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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Overview of Services the The Baldwin Library provides for City of Bloomfield. The Short Form.

City of Bloomfield Hills Contract with the Baldwin Library

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On November 8, 2011, City residents voted to enter into a contract with Baldwin Library for library services under a three - year contract.  Baldwin Library began issuing  library cards to city resident card on November 15, 2011.  That contract expires this November. On  Tuesday August 5th  you will be asked to renew that contract for six years. The dollar amount and terms are essentially the same  as  to what the City agreed to in 2011.  The purpose of a six year contact is that  if the millage passes our library privileges will be preserved through November of 2020 at the favorable rate established nine years earlier.

August elections, usually associated with political primaries, are also the traditional time for library elections. Numerous communities  through out the tri-county area  will be voting on their libraries on August 5th. Absentee ballots are available from City Hall.

Usage figures provided by Baldwin on a regular basis  indicate that more  third of all City Households have Baldwin Library Cards. The number cards issued is more than a thousand. . The Average  City of Bloomfield Hills  card holder borrows five or more items per visit.

These are active numbers, based  residents who actually visited the Library to establish  a library card and who's subsequent visits are recorded only if items are checked out. 

If you have not has the opportunity  to visit the  the Baldwin Library and get a library card,  the Baldwin Library is as close to you as  City Hall at 45 East Long Lake Road. There  Baldwin maintains  approximately five shelves of  popular  and reasonably current bestsellers, movies on DVD and up to date information on Baldwin Library events , classes  and programs.. The  City  Hall Lending Library works on the honor system, Pick up a book and return it  to City Hall when you are finished with your selection. No lines. No waiting/ No due dates. No late fees!  Just another benefit of  the City's  contract with the Baldwin Library..
To go directly to the Baldwin Library website, click here.

Baldwin Library Services 

provided to City Residents

Anyone who lives, works or owns property in the City of Bloomfield Hills is eligible for a library card at the Baldwin Public Library.  Simply come to the Library with a valid photo ID card showing your current address (e.g., a driver’s license, passport or state ID), and the Circulation Desk staff will register you.  If you don’t live in our service area, also bring proof of property ownership or employment.  You can find more details
With a Baldwin card you have access to:
  • 170,000 books, magazines, DVDs, CDs, audio books, video games, toys, puppets and media kits at Baldwin
  • Interlibrary loan from thousands of libraries around the country
  • 9,000 e-books and downloadable audio books
  • Over 100,000 pieces of downloadable music
  • Subscription databases, like Morningstar, Value Line, Consumer Reports,, Mango Languages, theNew York Times and the Wall Street Journal
  • 800 events, programs and classes every year
  • Study and meeting room space
  • Support for schoolwork, including home schooling
  • Reference service in person, by telephone and electronically
Some of these services you can use without leaving the comfort of your home.
To stay informed about what’s happening at Baldwin, read the Library’s quarterly newsletter, Books & Beyond, which is delivered to all addresses in Bloomfield Hills, available for pickup in the Library or available online at  You can also subscribe to the Library’s enewsletters at
If you’re on Facebook, “like” our page and if you’re on Twitter, “follow” us!
If you’re interested in finding out more about what Baldwin offers, please get in touch with Doug Koschik, Library Director ( or 248-554-4861) or Kathryn Bergeron Associate Director( or 248-554-4682). 

Great titles.Even better reads. Highlight Baldwin New Titles 7/8/2014

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Baldwin Library Fact Sheet.

What is the Baldwin Public Library?
The Baldwin Public Library is the municipal library of Birmingham.  Because of its collections, services and programs, it has long been known as an exemplary library. 

Does Baldwin serve only the residents, property owners, and businesses of Birmingham?
No.  For over 40 years, the Baldwin Library has also provided library services to the residents, property owners, and businesses of Beverly Hills and Bingham Farms in exchange for annual payments determined by longstanding contracts.  For the past three years, Baldwin has had a similar arrangement with the City of Bloomfield Hills.  Residents of Baldwin’s contract communities enjoy the same level of service as do Birmingham residents.

Does Baldwin have a contract with the City of Bloomfield Hills to provide library services?
Yes.  A contract was signed by both parties in July 2011.  That contract expires on November 15, 2014.  A second contract, with minor revisions, was signed in June 2014.  You can find the new contract on the websites of the Baldwin Public Library ( and the City of Bloomfield Hills (

When and under what circumstances will the new contract go into effect?
It will go into effect November 15, 2014, but only if voters in Bloomfield Hills approve a millage for library services, which will appear on the August 5, 2014, ballot.

How long would the contract last?
Six years.  After November 14, 2020, the contract would be automatically renewed for successive two-year periods unless terminated by either Baldwin or the City of Bloomfield Hills, providing six months’ advance written notice.

What is the millage rate that Bloomfield Hills voters are being asked to approve?
0.39 mills for a period of six years.

How much would Bloomfield Hills pay for the Baldwin Library contract, and how was that amount determined? 

In the first year, Bloomfield Hills would pay $278,437.84.  That amount would increase each subsequent year by either the inflation rate or 5%, whichever is less.  The original figure of $268,681.00 in the 2011 contract was determined by calculating the average household cost, in fiscal year 2011-12, of Baldwin’s operational expenses ($180.44), and then multiplying that amount by the number of households in the City of Bloomfield Hills according to the 2010 census (1,489 households).  Since then, the contractual payment has increased each year by the inflation rate.

What services does Baldwin provide Bloomfield Hills under this contract?

The following “Overview of Services” provides a detailed, though not exhaustive, list.

What services would Baldwin provide if Bloomfield Hills does not renew its contract?

If the contract between the two parties expired, Baldwin would offer only very limited services to Bloomfield Hills residents.  For example, Bloomfield Hills residents would be able to enter the Baldwin Library and use materials on site, but they could not check out anything or use interlibrary loan.  They would also lose their reciprocal borrowing privileges at most neighboring libraries.  Services to the homebound would cease.   Access to Baldwin’s eBooks, downloadable audio books, and subscription databases would no longer be available.   And the “reading center” and book return drop at Bloomfield Hills City Hall would be removed.

How much has Bloomfield Hills used the services of the Baldwin Library?

Before the current contract went into effect in November 2011, not a single Bloomfield Hills resident was a registered Baldwin cardholder.  Now, 1,070 residents possess library cards.  That represents 28% of the total Bloomfield Hills population of 3,869.

Currently, 687 Bloomfield Hills households have at least one registered Baldwin cardholder.  Since Bloomfield Hills has 1,489 households, this means that 46% of all Bloomfield Hills households have at least one Baldwin cardholder.

The number of items checked out to Bloomfield Hills residents has increased each year:
Fiscal year 2011-12:  9,914 items over the course of 7 ½ months
Fiscal year 2012-13:  20,376 items
Fiscal year 2013-14:  22,554 items

8% of the participants in Baldwin’s 2013 summer reading program (101 out of 1,249) came from Bloomfield Hills.

If I have more questions about Baldwin, whom can I contact?

Baldwin’s Director, Doug Koschik, would be happy to answer questions and provide a tour of the facilities.  He can be reached at:  248-554-4681 or

Editors Note: Additional Copies  (for friends, family, or fellow residents) are available at the Baldwin Library.