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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

10/9/12 . Agenda Item 15 : The City Commission Will Consider the Proposed Charter Revisions.

Point of order : In the twenty some odd years that City Commission minutes have been published on the City Website, no commission has been as  determined to revise the Charter as this one.  In part that is due to the changing of the election date and frequency of elections .  The Mayor says additional  changes are necessary to tidy up the language that has served the City for eight years. The cover letter on this Agenda item (Burton to McClure)  dated 10/4/ 12 contains a mystery element .

That would be Item B which has been "Intentionally omitted pending further commission discussion.
To the best of our knowledge there has never been any significant discussion of Charter revisions in a public meeting  to warrant the words "further...discussion.." The Open meetings Act does state that such business is to discussed only in noticed meeting. We therefore have filed a Freedom of Information Act often called a Foia and pronounced  "Foy yah" to learn more of what the commission has been discussing, Any citizen may do so. You simply write or email the appropriate authority In all matters concerning the City that would be City Clerk Amy Burton.  You will have to pay for the time  and materials necessary to produce your request however. So a copy of all City Minutes since 1932 will be expensive.
When we know about Proposition B  we will let you know. Maybe the "further'' discussion  by strange coincidence will occur this evening.

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