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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

City Commission Special Meeting of July 17th discusses City Web site and "Brand"

City Commission met in a special meeting on July 17th. With exception of certain portions meetings that deal with labor relations or performance reviews all City Commission meetings whether they are labeled as special meetings, work sessions, or regular meetings are open to the public. If a portion of a meeting is to be closed to the public  the commissioners move into  a closed  session in separate  chambers. The visitor can then treat this portion of the meeting like a rain delay at the ballpark. If the closed session is to be lengthy it is often scheduled at the beginning or end of a meeting. The rain delay aspect is more prevalent  when participants of the closed session are delayed or arrive late. These meetings are important to note and attend because matters of importance to the residents are discussed or decided before or after "closed"  sessions. July 17th was no exception.

After the closed session the DPW Labor Contract was approved, and  Trowbridge Road improvement  was discussed  as  a topic at a future meeting. Then the new and improved but strange and curious,City of Bloomfield Hills web site was discussed with promised  plans to make it look like something relevant to the City of Bloomfield Hills instead of a menu one might find at a wine bar.

Some on the the Commission's objections to the web site indicate that they had no little or no say in the site's development and may not have even been granted  a seek preview before it appeared.

 It has also been determined that a City that once had a character that  Mayor McClure as candidate  promised to maintain now requires "a brand" that needs to be "worked on." To the end the Mayor has appointed Commissioner Michael Dul, City Manager Jay Cravens, and City Clerk Amy Burton to the task and to bring a proposal to the September City Commission Meeting. That is one commissioner who as it happens and lives in the City and two City Employees  who are not City Residents to work on a brand.
How about a theme ? How about Elmer Bernstein's theme from the Magnificent Seven. Even if you didn't see the movie you know it by the commercials it kept.

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