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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

GI JOE DVD Highlights Baldwin New Titles 7/30/2013

Death Angel by Linda Fairstein:  Discovering the murdered body of a young woman in Ramble urban park, New York Assistant DA Alex Cooper and Detective Mike Chapman uncover disturbing links between the savage crime and a string of cold-case disappearances. CHECK AVAILABILITY
The Highway by C. J. Box: When two girls disappear on a remote stretch of Montana road, former police investigator Cody Hoyt and his former rookie partner Cassie Dewell begin an investigation that will lead them into the hunting ground for a killer whose viciousness is outmatched only by his intelligence.CHECK AVAILABILITY

Filly Brown (DVD): Inspiring portrait of a young woman striving to find her voice, without compromising herself or the fate of her family. Majo Tonorio, 'Filly Brown', is a young hip-hop artist from Los Angeles. With her mother in prison and her father struggling to provide for his daughters, Filly knows that a record contract just may be the answer to her family's financial problems. So when a record producer offers her a shot at stardom, she has to choose between selling out her dreams, or saving her family.

 G. I. Joe: Retaliation (DVD): An elite military unit, comprised of special operatives known as G.I. Joe, has been set up to take the fall for a terrible crime they didn't commit. Now, Roadblock, Duke, and the others must once again face their mortal enemy, COBRA, as well as dangerous new threats operating within the government. When all else fails, one option remains: Retaliation.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

An Evening with Nutrition and Raw Food Expert Andrea McNinch. At the Baldwin Public Library.Wednesday July 31st 7pm.

Get ready to awaken your taste buds while regenerating your cells. You will learn how to turn seasonal local summer produce into a nutritional masterpiece that will “wow” your friends, please the kids and reverse the aging process all in one simple dish!  Food and recipes will be shared by Andrea will be shared at the program. 

Get ready to awaken your taste buds while regenerating your cells. You will learn how to turn seasonal local summer produce into a nutritional masterpiece that will “wow” your friends, please the kids and reverse the aging process all in one simple dish!  Food and recipes will be shared by Andrea will be shared at the program. 

"We hosted Andrea for a teen program about nutrition and the raw food movement a while back and had so many adults request to attend that we thought we'd give the adults an opportunity to meet Andrea and discover the benefits of raw food for themselves," said Denise Konchel, Adult Services librarian.

Andrea is one of the world’s leading and most sought-after raw food experts. You will be blown away by her health knowledge and culinary skill. Don’t miss this opportunity. 

The Baldwin Public Library is located in downtown Birmingham at 300 W. Merrill Street and can be reached at 248-647-1700 or through the Library’s website at
There is no charge to attend this program. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Today 1PM TO 3PM. An afternoon with three Michigan children’s authors at the Baldwin Public Library.

 Book Beat Bookstore and the 
Baldwin Public Library 

present an afternoon with three nationally recognized Michigan area children's authors.  The program will take place at the Baldwin Public Library on Tuesday, July 30 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

This is a rare opportunity to meet and hear these authors together at one event.  Appearing are Denise Brennan-Nelson author of Buzzy the Bumblebee and her newest title He's Been a Monster All Day, Rhonda Gowler Greene author of Barnyard Song and No Pirates Allowed, Said Library Lou, and Shutta Crum author of Thunder-Boomer and her newest title Dozens of Cousins

“We’re grateful that Book Beat is bringing these three fantastic authors to Baldwin for the afternoon.  This should be an excellent program for people of any age,” said Connie Ilmer, Head of Public Services.  

Books will be available for purchase and signing at the event.  This event is free and open to the public.  For more information or to reserve copies please call Book Beat at 248-968-1190.

The Baldwin Public Library is located in downtown Birmingham at 300 W. Merrill Street and can be reached at 248-647-1700 or through the Library’s website at 

Announcing the new and improved Public Safety website. Part 1. Alarm Monitoring, House Watch, and Key Program.

In  days of old, the City of Bloomfield Hills Public  Safety Department had it's own web site  which ran  as separate entity with a link on the front page of the City's  site. As you might imagine clicking on  that link produced something far snazzier than what the City was offering . If  recalled  correctly, the Public Safety site featured a picture of City Hall and the Public Safety Department  building at night. Jagged bolts of lighting electrified the sky. 
Whoever took the picture knew a thing or  two about photography and  probably used a tripod. The black of night and the flash of  thunderbolts  were in keeping with the City's black and gold color scheme. The Public Safety department  may still have a copy.of that photograph somewhere.

Then in the summer of 2011  when the then Mayor Zambricki  administration and Public Safety Department were going toe to toe over cost containment,  the Public Safety web site disappeared or more accurately got assimilated by the City's.  Why exactly has never been explained . Jealousy or the unfortunate outcome of a fit of pique, have been suggested  as possible motives.

Now the Public Safety web site is back,  in a manner of speaking since it never went away but was just watered down and buried,

Today it is still buried on the City website under Home>Resident>City Department>Public Safety menu options. 

Those of us who are in the publish or perish business know that by sheer volume the Chief  (the presumed editor of the Public Safety  web site) is publishing up a storm.  We are happy to provide a small sample of  the public safety department  services posted and available to residents. For future reference we are working on a direct link the Public Safety   website which will appear  in the upper right hand corner of  this page  below the City Hall website.

Alarm Monitoring

We monitor alarms at no charge to our residents. You may wish to have your signals sent to us OR us and your alarm company. The choice is yours. Below you will find the Alarm Monitoring Form. 
Click below for form.
that needs to be completed for those residents who would like the Bloomfield Hills Public Safety Department to monitor their digital alarm signals. It is very important that all the information requested on the form be filled out. When you have completed the form contact the Public Safety Department (248)644-4200 and arrange a time to return the form and obtain an account number. After you've been assigned an account number you will be given the instructions for your alarm vendor to connect you to our receiver.
Please remember that the City of Bloomfield Hills has an ordinance that governs alarm systems. After three false alarms the Chief will send a courtesy letter advising you of a possible problem. After five false alarms the Chief will send an ordinance mandated letter informing you that you are one alarm away from being invoiced. After six false alarms you will be invoiced for $100 per false alarm.

Should you have any questions regarding this program, please feel free to call the Department at (248)644-4200 and speak with a Communications Specialist or the Chief.

House Watch Program

The House Watch program is a free service provided to the residents of the City of Bloomfield Hills by the Public Safety Department.To take advantage of this free service call (248)644-4200 whenever you are leaving your home unoccupied for two or more days (some houses we watch three – four months). Let the Communications Specialist or Officer who answers the phone know you would like to be placed on House Watch. They will ask you several questions and then your house will be placed on the watch list. Throughout the time you will be gone an officer will periodically check the outside of your home and if anything unusual is found or occurs to your home, you or your contact person will be notified.
Any questions, please call (248) 644-4200 and someone will be glad to assist you.

House Key Program

The House Key program is a free service provided to the residents of the City of Bloomfield Hills by the Public Safety Department. The purpose is to provide a safe and secure location for an additional key to your house to be stored. Should you become locked out of your house, you can call our station and an officer will respond with the key and assist you in opening your home. Your key will only be used by this department in cases of an emergency such as medical problems or fire emergencies.

To register for this program you will need to fill out the house key form below or pick up a copy at our front desk. Once this is completed, bring it along with a key to the front desk and drop it off. The form will need to be notarized and either the Chief or certain on-duty dispatchers can assist you with that.

Any questions, please call (248) 644-4200 and someone will be glad to assist you.

Of note: the simplest service  (House Key)  has the most complex form as indicated by words like "release" and "indemnification".

The very useful house watch program requires only a phone call and the alarm monitor is a service some companies charge $30 a month for.  In the not too distant future our City may have to charge a nominal sum for such monitoring . A charge has already been added for excessive false alarms.

The the three services are made possible by having our own City of Bloomfield  Public Safety Dispatch Department. Recent negotiations insisted upon and conducted by City Commission  to explore out source dispatch revealed the following.

 Birmingham  did not want to babysit 1500 or more  keys for City of Bloomfield Hills residents. The Township and our City had problems making the alarm monitoring system viable on a joint operating basis.

Remember the value of these services the next time someone offers the elimination of  our Dispatch department as money saver.

Samples from the the new and improved Public Safety website. Part 2. Home Safety Inspection and Spare.

Home Safety Inspection

Use this checklist as a personal review of your home’s safety system.   Every "no" answer is a signal for action – Now !

General Safety Concerns

Is your address clearly visible from the street?
In case of fire does your family know how to call the Fire Department? (911 for all emergencies)
In case of fire does your family know to keep doors closed throughout the house to delay the spread of smoke and fire?
Have you planned at least two ways to get out of every room in your house, and do you rehearse exit plans regularly with your family?
Do you keep lighters, matches, and candles out of the reach of children?
Are burning candles always attended by an adult? Are they extinguished when leaving the room or going to bed?
Do you have plenty of large ashtrays in places where people smoke?
If you have a fireplace do you keep a metal screen, or equivalent protection, in front of the fire? Is it cleaned and inspected regularly?
Do you dispose of smoking material and ashes from fireplaces in metal containers after wetting them down?


Have old papers, boxes, clothes, paint cans and other combustibles been cleared out of your basement, attic, closets, garage, and yard?
Are combustible items (clothes, papers, magazines, ect.) stored at least three feet from heat sources? (water heaters, furnaces, and electrical panels)
If you have a workshop is the area kept clear of sawdust and waste combustibles?
Has everyone in your family been warned never to use gasoline, benzene, kerosene, or other flammable liquids for cleaning?
Are gasoline and other flammable liquids stored outside of the home and in proper containers?
Do you regularly clean the lint filter in the clothes dryer?


When cooking do you keep pot & pan handles turned in and not hanging over the stove?
When cooking do you keep tight fitting lids on or near the pot or pan in use in case of fire?
Are combustible materials such as napkins, towels, and wood cabinets a safe distance (min. 30") from the cook-top?
Is the inside of the oven and exhaust hood kept clear of grease?

Heating Systems

Do you have a qualified serviceman check your heating equipment annually?
Are gas shut-offs and electrical switches for your heating equipment accessible?
If you use portable heaters, are they kept the recommended distance from combustibles?
If portable heaters must be refueled are they taken outside to do so, and do you check to make sure you are using the proper fuel?


Are all breakers in your electrical panel clearly labeled as to what breakers service what circuits in your home?
Do you test your breakers by turning them on and off?
Are there enough electrical outlets for your needs in every room? This will eliminate the need for extension cords.
Are all outlets and switches working properly?
Do all switches and outlets have faceplates in place?
Are GFCI’s (Ground Fault Circuit interrupters) used where plugged in appliances may be near water, and are they tested?
Does your house have special circuits for heavy-duty appliances such as washers & dryers?

If extension cords are used are they in the open, not run under rugs, furniture, through walls, or door and window openings?
Do you periodically check all electrical cord for wear or cracks?
Do all electrical appliances, hand tools, lamps, extension cords, multi outlet devices carry the seal of a testing laboratory such as U.L. (Underwriters Laboratory) or F.M. (Factory Mutual)?
Note: A licensed electrician should perform all electrical work.

Fire Safety Equipment

Do you have a fire extinguisher on every level of your home?
Is the fire extinguisher accessible, functional, and does every one know how to use it?
Does your home have smoke & carbon monoxide detectors on every level?
Are smoke & carbon monoxide detectors tested regularly?
Are batteries for smoke & carbon monoxide detectors replaced on a regular basis?
Do you have emergency escape ladders for upper floors?
Do you have egress from your basement level in the event that the stairs are blocked with fire or smoke?


Are you familiar with our SPARE program?
Are you aware that SPARE is a free program for the City of Bloomfield Hills residents?
Did you know that SPARE can provide another layer of safety in residential emergencies: Fire, medical and security?

Click here for more details on SPARE and how you can enroll your home in this important safety program.

Samples from the the new and improved Public Safety website, Part 3.

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Detective Bureau

The Bloomfield Hills Public Safety Department has one Lieutenant assigned as a detective full time. The normal business hours of the detective bureau are Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:00pm.

The detective bureau is responsible for following up on active criminal cases, investigating crime scenes, and obtaining warrants from the prosecutor's office.

If you have been instructed to follow up with the detective or have a question regarding your case do not hesitate to contact (248)644-4200 during the hours listed above.

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Firearms Range

The department is very proud of our dedication to firearms proficiency and of our range facilities. The department has state certified firearms instructors/range officers assigned to each of the three platoons.

Our officers carry Sig Sauer P226 .40 caliber pistols as their duty sidearm and must qualify with these weapons quarterly. Additionally, each patrol car is equipped with a patrol rifle and all officers must qualify yearly with these weapons.

We now allow residents to use our range facilities to shoot their private firearms. You will need to supply your own ammunition and we require lead free frangible ammunition. This can be purchased at your local gun shop. Residents wishing to use the range facilities must make arrangements ahead of time with one of our range officers. Please call (248)644-4200 and ask to speak with a range officer to set up your appointment.

We take firearms safety very seriously. Weapons should be kept out of reach of children and unloaded when not in use. The department provides free child safety gun locks to any resident needing one. If you are interested in a gun lock, please stop by the front desk at the station.

Fire Truck Requests & Station Tours

The members of the Bloomfield Hills Public Safety Department would be happy to bring a firetruck to your outdoor event during the spring, summer and fall months - We love children's birthday parties! We have training from 12:30pm to 4:00pm every day of the week, so please schedule your requests before or after.

We are also happy to provide station tours. If you are a resident please feel free to stop by with your children anytime. For groups we ask that you call (248)644-4200 in advance. Ask to speak to a public education officer or the on-duty watch commander.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Volunteer and Leadership opportunity with Sierra Club. General Membership /Get acquainted Fall Meetings Schedule in The City of Bloomfield Hills.

Click on meeting schedule to make larger

"42" DVD Highlights Baldwin New Titles for 7/16/2013.

Blood & Beauty by Sarah Dunant:  When Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia buys his way into the papacy as Alexander VI, he is defined not just by his wealth or his passionate love for his illegitimate children, but by his blood: He is a Spanish Pope in a city run by Italians. If the Borgias are to triumph, this charismatic, consummate politician with a huge appetite for life, women, and power must use papacy and family—in particular, his eldest son, Cesare, and his daughter Lucrezia—in order to succeed. Check Availability

The English Girl by Daniel Silva: The wayward son of Israeli intelligence, Gabriel Allon is plunged into a high stakes game of murder, espionage, and corruption after a beautiful young British woman vanishes on the island of Corsica, which threatens to destroy a prime monastics. Check Availability.

[Cover]Stranded by Alex Kava: Discovering the remains of a young woman in a highway ditch, FBI special agent Maggie O'Dell and her partner, Tully, embark on a frantic cross-country effort to capture a serial killer who is targeting truckers and travelers at rest stops. Check Availability

42: The Jackie Robinson Story (DVD): History was made in 1947, when Jackie Robinson broke the professional baseball race barrier to become the first African American MLB player of the modern era. 42 tells the life story of Robinson and his history-making signing with the Brooklyn Dodgers under the guidance of team executive Branch Rickey. Check Availability

Bullet to the Head (DVD):
Jimmy Bobo, a New Orleans hitman, and Detective Taylor Kwon, a New York City cop, form an alliance to brings down the killers of their respective partners.