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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

48th Annual ST. Hugo School Rummage Sale Begins Tonight 6pm.

For some the fun has already already begun last weekend  the  St. Hugo Parish Library hosted it's second annual  Book Donations sale for books for the children of St. Hugo's Parish. Adults  however benefited as well with a selection of seldom seen, some out of print classic books.  This writer was looking for a  good but cheap  Russian  Primer. Looking as in I will never find it  but I will try anyway.  The Actual St. Hugo's Rummage put textbook in "Items  we can't take category."
The price of  however  of  advanced high school  and college text books new or used  is through the roof.

The at the  St. Hugo' Library sale I almost tripped over  The Essentials of Russian  The Third Edition circa 1958.When I got home I noticed something buried in the binding.  I was rewarded by an invitation a  Beach Party on Sunday June 14th 1958. As best I can figure by turning the invite round and round if you cross the   the Delaware River north of Philadelphia and  keep going left when ever the opportunity presents itself you will  eventually arrive at the At the Atlantic Ocean.
The only hard part would be matching the invitation  to the party you were supposed to go to. It did say bring food.

You never know what will turn up at a first class Rummage Sale.  I  do know that for a fact. The money raised at the  Library's book sale for  St. Hugo's School and its Children is anticipated to approach the the four figure mark. Books that weren't sold at the Library sale were transported to the St. Hugo Rummage Sale in a half dozen Pick up truck runs loaded by  Library volunteers and Parish staff that ran past the the dinner

If you like books, the rare, the unusual, and the hard to find they will be at the St. Hugo Rummage Sale.
And that is just the beginning. There are over twenty departments including a snack bar for the bargain weary.

Today Wednesday from  6pm to 9pm is the Preview Sale and yes there is a $2 a admission fee and at 25%  mark up for FIRST NIGHTERS.

THURSDAY HOURS are 9am to 6pm and offer Hourly specials.
Friday Hours 9am till noon. Prices are half off and there will be a bag salea bag sale.

This week and every week all roads lead to St. Hugo's.
Take Woodward North or South to Opdyke. ST. Hugo's is right after the Golf Course.
Or From Telegraph to  Hickory Grove  which will dead end at the St. Hugo School parking lot.
Or Take Kensington Road which also dead ends just north of St. Hugo's on Opdyke. Bring a friend.

Monday, June 19, 2017

communities not hosting Fireworks This year and the reason why

2017 Michigan Fireworks Cancellations

Rather than keep doing blog posts or announcements every time I hear about a cancellation, I decided it would probably be better to just put them all on a single page. So I will post the locations here that have previously been on my list, but as far as I can tell, will not be holding fireworks displays this year. If I have something wrong, or if you know of one that I don’t have, I and all the other users would sure appreciate it if you would contact me.
 here’s what I have so far – communities NOT holding fireworks this year:

Antrim County, Michigan

  • Mancelona Bass Festival - Mancelona, Michigan (more info)

Cheboygan County, Michigan

  • Wolverine Lumberjack Festival - Wolverine, Michigan (more info)

Eaton County, Michigan

  • Potterville Gizzard Fest - Potterville

Michigan Fireworks by date June to December

Michigan Fireworks Displays 

By Location and Date.


These are all the dates for which Michigan Fireworks has  current Michigan fireworks display listings for the next thirteen months or so. If you click on a date, you’ll get summaries of all the displays for that date.
Jun 17, 2017 (12) fireworks displays
Jun 22, 2017 (1) fireworks display
Jun 23, 2017 (6) fireworks displays
Jun 24, 2017 (18) fireworks displays
Jun 25, 2017 (4) fireworks displays
Jun 26, 2017 (1) fireworks display
Jun 27, 2017 (1) fireworks display
Jun 28, 2017 (2) fireworks displays
Jun 29, 2017 (6) fireworks displays
Jun 30, 2017 (10) fireworks displays
Jul 1, 2017 (45) fireworks displays
Jul 2, 2017 (14) fireworks displays
Jul 3, 2017 (34) fireworks displays
Jul 4, 2017 (99) fireworks displays
Jul 5, 2017 (1) fireworks display
Jul 7, 2017 (6) fireworks displays
Jul 8, 2017 (6) fireworks displays
Jul 15, 2017 (2) fireworks displays
Jul 22, 2017 (1) fireworks display
Jul 23, 2017 (1) fireworks display
Jul 29, 2017 (2) fireworks displays
Aug 5, 2017 (2) fireworks displays
Aug 12, 2017 (2) fireworks displays
Aug 19, 2017 (1) fireworks display
Aug 26, 2017 (2) fireworks displays
Sep 2, 2017 (2) fireworks displays
Sep 16, 2017 (2) fireworks displays
Sep 24, 2017 (1) fireworks display
Dec 1, 2017 (1) fireworks display
Dec 2, 2017 (1) fireworks display
Dec 3, 2017 (1) fireworks display
Dec 8, 2017 (1) fireworks display
Dec 9, 2017 (1) fireworks display
Dec 10, 2017 (1) fireworks display
Dec 15, 2017 (1) fireworks display
Dec 16, 2017 (1) fireworks display
Dec 17, 2017 (1) fireworks display
Dec 19, 2017 (1) fireworks display
Dec 20, 2017 (1) fireworks display
Dec 21, 2017 (1) fireworks display
Dec 22, 2017 (1) fireworks display
Dec 23, 2017 (1) fireworks display
Dec 24, 2017 (1) fireworks display
Dec 25, 2017 (1) fireworks display
Dec 26, 2017 (1) fireworks display
Dec 27, 2017 (1) fireworks display
Dec 29, 2017 (1) fireworks display