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Friday, January 29, 2016

Nine Years in the making Cedarbrook celebrates with a gala grand opening.

Speeches and thank you's as grand as the opening

View  from second floor window. Note gazebo in courtyard below. Bright lights in top of photo  possibly St. Hugo's vestibule . Cedarbrook faces in many directions and it is  hard for the uninitiated to  determine direction,

Juke  Box  and Dino clock touting Sinclair Oil

Second floor pasta and carving station at the gala grand opening
A popular attraction for those with a sweet tooth

And a winery for those  who prefer adult beverages

 Above the high Tech fun zone  directly off  Claire Cafe
Below the Great room 

Mr. and Mrs, Damone founders of  what was once called the Demone Project.

Exterior Entrance
To learn more about Senior  living at Cedarbrook 

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Previews of the Eight Movies Nominated For Best Picture Page 1

The Big Short

Bridge of Spies


                                        Mad Max Fury Road

Where you can see the movies NOW 

and other considerations.

 The Bridge of  Spies is now playing at the Cinemark 16  in  
Warren at 12 and   Dequindre.  This usually means it's theater  run is coming to a close often  at reduced ticket prices. The  Best Picture nomination  may change that.. Of note is the fact that the Cinemark is currently  the only theater we know of that is  still showing the big screen 3D  version of the Martian which is also a Best Picture nominee.. You can call the theatre at 586-558 -82-15
The Big Short is now playing at  both the Birmingham 8 and the Paladium with a cast that will keep in town for months.
Brooklyn Can be seen at the Maple. Both the Maple and it's sister theatre the Landmark in Royal Oak are Oscar nominee friendly and where you will find pictures witjh Best Actor and Actress nominees rated films as well as the obvoius best picture  contestants.

Best Picture nominees previews page 2

The Martian

The Revevant



The Martian is available on DVD (2d only)  for purchase at  Kroger's. It is also available for rent or purchase from Amazon. Often when this happens the movie becomes available as a pay per view from various computer pay per view programs like Google or Microsoft Windows 10 . You can probably find it on Red box as well. The 3D version may return to the theater  for a brief run before the Oscar's big night or turn up st Best Buy for those who have 3d TV sets.
The Revenant, The Room, and Spotlight are now showing at the Maple theater