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Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Good News for Voters ? All Six Bloomfield Hills School Board Candidates at League of Women Voters Forum Were Outstanding. The Bad News for Candidates ? See The Good News For Voters.

So who really won and 
lost ? Like the presidential debate in Denver it depends on
expectations. Low expectations are the easiest to overcome. High expectations create difficulties.

In that sense a W.F.(Vic) Moigis was the winner. Prior to this week he was the least  known candidate. In  an evening he went from Unknown to Credible Candidate. He seemed to get better as the evening wore on and at one point  answered a question directly that the others tapped danced around. Moigis likes to say he has seen education on three continents. Those continents are Europe, South America, and North America. Born in Germany in what was once East Germany, his  family moved to Venezuela  in 1950 before the "Wall". From there he came eventually to Bloomfield Hills where he has been a long time resident. A businessman he has taught English as second languages courses and currently works as language translator (Spanish) for Oakland  County Courts. Will he win the election ? Probably not. Is he a viable candidate for change and diversity on the board. Yes indeed and for a one night debate that is a victory. Moigis is running in the six year term election with Howard Barron and Ingrid Day. Here residents will  have the opportunity vote for no more than two candidates.

Because she  incumbent  and  Board President, Ingrid Day held all the high expectations and did quite well. It is just that while others at times soared, Day was competent, concise and kept both feet on the ground.

The other four Howard Baron, Joan Berndt, Jenny Greenwell, and Rob Herner were very adept at presenting their skills and experiences as just what the board needed and all were well informed.

They played to a packed house and late comers had a hard time finding a parking space.

The debate was televised and voters have  the opportunity to see it online .

Click here  to and you will find an icon like the one ill on top of this page, Click on  the icon  and you will be able to see the Candidate's forum in it's entirety. It is approximately an hour a half long.

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