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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Single Waste Hauler For The Entire City, A Goal For City Commission in 2013-2014 ?

Agenda Item  6  from Tonight's City Commission Meeting.


The Mayor and City City  manager  may argue that this topic is still in the preliminary discussion stages. 

In  reality the City has been advocating for a single city waste hauler on the city web site since winter.  I found that out  while attempting to use the "advanced search feature. " 
Then any querry  I tried produced an ad for soemthing I should buy. Searching for "Cranbrrok School"

Produced the following ad for memorabila.

 I informed City Clerk Amy Burton who nuked the advance search feature which solved the sales pitch with every query  problem. 

Using the ordinary search boxes  however  produced a number of answers suggesting  I  consider a single hauler waste service for the City. Why  exactly I am not sure.. So  I stopped fighting it and just asked for "single hauler waste  service."

That produced ..

and you get this...

 15 related articles as to the advantage of a single waste hauler for cities like ours. A third of which are from the the last time issue was visited in 2010. Then residents at a public hearing rejected the single waste hauler in favor of multiple ones which they believe  offer better service.

Rather Orwellian  don't you think ? Visit the City Web and and ask about a "Single city  waste haulers" and get more than a dozen reasons why it's a good idea as opposed to zero for why it is not. I asked  various City notables but everyone  acted like I was talking about tales from the crypt.  So I let the matter go until the June City Commission meeting when the crypt door creaked in an effort to open.

The Mayor in the the preliminary goals discussion  at that meeting suggested  the following...

 The problem is blamed on trash haulers but throughout  the city ,  large flat bed trucks carrying landscape ,bags of cement. bulldozers or even steam shovels are not uncommon .

Many communities with single day, single waste haulers, run two pick ups per trash day. Recycle and  Trash. And a separate one for yard waste. All involve big trucks. In a City the like Troy, on trash day the sub divisions are full of waste hauling  vehicles.

In the City of Bloomfield Hills most waste haulers are small companies with a single truck. One company uses a ordinary van for separate pick up, recycles.

There are also the circumstances unique to the City of Bloomfield Hills like a residents with commercial grade dumpsters, or residents who pay extra for  pick up at their garage or back door.Usually they  involves the truck backing up to the pick up point.  These residents while paying more do not complain that the waste hauler is ruining their driveway.

On the issue, emotions run high. That is  invariably the case  when one side believes the other is being less than honest

In George Orwell's world of 1984, to meet the ever changing needs of  Big Brother, history was rewritten constantly.  Today a small city with a small website can rewrite that instead.

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