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Thursday, July 11, 2013

David Hendrickson, Director of Public Safety....The accessible Chief.

It is customary  when interviewing a person to give him or her the last word. Asking "is there anything else you would like to add ? " works in most cases. 

The Chief asked that his phone number be included.  That is usually the request of advertisers looking for business, but not what one would expect from a Public Safety Director,  Police Chief.  Like you are supposed to call him directly ? Isn't  there is a secretary to ask  who you are and  why you are calling  ?

 Apparently not. You just dial the number and you get the Chief or a recorded message from the Chief saying he is not available and please leave a message.

If  you are the shy type who would like to make a point without having to talk to someone on the phone a message works just fine.

You could say " I don't want you to mess with dispatch. We like it just the way it is, " or "Please look for ways to cut cost because I'm tired of paying taxes," or anything else that is on your mind.  
You can be anonymous or you can be yourself and ask for a call back at convenient time. Or if the chief is picks up you can just speak your mind.

It is an extraordinary opportunity. You can't just call the Mayor. City Commissioners don't list their phone numbers (which is new). You may call City Department heads who have offices at City Hall  but why except in rare instances would you want 
to ? 

Public Safety is different. You know those 1-800-Stop Crime bumper stickers or billboards ? Law enforcement and a safe community depends on it's citizens.

The Chief 's offer is however  is more about community than  crime.  He usually sits behind a desk.  You can provide  a pulse of what is going on and what people think in the City of Bloomfield Hills. The phone number is ...
Or if you prefer old fashioned e-mail

On a monthly basis the Chief also keeps citizens and commissioners informed with a  report.
Below is the one for June 2013, the Chief's first month on the job.

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