt. All the details may never be known. 

What is interesting is the time line which led to the initial arrests and what it says about law enforcement in the City of Bloomfield Hills.

A year ago the City was  interviewing for a new Chief and seriously considering outsourcing the Police Dispatch department to another community to save a few dollars. When the vote was taken to pursue the latter is was 3 to 1 in favor with one commissioner absent.

Eventually David Hendrickson  the third highest officer in the Warren Police Department was hired. He quickly became a favorite of the residents and eventually, the more skeptical City Commision. Henrickson's popularity prompted one doubter  to remark, "yeah well we don't want to hear about any disciplinary problems."

By early Spring all were on board. and even Mayor Hardy urged  the Chief to keep talking about coyotes, alarm systems, extraction devices or whatever because such wisdom was rare in municipal government meetings.

On April 8th at a  snooze of a City Commission meeting the Commissioners approved  a memo the Chief had written a week or so prior. There were a few questions like cost, and possible obligations but no one had any real objections and no onw knew how important that resolution would be in just three weeks.

The Eccentric reports the attempted home invasion  and assault occurred  on Wednesday April 30. The Birmingham newspaper quoted Chier Henrickson  as crediting  the agencies  involved in MCAT  ( Major Case Assistance Team ) with quickly helping to solve the case.  Hendrickson  added, "  It enabled us to have at our disposal a team of experienced detectives to quickly resolve the case.  They really did a fantastic job.

City Manager, Jay Cravens also pointed out that in terms of expense the only cost occurred by the City were additional overtime for our own officers who were involved.

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