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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Downtown Publications Provides Candidate Guide and Endoresements for Bloomfield Hills School Board Election

inclusion imageThe current issue of "Downtown Publications is pictured below and dated 10/12 meaning your may have arrived in your mailbox.  If it hasn't or the issue was inadvertently mislaid you will  find all the articles on line and  convenient links are provided below. Featured are pictures and a Q and A for each of the six candidates for the two elections and the publications endorsements.

In the six year term election, current school board president Ingrid Day and Howard Baron  a long time school board activist with extensive efforts in the community outreach committees were endorsed over newcomer W.F. (Vic) Moigis. That is not surprising. Prior Downtown endorsements usually favor the status quo and the contributions of the Day and Baron make for an  impressive status quo. Voters however will have the final decision and in this election because two seats are vacant, residents have a variety of choices. The Ballot says "vote for not more than two." A voter with a strong preference  for one of the above may cast a single vote for that favorite  and decline to cast a second vote for a rival. A vote for Baron and Day would be a vote recognizing the efforts  of both candidates in working for a better school district. A vote for Moigis and Baron or Day  would indicate perceived need for change with Baron companion vote being more so and a Day vote being less so.

In the two year term election,  three candidates  Joan Berndt, Jenny Greenwell, and Rob Herner compete for an unfinished the two year term  remaining on the old Kate Pettersen term. Last fall the School board unanimously picked Joan Berndt to fill the seat pending a vote of the people at the first available election which is now. Rob Herner is also an appointee from 2010 seeking  his first election to the board. Jenny Greenwell  a long critic of the school board (last fall  she was campaigning to impeach the entire School Board) is now more conciliatory in her efforts to join the board. Because only a single seat is being sought residents  have but one vote to cast. Here Downtown Publications chose to endorse Joan Berndt  which is a rather  interesting choice. She is neither status quo or dissident. As a retired life long educator and senior citizen she believes she offers a different dimension to the School Board. Both Berndt and and Grenwell can date  their community involvement  with the Bloomfield Hills school board back forty  plus  years. Greenwell was also  substitute teacher for six years. In contrast Herner emphasizes his business  and construction background as being of benefit to board during the constuction of the new high school.

To view Downtown Publications Two Year Term Candidate Picture and Q+A Click Here.

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