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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Baldwin New Titles 10/30/2012

A Winter Dream by Richard Paul Evans: A holiday tale inspired by the biblical story of Joseph and the coat of many colors follows the modern story of Joe, who after being forced out of the family business by jealous siblings becomes the chief advisor to the CEO of another company and his own family's savior in the face of a troubled economy. Check Availability

The Giving Quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini:  At Elm Creek Manor, the week after Thanksgiving is “Quiltsgiving,” a time to commence a season of generosity. From near and far, quilters and aspiring quilters—a librarian, a teacher, a college student, and a quilt-shop clerk among them—gather for a special winter session of quilt camp, to make quilts for Project Linus.

The Sins of the Mother by Danielle Steel: Having missed much of her children's lives while she built a home-furnishings empire, Olivia Grayson arranges a family vacation in the Mediterranean in the hopes of rekindling ties only to confront painful interpersonal dynamics and unexpected revelations. 
Check Availability

Dark Shadows (DVD):  Imprisoned vampire, Barnabas Collins is inadvertently freed from his tomb and emerges into the very changed world of 1972. He returns to Collinwood Manor to find that his once-grand estate has fallen into ruin. The dysfunctional remnants of the Collins family have fared little better and are in need of his protection. Check Availability

Safety Not Guaranteed (DVD): Three co-workers at a magazine seek to interview someone who placed an ad for time travel companionship. Check Availability

Senator John McCain visits Oakland County Republican Headquarters and Victory Center.

Located on Woodward Avenue just south of the shopping center on the northwest corner of Square Lake  and Woodward  is the Republican Headquarters for Oakland County. The building is easy to identify . It is the one with all the campaign signs in front. Yesterday evening  Senate Candidate  Pete Hoekstra  celebrated his birthday by being the warm up speaker for the much anticipated John McClain.

Hoekstra took  the opportunity to blast Obama's Middle East Policy. Initially Hoekstra says he took a wait and see attitude to Obama's  initiatives which seemed to emphasize freedom in the region with a tolerance of the more extreme aspects of religion. Later he came to realize Obama's policies simply  replaced 25 years of stability and measured success with a failure to back our allies  and a dangerous destabilization. All under the threat of  a nuclear Iran.

McClain followed in similar vein but emphasized the President's unwillingness to be forthcoming  about the terrorist attack on the American Embassy and the assassination of the United States Ambassador. The Senator said the attack was obviously from the beginning not a protest about a movie but a planned assault . To emphasize the point he mentioned that the Turkish ambassador had been at the Embassy earlier in the evening meaning until the coordinated attack the embassy was not a dangerous place to be. He chastised Obama for appearing on a program "as weighty as The View " and "failing to  acknowledge the truth.  He was also appalled at President Obama's disrespectful  and condescending remarks about aircraft carriers and  rival presidential candidate Romney's knowledge of said.. As it so happens neither Candidate has served in the armed forces.

That was not the case with Senator McClain who hails from a military family, and graduated from  the Naval Academy (whose graduates also include Presidential Candidate  Ross Perot  and President  Jimmy Carter).

In 1967 McCain's, aircraft carrier launched fighter jet, was shot down  over North Vietnam. McCain  spent five years (two in solitary confinement) in a grim prison  it's inhabitants called the Hanoi Hilton.  Because he was the son of an American Admiral, the North Vietnamese offered him, (probably for publicity purposes) an early release. McCain declined  stating that U.S. Policy on early release was first in, first out. When the American involvement in the war ended and McClain was released he returned home with broken bones other injuries that had not healed properly during captivity.

If one is interested in jets and aircraft careers, James Michener wrote  an excellent Korean War vintage book  titled The Bridges of Toko Ri.. Launching the planes and retrieving them at sea is art based on tides and wind. Returning Banshee jets  brake by hitting trip wires. The fewer the wires ripped through the smoother the landing.The worst is for the jet to take them all out and crash into ocean.The yaw and the pitch of the ship are also factor in landing. That is why a sailor waving orange paddles guides the plane in. In Michener's novel that person is named Beer Barrel and his inner gyroscope is reported to be the beer sloshing around in his belly.

Game change book cover.jpgIf you are curious about the 2008 presidential campaign of Senator John McCain, the book Game Change is rather complete study and story. It suggests  that McCain was a bit of a loner and happiest when he could fly a jet off a an aircraft carrier and go on a solo mission.

Last night  as  the crowd filed out of Republican Headquarters that very topic came up prompting one to remark that  McClain seemed very presidential on the occasion of his visit to Oakland County.
 After some thought  another agreed and  offered  the following revision,.... Maybe Senator McCain  just didn't like a room full of Starbucks fueled  yuppies telling him what he had to do to to become President.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ladder to the Sky One of Many Attractions at Restored Public Safety Open House.

The Chief

Warm weather after a night of rain made the September  9th Public Safety Open House quite a success.  Special thanks goes  Chief  Richard J. Matott Director, Mayor Sarah McClure, City Manager Jay Cravens, and Commissioner Michael Dul who facilitated the revived event. By hosting our Open House ahead of the October National Fire Safety Week rush  the City was able have more fire safety equipment and inter actives on hand for our residents.The Baldwin Library was also at the event signing up residents for library privileges. They too reported a very successful day. Last but not least hot dogs, chips and soda pop were still being served well after last call. Mark your calendar for next year's event in late September.

Monday, October 22, 2012

2012 Books and Bites at Baldwin Library

Grand Entrance

Others  gather in lobby to keep eye on Tigers. Andrew Harris Library Board President far right.



    For the Tigers the Prize was  a trip to the World Series.Bicycles,fine dining, theatre tickets and  even a day as Honorary Mayor of Birmingham were some of the many prize possibilities for all who attended and chose to enter  drawings. however.

Birmingham's actual Mayor Nickita draws and announces the winners. Holding the entry bowl is Janelle Bryce  Books and Bites Event Chair person for the second straight year.

Prizes were compliments of  donors like City of Bloomfield Hills residents John King, Larry Neal, Pat and Tom Hardy (Left to right. All seated except for Tom who is not in the picture).

Food and Drink

Food was part of the festivities and provided by six Birmingham restaurants  at stations marked by banner as depicted above. One could dine  while strolling  but plenty of seating at tables was also provided. There were desserts in the lobby and a Gourmet Coffee Bar.

Complimentary beer and wine were also available thanks to a special one night only liquor license granted by the City.
At the Door

Michael McCready, former Mayor of The City of Bloomfield Hills, and Candidate for State Representative from the 40th district chats with Birmingham Mayor Nickita. McCready passed on  suite tickets for the Tiger's Pennant Clinching game to attend Books and Bytes. It was under Mayor McCready's 2010-2011 administration  that  discussions with the Baldwin Library and City of Bloomfield Hill on a possible partnership were first discussed and eventually realized .

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Baldwin Library Books and Bites Tonight 6pm-9pm. Tickets $50. Available At The Door. Library Closes Today at 1 pm to Prepare For Gala Event.

Last year's Bites and Books at Baldwin was held on November 18th and was a sellout  This year the event was moved back to Tonight October 18th. Not everyone set their clocks back however so availability remains even though funds raised may exceed last year.  Tickets are are available at the door and the price is $50.00 per person. No one who comes to Books and Bites this evening will be turned away for lack of tickets to purchase.

Books and Bites is the library's chief fund raiser which last year raised money for the Youth Room . This year the money will go to the Teen Room.

Among the who's who in the City of Bloomfield Hills Bites and Books is a must attend event. Former Mayor  and Republican Candidate for State Representative passed on  possible Thursday Night Suite Tickets to the World Series in order to attend Books and Bites this evening.. City Commissioner  and  City Library Liaison  Pat Hardy and her husband  Tom are Bronze level sponsors of the event. It was a mere 17 months ago that Mayor McCready and Commissioner Hardy sat down with the negotiating team from Baldwin and began a dialogue which established full service library privileges for the City. Baldwin has an excellent relationship with all it's contract communities and two years remain of the City's contract. In fact one of the first City residents to sign up for a card did so at last year's Books and Bites. Also of note at last year's event was Larry Neal
 longtime City resident and library supporter.  Mr. Neal was later chosen  Birmingham Bloomfield Chamber of Commerce Person of the Year 2011 for his efforts on mustering support for the library millage. Books and Bites host and Baldwin Library Director, Doug Koschik for similar reasons was chosen 2011 Man of the Year by this publication.
Photos from Books & Bites at Baldwin 2011 (Courtesy of Carroll DeWeese) 

 Janelle  Boyce and   Frank Pisano 
Janelle was Event chair person for last year's
 inaugural Books and  Bites
As a member of the Planning Board, Janelle is also  member of the Joint Library Building Committee .Frank Pisano is a member of the Baldwin  Library Board and on the Library Building Committee.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Local Candidates Invited to Post Informational Videos About Their Campaign. International Fame Alluded To.

Editors Note: While we strive for impartiality we couldn't let the accomplishment  discussed in our last post pass without notice. We think it is indicative of the creativeness  of  our communities and many of our residents as well.

As a participant in the electronic social media we are also taken by a candidate's use of it.

To that end we invite the other five school board candidates  to post videos on YouTube .Tell us how to find your Youtube video and we will feature it here. Take four minutes or less to tell us about yourself and your goals..
You do not have to be Cecile B deMille to do so. A Lahser Math Teacher makes Math videos with his cellphone for his students and posts them on YouTube. Even rather basic Point and Shoot digital cameras have  video capabilities, It costs nothing post them on YouTube and by doing so  you will reach an audience who often says they are too busy to read or even to listen to your message is not  packaged in a mentally digestive form.
We can also offer the possibility of  a certain amount  international fame that will probably go unnoticed.  English teachers world wide scan Youtube for classroom material to help their students learn. I know that  because our Hungarian Teacher at  Bloomfield Hills  Seaholm High School Community Education does 
the same thing.The sight of a candidate  prattling on (preferably in front of a landmark) in slowly paced, and clearly enunciated  English will be  be too much to for a  language teacher to  pass up. Depending on the time difference the video in the last post may be playing in a Korean or Icelandic classroom right now.

 It doesn't take much  to visualize the scene. A  teacher is standing front of a desk of a  less than zealous student. The student is asked to explain the video. The student without elaboration says it was OK.
It sounded like there was highway but no cars.
 "What does the woman want you to to. Why did she make the video ?" the teacher asks in the native tongue which under the circumstances is a vote of no confidence.

The student hoping to find  an answer scans his notes before trying  in English "She wants  the bushes trimmed ." When that fails  he tries  "Am I  invited to dinner ? " before giving up.  

The teacher  then  asks  a better student who says in English  "She wants people to vote."
That prompts the teacher to ask also in English " for anyone ?"
"No,"  the good student says again in English ." for her." 

The the teacher will then turn to the blackboard and write "V-O-T-E " before turning and saying it aloud for the class.

A strikingly similar incident actually happened recently the aforementioned local Hungarian Class. Straight away  I  can tell you that it is impossible to stand at the very top of  Budapest's  Chain Bridge (Lanchid in Hungarian) and sing songs that's because  the gale force winds will send you sailing down the Danube.  The production obviously used a green screen to achieve  the effect. I can also tell you the when the topic is an oil change for one's car the correct answers in most languages of the world  have nothing to do with the purchase of gardening tools. This  writer will spare the reader the painful details of how such  knowledge was acquired,

Google and YouTube are making the world smaller. To be a part the new togetherness sooner rather than later all  that is required is imagination.

Social Media and the 76 Year Old School Board Candidate.

Joan Berndt (pronounced "bear ant") the oldest candidate, in the school board race,   the   first  to  imaginatively use the so-called social media.  She writes blogs in community electronic publications. She seeks voters, volunteers, and donations with  a very good website.  What is good about it ? She tells you about herself, family, and her perceived role in the community . She also tells you where the campaign trail takes her like high school football games and student  music concerts. On her website she states her case in  a 3 minute and 51 seconds  .You  can access it from her web site's home page by clicking  the Youtube icon.  It is also posted on Youtube and you can also watch it here. Other candidates in larger elections have played around with Youtube.  Most efforts  stay around  a minute or thirty second commercial  length.. Joan packs her whole campaign and raison d'etre in just  under 4 minutes in what seems to be a effortless performance. Consultants train Fortune Five Hundred CEO's  on the art  but Joan seems to have it naturally. The secret ? Maybe it is as simple as  a lifelong occupation spent as a school teacher. Maybe there you learn to spit it out, and talk over noise and get your message across.
Joan was the first candidate to file for the two year term election term she has to run for. Last Fall the School Board unanimously picked her to fill the Kate Pettersen vacancy, On November 6th the voters will  confirm Joan as their choice to finish the two year term or select another candidate.

Joan is running against two other candidates .One in print suggested a " Dialogue with the entire community"

Well there's Joan Berndt,  the first to arrive electronically, in medium for new century and designed  for a generation which is two and a half behind hers,

Downtown Publications Provides Candidate Guide and Endoresements for Bloomfield Hills School Board Election

inclusion imageThe current issue of "Downtown Publications is pictured below and dated 10/12 meaning your may have arrived in your mailbox.  If it hasn't or the issue was inadvertently mislaid you will  find all the articles on line and  convenient links are provided below. Featured are pictures and a Q and A for each of the six candidates for the two elections and the publications endorsements.

In the six year term election, current school board president Ingrid Day and Howard Baron  a long time school board activist with extensive efforts in the community outreach committees were endorsed over newcomer W.F. (Vic) Moigis. That is not surprising. Prior Downtown endorsements usually favor the status quo and the contributions of the Day and Baron make for an  impressive status quo. Voters however will have the final decision and in this election because two seats are vacant, residents have a variety of choices. The Ballot says "vote for not more than two." A voter with a strong preference  for one of the above may cast a single vote for that favorite  and decline to cast a second vote for a rival. A vote for Baron and Day would be a vote recognizing the efforts  of both candidates in working for a better school district. A vote for Moigis and Baron or Day  would indicate perceived need for change with Baron companion vote being more so and a Day vote being less so.

In the two year term election,  three candidates  Joan Berndt, Jenny Greenwell, and Rob Herner compete for an unfinished the two year term  remaining on the old Kate Pettersen term. Last fall the School board unanimously picked Joan Berndt to fill the seat pending a vote of the people at the first available election which is now. Rob Herner is also an appointee from 2010 seeking  his first election to the board. Jenny Greenwell  a long critic of the school board (last fall  she was campaigning to impeach the entire School Board) is now more conciliatory in her efforts to join the board. Because only a single seat is being sought residents  have but one vote to cast. Here Downtown Publications chose to endorse Joan Berndt  which is a rather  interesting choice. She is neither status quo or dissident. As a retired life long educator and senior citizen she believes she offers a different dimension to the School Board. Both Berndt and and Grenwell can date  their community involvement  with the Bloomfield Hills school board back forty  plus  years. Greenwell was also  substitute teacher for six years. In contrast Herner emphasizes his business  and construction background as being of benefit to board during the constuction of the new high school.

To view Downtown Publications Two Year Term Candidate Picture and Q+A Click Here.

To view Downtown Publications Endorsements Click Here

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

10/9/12: City Commision Meeting.Agenda Items of Note That May Be Overlooked.

The Agenda for tonight’s meeting contains 22 items.  Almost all of them in various degrees are important. Hopefully that will be realized enough to warrant an attendance larger than what  can be counted one hand. 

 We have no doubt that the Mayor, and City Commission will dispatch 19 of the agenda items in a competent professional manner. Competency is not in our minds or probably in very many other resident’s minds the issue. 

Agenda items 9, 14, and 15 however deserve extra scrutiny. Competency by itself will not solve them or derive maximum benefit for the residents (if that is indeed the goal) from such items. The society George Orwell described in 1984 functioned competently.
By themselves Agenda items 9,14,and 15 by themselves are rather innocuous.

Recent events make them more significant.Last month our City Commission voted five to zero to replace an annual election with a bi-annual election which will occur in odd year years only. City Commission is the only elected office in the city. By reducing the power of the people to vote the commission reduced its power as well. All three of the agenda items on our list involve collateral damage from that decision which the majority of the residents had no say in.
When it occurs no one really knows what will happen. In the Bloomfield Hills School District none of the candidates can compete let alone be heard over County, State, and National candidates spending 10 to 100 times as much. One Candidate has said a May election would  be divine and more than one has said they were glad the school bond issue wasn’t thrown in to a fall presidential election vortex.
The School Board got the May Bond election by paying for it. Otherwise they had no choice since their elections are mandated by the state.
Our leaders chose a November election believing more people would vote in odd years in November and money would be saved. Maybe they were right. Maybe not.  There will be consequences. The City and its Government will change. And when it does the importance of the individual will change.  Pay attention to language. The debasement of said is usually the first indication. Orwell made that point in 1984 and Animal House. Read and listen carefully to everything.

10/9/12. Agenda Item 9: City Commission will Review The Draft Social Media Policy.

Governments like to emphasize their openness and transparency but the draft which appear below (and on page 144 of the City Commission Agenda Packet) is anything but.   Who authored it or when it was written, or by whom,  is not stated.  The language in which it is written is devoid of charm. “Your submission constitutes your acceptance of this policy,” is one example of computer software boilerplate our City has adopted.
For some reason “Should not” often is used when “may not” is more appropriate. Are there allowed “should not” exceptions.
An important aspect of Social Media is that it they are currently free of charge meaning the City could use more than one to improve communications with its residents if that were its true intent. You Tube which could provide the video of City Commission meetings now lacking is not mentioned. The same applies to Blogger which could provide a two dialogue between City Commissioners and their constituents. Facebook works for some but not all. Worse one must be a Facebook Member to use it fully.  At best that means another password to remember.
The fact that this unidentified draft with an alphabet (A through Q) full of restrictions may mean it was copied from somewhere else. Presented as a solution it is indicative of a City Administration) which when it says it is interested in reaching  residents, provides only the minimum
It will be curious to see how many city commissioners vote for it. City Commissioners are the only elected office in the City and are supposed to be in communications with their constituents. As such their duties are no different that of the United States Congress or Michigan House of Representatives.
Article O of the draft however says “persons who are members of boards or commissions should not use social media (Facebook) to comment on the conduct of business concerning the actions of the board or the commission upon which they serve”. 
What if their constituents want them to comment?  Does one lose his or her right to free speech  when elected to serve the People ? If so who inherits that right. The City?
To answer that question the anonymous draft concludes with “if you have any questions about  this policy contact the City.”
So there is a City as a third entity.  Separate from the people and city commission.
At one time City Commission by a vote of the people ran the City of Bloomfield Hills.  Maybe those days are over. Last month the City Commission voted by a 5-0 for its constituents to vote half as much thereby unwittingly weakling its own authority and inadvertently creating a new authority simply called “the City.” If that were to be the case an era  of uncertainty would follow. Probably with the City and the weakened commission looking to raid the last vestige of power from the people. That would be the people's right to approve or reject charter changes.


10/9/12. Agenda Item 14: City Commission Will Discuss the Annual Organization Meeting for Appointments.

A two year term for the Mayors ?
On Page 174 of the Agenda Packet is a memo   from City Clerk Amy Burton to Mayor McClure and the City commission which is printed at the bottom of the page. Unlike the social media draft it is signed and dated October 5th which was last Friday.

For those who don't know, Amy Burton as City Clerk more or less runs City Hall and the clerical aspects  of the City. Amy is highly regarded for efficiency and helpfulness. The residents  owe her a debt of gratitude and the information in this publication would not be possible with her and the efforts of her talented staff. Burton is an employee of the and City not a resident.  Her employer is the City commission and she comes under the auspices of the Mayor.  In other words  if municipalities decided to paint the sky and Amy  thought chartreuse a nice color  for the city she would not have look at it when she went home.

In every administration from Presidential  down to office politics there is much conjecture on who the boss really listens to. Thus the famous Mort Sahl joke that made the rounds after President Eisenhower’s non-fatal heart attack. The question was asked wouldn’t it be terrible if Ike passed away and Vice President Nixon became President. The answer was “Worse !   What if Sherman Adams  (a notorious White House Insider) dies and Eisenhower becomes President “.

The current Mayor Sarah McClure as a City Commissioner has worked, on projects (ethics  code and possible  charter revisions) with Amy Burton.  As a commissioner McClure also worked on projects like the Woodward Island Tree Beautification program with City Manager and  City Employee Jay Cravens.
As a result It is believed that Amy Burton and Jay Cravens have the ear of the Mayor. While few committees have been appointed by the current Administration they usually consist of one City Commissioner and one of the above City Employees.

The fact that Amy Burton was the first to discover  the Catch-22 described in her memo is not surprising, Sure per the Mayor she was working with related  documents but it is safe to  say that little slides by Amy . The same could not be said of the Commission or even the Mayor who 24 days previous passed  the resolution changing the date of the election which also changed the frequency which now  presents a problem and may contain many more undiscovered time bombs. You can believe that or you can believe the commissioners  diabolically master minded the chain reaction.

The end result  according to the memo is that either Mayor McClure serve a second term or the City Commission change the charter. The latter is illegal  but corners have been cut in the past an City Manager Jay Cravens has written on the cost saving benefits of letting the Commission  make on the spot changes.
There is also a third solution we  which most likely not be the one the Commission chooses in their two minute discussion this item.  We suggest May or MClure serve the one year term she was elected to. If an election has not by May 15th been held to allow the people to resolve the matter the commissioners elect a new Mayor to serve from a one year term 2013 to 2014. By then the course of action per the charter will have been determined by the people.  It is possible that  the commission which will not change by then, will elect   and Mayor McClure to a second term.  We have no objections to that or any other elected outcome determined by the people. We are vehemently opposed to Charter changes by anyone other than the people and we are opposed to assuming the Charter gives us no other choice. If wise heads prevail the City will benefit. If people act in act in a manner that benefits only themselves, as we have seen on Wall Street the alternative is not pretty

10/9/12 . Agenda Item 15 : The City Commission Will Consider the Proposed Charter Revisions.

Point of order : In the twenty some odd years that City Commission minutes have been published on the City Website, no commission has been as  determined to revise the Charter as this one.  In part that is due to the changing of the election date and frequency of elections .  The Mayor says additional  changes are necessary to tidy up the language that has served the City for eight years. The cover letter on this Agenda item (Burton to McClure)  dated 10/4/ 12 contains a mystery element .

That would be Item B which has been "Intentionally omitted pending further commission discussion.
To the best of our knowledge there has never been any significant discussion of Charter revisions in a public meeting  to warrant the words "further...discussion.." The Open meetings Act does state that such business is to discussed only in noticed meeting. We therefore have filed a Freedom of Information Act often called a Foia and pronounced  "Foy yah" to learn more of what the commission has been discussing, Any citizen may do so. You simply write or email the appropriate authority In all matters concerning the City that would be City Clerk Amy Burton.  You will have to pay for the time  and materials necessary to produce your request however. So a copy of all City Minutes since 1932 will be expensive.
When we know about Proposition B  we will let you know. Maybe the "further'' discussion  by strange coincidence will occur this evening.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Agenda Packets for City of Bloomfiled Hills Tuesday Oct 9th Planning and City Commission Meetings.

Click Here for City Commission Agenda Package

 Click Here for Planning Commission Agenda Package

The Good News for Voters ? All Six Bloomfield Hills School Board Candidates at League of Women Voters Forum Were Outstanding. The Bad News for Candidates ? See The Good News For Voters.

So who really won and 
lost ? Like the presidential debate in Denver it depends on
expectations. Low expectations are the easiest to overcome. High expectations create difficulties.

In that sense a W.F.(Vic) Moigis was the winner. Prior to this week he was the least  known candidate. In  an evening he went from Unknown to Credible Candidate. He seemed to get better as the evening wore on and at one point  answered a question directly that the others tapped danced around. Moigis likes to say he has seen education on three continents. Those continents are Europe, South America, and North America. Born in Germany in what was once East Germany, his  family moved to Venezuela  in 1950 before the "Wall". From there he came eventually to Bloomfield Hills where he has been a long time resident. A businessman he has taught English as second languages courses and currently works as language translator (Spanish) for Oakland  County Courts. Will he win the election ? Probably not. Is he a viable candidate for change and diversity on the board. Yes indeed and for a one night debate that is a victory. Moigis is running in the six year term election with Howard Barron and Ingrid Day. Here residents will  have the opportunity vote for no more than two candidates.

Because she  incumbent  and  Board President, Ingrid Day held all the high expectations and did quite well. It is just that while others at times soared, Day was competent, concise and kept both feet on the ground.

The other four Howard Baron, Joan Berndt, Jenny Greenwell, and Rob Herner were very adept at presenting their skills and experiences as just what the board needed and all were well informed.

They played to a packed house and late comers had a hard time finding a parking space.

The debate was televised and voters have  the opportunity to see it online .

Click here  to and you will find an icon like the one ill on top of this page, Click on  the icon  and you will be able to see the Candidate's forum in it's entirety. It is approximately an hour a half long.