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Friday, November 21, 2014

Preserving History, and Building Community in Bloomfield Hills as featured in "The Review" the official magazine of the Michigan Municipal League.

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 The other day while stopping by City Hall this reporter noticed a large poster for the Preservation Bloomfield's Ginger Bread Celebration. So I called   Mayor Pat Hardy and asked if she had something smaller that I could put in the blog. She sent me an e-mail  that had a smaller version of poster.  I  noticed that it was addressed more than fifty individuals that comprise the "Ginger Bread Team. I said not seen a list of names of  community involved  residents that  long  since the 2008 inaugural issue of the Hills Highlights news letter, the Official newsletter of the City of Bloomfield Hills,  Mayor Hardy said it was quite a story and began rattling off  facts and figures.  It all started with the 75th anniversary celebration and  in the last eight years close to one million dollars had been raised. I said I has to get a pen and paper to write some of that  down but she said she had something from the Michigan Municipal League that would serve as good introduction.
2008 Inaugural issue of the Hills Highlights. Commissioner Hardy Editor.
Anyone going on line in and looking for information on  how city government works is  familiar with  the Michigan Municipal League who's motto is "Better  Communities.  Better Michigan.". The league states that it is the one clear voice for Michigan Communities. Their  Goals are to aid communities in creating desirable and unique places through legislative and judicial advocacy, to provide educational opportunities, for elected and appointed officials, and to assist municipal  and community leaders in administering community services, The league's mission is  that of a non profit, but  with the fervor of entrepreneurs to passionately push change for better communities and a better Michigan.

Current Board of Trustee members hail from Wakefield,  East Lansing, Berkley, Farmington Hills, Kalamazoo, Ferrysburg,Grand Rapids, Jackson, Hazel Park, Dearborn, Sterling Heights, Lapeer, Ironwood, Clare, Cadillac, Three Oaks, and Marquette Michigan.

I had no idea what Mayor Hardy would provide but I was thinking more of a one sheet from  years gone by.  I did not expect the current issue of The Review, the Magazine of the Municipal League  which features a focus on small communities. The Magazine  is similar to one that used to be published by the Michigan Historical Society  where back issues never grow old and stay forever in summer cottages statewide. The only difference is that with Review the history is now.  The article  in the November/ December  issue is an explanation of Preservation Bloomfield's successs and an introduction to other restoration efforts in other communities.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Voter Turnout massive and "conflicted" on Waste Hauler Issue.

 It was Mayor Hardy who told The Birmingham Eagle that she was conflicted on the issue, If she was, so were many others.
There are approximately  1500 households in the City of Bloomfield Hills. and 1905 votes  cast by  City residents. That would indicate  that all most homes voted on the issue  and  in 400 households more than one resident  voted.

City Hall
Bloomfield Hills 1
Congregational Church
Bloomfield Hills 2


The Marquis attraction on election day however was the race for Governor, touted  as  perhaps the closest ever. 2043 city residents voted in that election.  The difference between between the Waste Hauler vote and the Governor vote was 138 votes. Meaning  138 City resident who voted  Governor  failed to vote on the waste hauler issue. Those potential 138 votes would not have made a difference  in the outcome.

In an election in which 1088 votes were cast and the margin of victory was 271  all the margins separating victory and defeat defeat were small.

Precinct 1: In Person Vote: Yes by 208 votes
Precinct 1: Absentee Ballot Yes by 45 votes.
Precinct 1: Actual Vote:  Yes by 160 votes.
Precinct 2: Actual Vote Yes by 111 votes.

Waste Hauler  Vote

In Precinct
Absentee Vote
Waste Hauler  Vote Total
Voted for Governor
Difference of  Governor and WH vote