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Friday, August 31, 2012

Getting Elected at What Dollar Cost?

Alice to the White Queen: So how much does it cost to get elected to office ?
A-dressing the White Queen.jpg

White Queen: My dear if you have to ask you can't afford it because it really depends on whether your frugal or smart, tacky or chic. It needn't cost a penny but often does and then many are required. And woe to he or she who is late. What matters most is what election we are talking about. Is it one to come or one ago or something in between  ?

Alice: Well I was just trying to get an idea...

White Queen: Of course you were and it is my duty to inform you that you have come to the right place.So let us begin....

The waiver
In Oakland County if you plan to raise or spend less than $1,000. The paper work and reporting are quite simple quite and minimal. Save your receipts to  prove (if asked) that you spent less than four figures. That is all. 

If you start with the waiver you may change your mind and spend more later but you will have to file more paper work and be subject to late fees. 

City of Bloomfield Hills City Commission Elections.
Running for office does not however require you to spend anything. According to Oakland County Elections records there is no indication that Commissioner Michael Zambricki while serving on City Commission, 1989 to present has ever spent a penny in a City Election. The same is true of Commissioner Pat Hardy. The two have never lost a City Commission election.
Commissioner Michael McCready who recently won the Republican nomination for State Representative in the 40th District guessed that he never spent more than $600 in a City Commission election.

To give the reader  an idea of current costs, a direct mail letter in envelop to the 3600 registered voters in the city costs around $1300. A small sized post card might be as inexpensive as $800 and leave little room if you were trying to stay within the waiver limits.

In 2012 the five candidates seeking a position on City Commission spent in excess of  $15,000.  If that were five candidates spending $3000 each you might say things were getting a little out of whack. Actually it is stranger than that.
Two candidates stayed with the waiver limit. One of those who finished last spent around $800 and drew compliments from many for not spending "anything" at all. The other waiver candidate finished a respectable third. The fourth place finisher spend around $1500. The top two finishers broke the bank. The top vote getter spent $5000 which included a $500 death penalty late fee from the county.Much of the winner's money was spent on mailings and paid by the candidate The second place finisher sought donations  got a few, spent $7000 his own money, and listed "design services" as major expenditure,

A candidate is free to spend an unlimited amount of one's own money. Unlimited donations from a spouse are also acceptable. They have to be recorded . Other donations are limited and amounts over $100 require additional information from the donor.

Bloomfield Hills School Board Elections 
Every community is different with different standards and mores. Fund raising for one's own candidacy which is a little tacky  in the City of Bloomfield Hills is a fact of life in the huge multi community Bloomfield Hills school district.
 Inquiring minds would be wise to pay attention to the 2010 campaign finance report of Board Member Mark Bank who was the top vote getter  with more than 10,0000 votes and spent around  $5000.

This year the School Board will have two elections on the November ballot. In the first candidates Howard Baron,  Ingrid Day, and W.F. Moigis are seeking a six year term. Residents will vote for no more than two of the above.

In the other election candidates Joan Berndt, Jenny Greenwell, and Robert Herner seek a two year term. Voters may vote for only one of the above.

Berndt, Greenwell, and Moigis has filed for the waiver. Baron  and Herner have not filed for the waiver and are expected to run campaigns with expenditures in excess of $1000. Ingrid Day has yet to file or it has not as yet appeared on the Oakland County Elections web site. It is expected, based on her campaign of 2007 that she will run a campaign similar to that of Baron and Herner.

In the City of Bloomfield Hills  a City of 3600 registered voters some candidates have won spending nothing.
Population and geographic size make the School District different but will money make a difference ?  

Mr. Moigis is a newcomer in seeking election and we have heard that he is a man of ideas. It will be interesting to hear what they are are. The other five candidates are well known.
Three are incumbent school board members and the other two are long time participants in school related issues. 

In the first race, it is expected that regardless of dollars spent, name recognition, and incumbency will trump a maiden voyage onto the high seas of local politics.

In the second race Berndt, Greenwell, and Herner are well known by the community whic is divided in who they like, like more, or don't like. Berndt and Herner are school board members. Greenwell is private citizen school board gadfly emeritus. The thought of losing two School Board members and gaining Greenwell has made many school board supporters nervous. It will be interesting to see how the money goes, which is a shame because this race and the three candidates look like the marquee matchup. Voters will find their thoughts and ideas more interesting than siren call of names on yard signs or tee shirts.
State representative 40th District
In the recent primary election four Republican candidates
covering roughly the same ground as the school board candidates (with addition of all West Bloomfield east of Farmington Road, and The City of Birmingham) spent over $150,000.  They spent their money on  the same things the candidates in smaller elections paid for with one big exception. Money paid to consultants  ranged from $47 to $70 thousand dollars in two of the four state rep campaigns. Other than that it was all handouts, mailing, yard signs, tee shirts, robocalls and the usual. There were no network television buys. Just cable  and all candidates made use of the free medium of You Tube. Because of the small geographic area radio was not used. Newspaper advertising was used on an larger level beyond that of the smaller elections.

Downtown Birmingham Bloomfield Magazine   in an article entitled Win or Lose, the cost to run for political office  in the current issue, lists expenses in 40th district campaign as $99,982 for David Potts, $47,704 for Michael McCready the eventual winner, $37,144 for David Wolkinson, and $20,855 for Robert Lawrence. As in many City and school board elections the candidates money was their own. The math provided Downtown Publications is most helpful because it gets tricky with candidates loaning their campaign money and then taking it back. The article also includes a detailed financial break down the August 7th Primary county races, and court races.

For continued detailed financial updates on county elections from results to finances go to

Bottom line ? What it costs to get elected is up to the candidate. City, Multi City, County, the bigger the electorate the more the cost. Keeping that in mind the amount of money spend is not often the determining factor in the outcome.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

An E-Mail from Mitt Romey


Tonight, Ann will address the convention here in Tampa. It marks an exciting milestone for the campaign, and I'm humbled by the support from across the country that has gotten us this far.

Two supporters will win the chance to join us here at the convention for Thursday's festivities, and it's sure to be an incredible celebration. I'm looking forward to accepting the nomination that night before a united and energized Republican Party.

Don't miss your chance to be here -- entries close tonight.

Donate $3 now to be automatically entered for your chance to join us in Tampa for the convention's biggest night.

I hope you'll be here with us.


Mitt Romney

Dear Mitt thank you for the invitation to participate.

 Regrettably  I  read your e-mail this morning after the deadline for entering had passed which may be for the best. If I won my wife who never gets time off from work on short notice would say, "you have to do
what ?" Then she would bring up a whole list of things that I "had to do" which interfered with what I  should be doing.

I suppose I could have taken  Uncle Mike who I was going to take to the rally you spoke at last Friday in Commerce Township. Unfortunately when we factored in the heat and the restrictions of liquids one could bring, the Mrs. decided the event would not be appropriate for Uncle Mike who is actually older than the City of Bloomfield Hills. Somehow (and I think I know exactly how)Uncle  Mike got the idea I was a biggie in the Republican Party which is not the case. Uncle Mike, who often hears what he wants  to hear may have thought I could arrange a private tete-a-tete with you or at least Veep Candidate Ryan. Michael's number one issue if you are curious is "free loaders" and their detrimental effect on economy and our country's well being. I would  be more specific  but Uncle Mike makes his assertions in dozens of different anecdotal ways. If the trip to Tampa included complementary Polo Shirts with the initial  RNC  and a cute little elephant on the front pocket, Uncle Mike would be looking for six more for family and friends. If the trip did not include complimentary wearing apparel, Uncle Mike would feel slighted and let it be known before concluding "Three dollars sure doesn't buy what it used to."

But enough about me. Congratulations on what will be one of the most memorable evenings in your life.

You probably have a million things to attend  to before the big night begins.

I will conclude by telling you that your hometown, The City of Bloomfield Hills, is very exited for you and will be watching tonight. In fact if I have the address right one of the players, on which looks to be very promising Lahser football team lives in your old house. I am told your knowledge of the  French language is world class. Well the the football player's parents speak the best French I have ever heard. They also speak better English than I do which is an accomplishment they share with many.

Your buddy John Rakolta,  who the Detroit News said  is your "biggest champion in Michigan, " lives just down the street sort of. I don't know if you remember, but it's a funny street which actually goes in three  directions. In fact when you were growing up it may have been the only street in what was once a  farm. If you see our neighbor John today (actually it can wait to tomorrow) ask him about the old neighborhood. He will fill you in.

Thank you for the chance to participate. As my wife would be quick to point out, despite my carrying on, I am not the only person in the world to receive an invitation. The concept of a drawing would indicate that. Still I am thrilled to have  such an opportunity regardless of whether  it was prompted by a last minute vacancy or not. I therefore have taken the liberty to share  it in a blog I write. I hope this will not preclude future correspondence, but I think voters should know you are thinking about us, and it isn't just money.
Uncle Mike may have his opinions but you and I both know $3 will barely buy a 16 ounce Starbucks.

I thought you might enjoy  this clip on You Tube. It is a silent film taken by a delegate of The Michigan Delegation the 1956 National Republican Convention. That Convention nominated President Dwight D. Eisenhower and Vice President Richard Nixon for re-election. Both appear briefly at the podium towards the end of the film. The Convention was held in San Francisco in a building oddly enough known as the Cow Palace. Convention guests of note included former President Herbert Hoover, my grand father,  father, mother and myself. The latter four individuals were there in an unofficial capacity of course. It was not planned. I think granddad got tickets at the last minute and we all went after dinner as a lark which you could do in those days. Check out the pink Buick with holes in the hood which appears briefly around the Maryland Hotel. Back in the day we would have walked right past it.

Thanks again. Certainly for you and your selected guest it will be a most memorable occasion  and one to tell the grand children.

                                                                                                       Good Luck and stay in touch.
 -                                                                                                                                       -Mark

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Baldwin New Titles 8/28/2012

The Beautiful Mystery by Louise Penny: When a peaceful monastery in Québec is shattered by the  murder of their renowned choir director, Chief Inspector Armand Gamache and Jean-Guy Beauvoir of the Sãurete du Québec are challenged to find the killer in a cloistered community that has taken a vow of silence. Check Availability

Bones Are Forever by Kathy Reichs: Forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan examines the bodies of three babies while Detective Ryan investigates their mother in a case with ties to the high-stakes world of diamond mining.Check Availability

Last to Die (Rizzoli & Isles, #10)Last to Die by Tess Gerritsen: Visiting sixteen-year-old "Rat" Perkins at isolated Evenson boarding school, Maura Isles is astonished to learn that all of his classmates are survivors of violence and are being instructed in scientific detective skills, a discovery that coincides with Jane Rizzoli's investigation into the murder of a boy's foster family. Check Availability

 Darling Companion (DVD): The story of a woman who loves her dog more than her husband, then her husband loses the dog. She enlists the help of the few remaining guests and a mysterious woman in a frantic search.
Check Availability

Battleship (DVD): Based on the classic Hasbro naval combat game, Battleship is the story of an international fleet of ships who come across an alien armada while on a naval war games exercise. An intense battle ensues over sea, land, and air.

Get Your Game Face On ! Your Andover/Lahser Bloomfield Football Card is Coming to Your Door !

If you live in the Bloomfield Hills School district you may be receiving a visit from  members of the Andover or Lahser football team. They are raising money for their football programs and to do so they are selling what last year those in the City of Bloomfield Hills called the "Lahser" Football card . This year it is the Andover/ Lahser  Bloomfield Football  card and next year after the school consolidation it will be the Bloomfield High School Football Card.

What the kids are asking for is essentially the same thing you ask of them. Namely to play to the best of their ability and represent the community well.  To do so they need your support. $20 to be exact and here is where it gets interesting. If you play your card right it shouldn't cost you anything. Don't we tell the kids to plan your work and to work your plan or something like that ?

If you are planning a medium grade purchase of $50 or more at Sears, Dick's Sporting Goods, or the the Sports Authority your card comes with a $10 off discount coupon for each of the above retailers valid  now through Dec 31st 2013. Not bad for a kayak or an air compressor purchase.

Like to dine out ? Your card comes with  key fobs for 20% discounts at The Moose Preserve in Bloomfield Hills  and the Lodge in Keego Harbor. These are on going  repeat use discounts good through  June 30th 2013. The back of the card includes a dozen or more 10% off, or free beverage with purchase offers for a dozen or more fine or  casual
dining , or pizza establishments in the neighborhood.

Of course there is more  Does your mobile phone need an accessory ? Your Bloomfield Andover/ Lahser Football savings card has a 15% off coupon good for that purpose at Best Buy.

And there is still more! You can find more coupons on line. Just enter the code or your card. You can even  download a  mobile app to access mobile discounts The app, normally $5.95 is free with your card.

Is there a down side ? Not really  but  to be perfectly honest even dedicated  Lahser (now Andover/Lahser)  football card enthusiasts do sometimes experience a bit of a sophomore slump. Admittedly winning or striving to play the discount game at the championship level is never easy  but it is worth the effort. What did Robert Browning say ? I think he said "Man's reach should exceed his grasp or what is a heaven for ?"Most likely Browning would be very good at using his Lahser/Andover Football Card.

Even if card privileges  have been ignored or forgotten the best is yet to come!, many of the discounts in the included in last years coupon book are still are valid through. December 31st 2012.

Last year La Marsa Restaurant was a proud sponsor the Lahser Card. This year they are a proud sponsor of the Lahser/Andover Bloomfield Football Card. Last year they offered an ongoing 20% discount which ended July 31st 2012. This year they are offering a 10% discount on an ongoing basis through June 30th 2013. What does that mean ? It means last year many people used the card. To put it in sports speak  the offer, like a fumbled football in the opponent's end zone was was something  to pounce on. Now you get the ball at the twenty yard but it is still a potential dining out game changer.

The Football teams at Lahser and Andover need your support and are offering you what you value, Money through discounts. Thanks to the generosity of merchants who will benefit from your long term patronage. That's three wins and no losses and 3-0 is not a bad way to start the season..

If you have missed connections by with your football playing concierges, by being out of town or whatever, call the schools. They'll set you up and then you can say "Go Barrons" or "Go Knights" before you go shopping or dining.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lahser Knights versus Andover Barrons in Battle of the Sword Finale. Played Under an August Half Moon.

A Half Moon and another academic year as two high schools. Then the two halves combine to to form Bloomfield Hills High School. Nickname: the Ravens.Colors: Purple, Black and Blue

Ten months ago Lahser had a play off caliber team which went to the state play-offs. This year's team is also considered a state play off contender . 
Ten month's ago the Andover Football 2012 program was very much in doubt. Without a football team to root for the Marching Band, cheer squads and the fans, would lose an important autumn  community activity.
Lahser won the game 70 to 7 but  Andover fielded a team which fought hard in the season premier and benefited from a first class, band,cheer squad and fan support.

Bloomfield Hills School Superintendent Robert Glass enjoys the festivities

                                                                          Knights Celebrate with the Sword

Thursday, August 16, 2012

City of Bloomfield Hills Commission To Paint Voters into a Corner on September 11th?

You may not believe it until the Commission actually does it but by then it will be too late. On September 11th 2012 at the City Commission meeting, a decision will be made that night which will be by current state law final and irrevocable.

The City Commission will decide by a roll call vote to cancel our annual Month of May City Commission election and replace it with an election in the month of November which will occur in odd numbered years only. If the vote passes City residents will elect or reject City commissioners not annually but in odd years only thereby having their voting power cut in half.

By reducing the residents right to vote annually, it is said that money will be saved. Even more money would be saved if there were no elections.That has not as yet been suggested.

Finding voting inconvenient is a great way to become chopped liver for every millage or ordinance the City wants to pass. One's say in those matters starts with One's right to vote frequently (as opposed to infrequently) on the commissioners who make such decisions.

To make a November, odd years only election cycle work four year terms for City Commissioners are possibility. That would drastically change the balance of power in the City by allowing elected officials to serve twice as long while cutting the residents right to vote in half. The City Attorney (who is an employee of the City, not a resident) has argued strongly for 4 year terms because that is the only way you can have staggered terms in the odd November odd year only election cycle. Three commissioners have said they favor two year terms which in the November odd year only election cycle would mean electing all five commissioners every two years.

What nobody has said is that we are changing a system that works and has worked for 80 years and replacing it a Pandora’s box of unexpected pitfalls.The staggered terms the City Attorney wants, and the two year terms the three commissioners say they want, exists now in our current annual election cycle. In the November odd year only, election cycle the City must choose between staggered terms or two year everyone at once elections. Both have possibly drastic and dire consequences.

So why change what we have now?

That is a question you should ask your Mayor and City Commissioners On Tuesday September 11th. You will have that opportunity in a Public Hearing, before the City Commission makes a decision. If they to opt for a November odd year only election cycle, that change by current state law is final. There is no going back. If Our City Commission keeps what we have now future options can always be reviewed.

So why decide now ? Why not discuss the matter further? Why not allow the people to decide how and when they vote?

Those are questions you should ask your Mayor and City Commission at the Public Hearing on September 11th City Commission meeting.

Bloomfield Hills School Board Members Go Head to Head for in Race for Short Timer Seat in Fall Election

 Candidates seeking a partial  term.
School Board  members Joan G.Berndt, Jenny Greenwell, and Robert Herner  will compete against each other for a partial Term ending in December 31st 2014. Voters in the School District will vote for one of the above candidates

 Candidates Seeking a Six Year Term
Howard Barron,School Board President Ingrid Day, and W.F. Mogis  will seek a six year term on the Bloomfield Hills School Board in the November 6th  elections. Voters in the Bloomfield Township, City of Bloomfield Hills, and parts of West Bloomfield will choose no more than two of the three candidates.

Strange Combinations you say? Six candidates for three seats but only two of the three incumbents board members can be elected. It is also very possible that only one will be re-elected. That would be Current School President Ingrid Day.

Howard Barron who was a finalist for the vacant Kate Petersen position last fall may now be in the catbird seat for a six year term of office. Barron is well known and liked and has organized and attended  all of the District's partnership outreach meetings. While nothing is certain in politics, Barron's organizational skills should make him and School Board President Ingrid Day the early favorites over newcomer W.F. Mogis.
But in Politics anything Can happen.

Running for the two year partial term is Current School Board Member  Joan Berndt. Last fall in a two week intensive round of interviews with ten candidates Berndt was chosen over fellow finalists Harold Barron and John Roach to fill the Kate Peterson seat. By law she is required to run for the remainder of the Peterson Term at the first opportunity which is this fall's election. If she wins, she will be eligible to run for a full term six year term in 2014. She is not however an advocate of six year terms and may not seek one. The six year term also did not appeal to Jenny Greenwell or School Board Secretary Robert Herner who chose to seek the shorter term Berndt is required to run for.

Ironies abound. Howard Barron the odd man out last fall man be on his way to a six year (till 2018) term on the board this fall.

The Board united in it's support of Joan Berdnt last fall may lose two seats by dividing the school board supporter vote thereby electing  presumed  "arch enemy" Jennie Greenwell with  the Bloomfield Hills 20/20 organization who last fall attempted to recall  the entire school board.

 Greenwell paid the $100 filing fee on August 14th the deadline day. All candidates paid the fee with the exception of Howard Barron  who obtained 100 petition signatures.  Greenwell was a surprise candidate. It was presumed that by now she would be with her husband on assignment in Argentina where Spring is just around the corner but there is still good skiing even this late in Argentine Winter. In Argentina  great wine and great steak are  very reasonably priced. "Yeah like I am going to miss all that so I can work on the Bloomfield Hills board," she said (sounding sarcastic) when talking to a friend in the late days of the Michigan Spring, months ago. Apparently she is. 

Or maybe not all of it. Some see Joan Berndt as tougher competition than Ingrid Day. While poles apart in viewpoint both Jenny and Joan are, articulate, and  persuasive hard workers. Both have taught school, an attribute some of  other candidates lack. While Greenwell may be hurt by  those who opposed "Recall the Board" Berndt will be hurt by the sharing the school boards support vote with Robert Herner.  Herner is reported to have the support of fellow Board member Mark  Bank. Bank a resident of West Bloomfield is expected to bring WB(Precinct 16 and 17)support to Herner.

In addition to the skills the candidates take to the race and their propensity for luck, all will need money and stamina.

In  the recent four candidate, Republican Primary for State Representative, 40th  district(54 precincts, which included all of Bloomfield Township and City, Birmingham and half of West Bloomfield) candidates conservatively spent an estimated $25,000 to $100.000 each.

The School Board candidates will have to cover almost as much geography in 38 precinct race, with a lot less money.

Election Day is November 6th.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ye Gods and Little Fishes ! The City of Bloomfield Hills Blog is now in News !

The City of Bloomfield Hills Blog has  moved and we are  honored to be placed in the esteemed  blog category of  NEWS which is one over from HOME on the left hand side on your  Oakland Press On Line Edition. While flattered by this honor we will fully understand when it is realized that a mistake has been made and we belong under any or all of humor, satire, world travel, and graphically illustrated  magazines with flip out pictures.

The again maybe we are being too modest. In  recent months our mentions of the Spanish American war probably exceed that any other metro news source. The topic came up when we were discussing the movie Citizen Kane and we try to be thorough.

Seriously we do cover the City of Bloomfield Hills City Hall, residents who make a difference and city events from  rummage sales to occasionally  high school football. We also cover the Bloomfield Hils School District, and the Birmingham Baldwin Library. If you are a card holder you may use this blog to look for titles and check out audio and e-books on your computer. On on the right hand side of this page you will find links to Bloomfield Hills City Hall website and other publications that cover the City including the Oakland Press which also provides access to breaking news.

We are a City Blog and as such recognize and link to other City Blogs round the world.  On the right hjand side of the page a click of the mouse will take you to. Brooklyn Heights. We love reading about the weekend subway train schedules for Coney Island. Cairns Australia, a small City most us will visit someday (Great Barrier Reef) and blog which offer the best in smash mouth local politics. You will also find  Havana Cuba, and  Lagos Nigeria (with 14 million inhabitants it is the largest City in sub Sahara Africa.) Then there is Living In Egypt. The author started in Cairo (largest City in Africa) decades ago. Now husband is not in picture and kids are grown and gone elsewhere but the author carries on in rural Egypt. We also offer Our Man in Hanoi, Paris, and Warsaw. Naturally all are in English due a variety of circumstances. If you have an interest in Foreign languages however a box in the upper right hand corner will translate the City of Bloomfield Hills Blog in any  of  100 plus world languages. Perfect for saying "Happy St. Patrick's Day" in Gaelic or "Happy New Year " in Chinese.

For those who prefer Time Travel we provide that as well with Mid Century Menu and Time Capsule Homes.

We also have a Google  search engine which can search our blog and other local new blogs we link to.
All  past posts going back to our first edition in June of 2011 are available in the Blog Archive in the lower right hand corner.
We strive to be informative but entertaining as well. Ours in an amazing world that can be captured electronically on a computer at kitchen table and sent around the world. We use words, pictures, video, and music to tell the story of Bloomfield Hills. Our story has turned up on Google HU (Hungary), Google Hong Kong and even Google Iceland and Google Albania. We do not wish to be predictable and will be most flattered if  you as reader are ever prompted to say, "Ye gods and little fishes what will they think of next."

Kensington Road Improvement. Subject of July 31st Special City Commission Meeting.

Click above to make bigger

City Commission Special Meeting of July 17th discusses City Web site and "Brand"

City Commission met in a special meeting on July 17th. With exception of certain portions meetings that deal with labor relations or performance reviews all City Commission meetings whether they are labeled as special meetings, work sessions, or regular meetings are open to the public. If a portion of a meeting is to be closed to the public  the commissioners move into  a closed  session in separate  chambers. The visitor can then treat this portion of the meeting like a rain delay at the ballpark. If the closed session is to be lengthy it is often scheduled at the beginning or end of a meeting. The rain delay aspect is more prevalent  when participants of the closed session are delayed or arrive late. These meetings are important to note and attend because matters of importance to the residents are discussed or decided before or after "closed"  sessions. July 17th was no exception.

After the closed session the DPW Labor Contract was approved, and  Trowbridge Road improvement  was discussed  as  a topic at a future meeting. Then the new and improved but strange and curious,City of Bloomfield Hills web site was discussed with promised  plans to make it look like something relevant to the City of Bloomfield Hills instead of a menu one might find at a wine bar.

Some on the the Commission's objections to the web site indicate that they had no little or no say in the site's development and may not have even been granted  a seek preview before it appeared.

 It has also been determined that a City that once had a character that  Mayor McClure as candidate  promised to maintain now requires "a brand" that needs to be "worked on." To the end the Mayor has appointed Commissioner Michael Dul, City Manager Jay Cravens, and City Clerk Amy Burton to the task and to bring a proposal to the September City Commission Meeting. That is one commissioner who as it happens and lives in the City and two City Employees  who are not City Residents to work on a brand.
How about a theme ? How about Elmer Bernstein's theme from the Magnificent Seven. Even if you didn't see the movie you know it by the commercials it kept.

Click to make larger

Friday, August 10, 2012

State Representative Republican Primary Winner Michael McCready Believed to be vacationing in Northern Michigan after Election Triumph. City Business Carries on as Usual.

The Man of  the hour  and City favorite son, Michael McCready is believed to be out of town on a well deserved vacation and incommunicado. Meanwhile the City carries on with it's usual agenda of  meetings.

On Tuesday the Planning Commission will meet at 4pm to discuss two ordinance changes which will require two public hearings.  The first is a rather minor revision of the fence ordinance that centers on a definition. The second is a more consequential and concerns a repeal of the Pud ordinance.

City Commission will meet for it's traditional monthly meeting  this Tuesday at 7:30pm .No public hearings are planned. Complete Agendas and Packets are expected shortly and will be presented here in full detail.

We are also analyzing winning Candidate McCready's amazing election victory in what will possibly be the most excruciating detail know to man. We will be happy to provide everything you are dying to know including almost everything that led up to a final vote tally announced at  approximately 1:30 am.
Look for it shortly. We promise it will be worth the wait.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Candidate McCready Omitted from Eccentric Newspaper On Line Election Guide

For the August 7th Primary Election some  local publications have been publishing an on line Election Guides. Regrettably some have been lacking crucial ingredients like candidates. The Birmingham Eccentric election guide highlights  40th District Race for State Rep but provides profiles of only three of the four candidates.  Candidate  Michael McCready  long term City Commissioner and former Mayor of the City of Bloomfield Hills was omitted .McCready e-mailed the paper's Editor Greg Kowalski  Thursday afternoon to ask about the omission. Friday morning he received  an e-mail reply from Mr. Kowalski which said the matter would be looked into. As  of 2:30 pm Saturday afternoon  the people at the Eccentric who are looking into it, are still looking and Candidate McCready's profile has yet to appear.

Also of note  the candidates  for State Rep in the 40th district are not listed in alphabetical  order which is the standard  impartial way of listing. That may seem like a minor point but one's  name on top seems to be of value. In Last Sunday's edition  which endorsed Candidate Potts, a Sticky Note advertisement for Mr. Potts appeared on page one. We do not mean to imply any correlation  between the endorsement or the ad other than to emphasize the value of getting one's name on top. Mr Potts may have bought that ad six months ago and there was nothing  to prevent (except a prior purchase by a rival candidate or a home improvement company)  anyone from buying the sticky ad note  for that or any edition.

The State of Michigan also feels who is on top the list as matter of importance. In Bloomfield Township there are 32 polling places and 4 candidates for the the office of  State Rep  40th District. Candidate McCready's name will appear first on ballots in the 2nd, 6th, 10th 14th, 18th, 22nd, 26th, and 30th Precincts. Candidates Lawrence, Potts, and Wolkinson will also appear first on eight ballots in 32  precincts as the candidates names cycle through all the positions on the list.

We hope the Eccentric is able to find what  is necessary to include Mr. McCready  in the  Election Guide before the actual election and that they list the candidates alphabetical order which is Lawrence, McCready, Potts, and Wolkinson.

You are reading an electronic publication like the Eccentric's On Line edition where the Election Guide appears. It is our experience the corrections of  misspelled names and other errors can  be corrected fairly quickly .