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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Local Candidates Invited to Post Informational Videos About Their Campaign. International Fame Alluded To.

Editors Note: While we strive for impartiality we couldn't let the accomplishment  discussed in our last post pass without notice. We think it is indicative of the creativeness  of  our communities and many of our residents as well.

As a participant in the electronic social media we are also taken by a candidate's use of it.

To that end we invite the other five school board candidates  to post videos on YouTube .Tell us how to find your Youtube video and we will feature it here. Take four minutes or less to tell us about yourself and your goals..
You do not have to be Cecile B deMille to do so. A Lahser Math Teacher makes Math videos with his cellphone for his students and posts them on YouTube. Even rather basic Point and Shoot digital cameras have  video capabilities, It costs nothing post them on YouTube and by doing so  you will reach an audience who often says they are too busy to read or even to listen to your message is not  packaged in a mentally digestive form.
We can also offer the possibility of  a certain amount  international fame that will probably go unnoticed.  English teachers world wide scan Youtube for classroom material to help their students learn. I know that  because our Hungarian Teacher at  Bloomfield Hills  Seaholm High School Community Education does 
the same thing.The sight of a candidate  prattling on (preferably in front of a landmark) in slowly paced, and clearly enunciated  English will be  be too much to for a  language teacher to  pass up. Depending on the time difference the video in the last post may be playing in a Korean or Icelandic classroom right now.

 It doesn't take much  to visualize the scene. A  teacher is standing front of a desk of a  less than zealous student. The student is asked to explain the video. The student without elaboration says it was OK.
It sounded like there was highway but no cars.
 "What does the woman want you to to. Why did she make the video ?" the teacher asks in the native tongue which under the circumstances is a vote of no confidence.

The student hoping to find  an answer scans his notes before trying  in English "She wants  the bushes trimmed ." When that fails  he tries  "Am I  invited to dinner ? " before giving up.  

The teacher  then  asks  a better student who says in English  "She wants people to vote."
That prompts the teacher to ask also in English " for anyone ?"
"No,"  the good student says again in English ." for her." 

The the teacher will then turn to the blackboard and write "V-O-T-E " before turning and saying it aloud for the class.

A strikingly similar incident actually happened recently the aforementioned local Hungarian Class. Straight away  I  can tell you that it is impossible to stand at the very top of  Budapest's  Chain Bridge (Lanchid in Hungarian) and sing songs that's because  the gale force winds will send you sailing down the Danube.  The production obviously used a green screen to achieve  the effect. I can also tell you the when the topic is an oil change for one's car the correct answers in most languages of the world  have nothing to do with the purchase of gardening tools. This  writer will spare the reader the painful details of how such  knowledge was acquired,

Google and YouTube are making the world smaller. To be a part the new togetherness sooner rather than later all  that is required is imagination.

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