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Monday, July 27, 2015


Bloomfield Hills Public Safety Open House

Save the Date
Sunday, August 23, 2015
12:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Bloomfield Hills Public Safety Open House
Free Activities for the Entire Family!
Food, Refreshments and Demonstrations
"Taste of Bloomfield Hills"
Ice Cream
Cotton Candy
Dunk Tank
Cup Cake Decorating
Fingerprints / Photos for Children
Face Painting
Photo Booth
Stan "The Magical" Fireman
Fire Extinguisher Demonstrations
Taser Demonstration
Fire Truck and Police Car Displays
Station Tours
And Much More!

City Police Beat

12 July 2015:  At approximately 5pm, BHDPS Officers stopped a driver for a traffic offense in the area of Lone Pine and Cranbrook.  She was suspended with prior convictions and had several misdemeanor warrants for traffic violations.  She was arrested and later released pending charges from the Oakland County Prosecutors Office.

16 July 2015:  2am Officers stopped a suspicious individual walking in the area Woodward Ave and Hickory Grove.  A check showed warrants out of Oakland County for Child Support.  He was released per Oakland County and given information to answer to the Warrant.

16 July 2015:  3:45 am Officers stopped two individuals,  16 year old male and 18 year old  male, walking in the area of Woodward and Long Lake.  Officers queried them for warrants and they returned as involuntary missing individuals from a group home in a nearby City.  Both individuals were detained and turned over to responsible authorities later that morning.

9 candidates vie for five seats in upcoming November 3rd City Election.

The number nine is a number we have seen before. In December of 2012  nine applicants applied to fill a city Commission seat vacated by  then City Commissioner  Michael McCready when he was elected to  to the State legislature.
That selection  was a rather haphazard affair .  Of the nine who applied  many  were were either not invited to the deciding commission meeting  or chose  not attend. The Commission then nominated two candidates before selecting current commissioner Stuart Sherr.  

In the three years since  The City has yet formulate  clear cut methods of identifying talent  for future leadership or vacancy filling.

Hopefully the nine candidates  and the upcoming election will take steps in that direction.

There seems to be a new dynamic in the air. Both here and in Birmingham where a record number of incumbents have  retired and  equally gargantuan number of new candidates have have emerged. 
Below are the names, addresses, and phone 
numbers of the City of Bloomfield Hills contingent. They are also located on the Oakland County web page. Feel free to call or contact any or all. You won't be an intrusion.  Traditionally  fall campaigns begin after Labor day but with nine to contact and five to vote for on election day you need not wait.
After  Labor Day  the candidates will be intruding on you and if past is prologue after the election only  the e mail addresses of the elected will remain on the City web site.

Note:  Number of signatures acquired by the various candidates should not be regarded as an indication  of the candidates popularity. 20 signatures were required but  the dynamic of which we spoke earlier  prompted 303 City residents to provide their signature. Those residents who stopped walking the dog, washing the car, jogging, mowing the lawn, gardening, or whatever to sign petitions are to be congratulated. Without their signatures the upcoming election would not be possible. 

The word "non" before the candidates name   means they are non partisan. In the City of Bloomfield hills all are.

 Fee is not applicable in our City but applies to other cities where candidates pay a fee to run for office rather \than obtaining petition signatures.

Filing date is the date the candidate turned in petitions to City Hall.

None of the nine candidates chose to withdraw and all will appear on the ballot in alphabetical order which will vary by precinct.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Chief Hendrickson's June report to City Commission.

Agenda for Tonight's 7/14 Bastille Day City Commission Meeting

In place of Today's Planning Commission Meeting, City Staff and Consultants presents a free planning and zoning seminar.

This is an event not to be missed.  The consultants who will be presenting  also hold a county wide seminar at the county building in the Spring. The event was cancelled  this year prompting  this rare in house opportunity. Visual aides will be a big part of the show so arrive early and sit so you can see the screen straight on. Allow about two hours. Maybe less and be prepared to take to take notes.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

City Police Beat

5 July 2015 @ 12/19am:  Officers responded to the area of Cranbrook Rd and Woodward Ave reference a female who was assaulted.  Investigation revealed that a Birmingham man assaulted his girlfriend (Child in common) and then fled the scene intoxicated with his 4yo son in the rear seat.  In cooperation with Birmingham PD, our officers were able to arrest the suspect.  He was arraigned Tuesday on Domestic Assault.  The victim is home recovering from her injuries.

8 July 2015 @ 7:15am:  Bloomfield Hills Officers arrested a Detroit woman for DWLS 2nd offense when she was stopped for a traffic offense in the area of Hickory Grove and Woodward Ave.  She was released pending charges assumed to be issued by Oakland County Prosecutors Office in the near future.

9 July 2015 @ 10am:  Bloomfield Hills DPS along with Cranbrook Community Schools held an Open House restricted to emergency personnel (Police/Fire/EMS) only for a tour and tactical review of the Cranbrook campus and buildings.  This is the one in series of emergency personnel training sessions to improve and better educate responders and area mutual aid partners for any emergency on campus.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Clawson 4th of July Celebration

Clawson 4th of July Fireworks

Please remember that while I strive for 100% accuracy, I'm 98% human so mistakes will happen. I urge you to double check the event site link before you head out!
The below listings is brought to you by
Date:  July 4, 2015 at Dusk
Where: Clawson Park
1098 N Bywood Ave 

City/State/Zip: ClawsonMichigan 48017
County: Oakland County
Event Phone: 248-589-0334
Event Website: 
Admission: $2 entry fee; some events may have other charges
Event Details:
Lots of events scheduled;  check the site for details closer to the 4th.  There’s also a separate site for the Clawson July 4 parade.
Have you seen this Fireworks Display? Rate it! 
Rating: 4.1 (150 votes cast)
Note: I am not affiliated with this event, I only list them; if you have a specific question, please use the contact information provided to get in touch with them directly

The Story of Michigan Fireworks as told by creator Meg Geddes


I’m Meg Geddes (netmeg), and is my baby. Well, one of them.
I’ve always loved fireworks; from sparklers to big community boomers. I grew up with fireworks in Ann Arbor at Buhr Park, and then city airport, but at some point, we stopped having them. I don’t even remember why – I think maybe it was more the logistics than the money. Nobody wanted to deal with the hassles of traffic and cleanup.
Anyway, every year I’d be searching out where the closest fireworks were, and it got to the point where the people who knew of my interest would email or call, and from there it was a short hop to just putting up a quick and dirty web page to refer them to. The first version of this site was called and included two listings – the big fireworks in Detroit, and the Ford Lake fireworks in Ypsilanti. Here’s an ancient version of it – it’s not the oldest one that exists, but it’s probably the oldest one that will actually load.
So after a while, people would not only ask me about the fireworks, but actually send me their local listings and ask if I’d put them up too. So with the help of my friend Lee Payne, who has a lot more database and coding skills than I will ever have, we expanded the site. After a few years, we had a couple hundred displays, then 400, then 500. And people bookmarked it, and emailed it to their friends, and posted events on Facebook, and well, here we are today.
I call it “Hobbies Gone Wild”
Seriously, this thing has taken off to a degree I never thought possible. Michiganders really love their fireworks! I can’t even count the hours I have spent on coding, writing, finding and verifying events, answering emails (more on that later), making corrections, hunting down people who scrape all my data without properly attributing, and so forth. (Yea, I’m a bit spiky about that last. Read about why here) But over the years, it’s probably thousands of hours. And some amount of expense too. All because I like things that go *boom*
Presumably you’re here because you like the *boom* too. I hope you find what you’re looking for, and if you don’t, I’d like to hear about it. I’m always up for feedback and constructive criticism.

EDITORS NOTE : Michigan Fireworks is by far and away the most popular features  we publish year in, year out.
The 2013  Michigan  data base  we published on  June 28th  2013 garnered 412 visits  good  for third place among the 900 stories we ran since we started publishing this blog in   2011 . Our 2014  Listing of  Michigan fireworks  by date had  214 visitors good  for good for 7th place overall. The decrease in visitors 2003 to 2014  is due the rather generous reprinting policy of
To bring their comprehsensive listings (and perhaps the most comprehensive  of any state)  to our readers all we are required to do is  credit as the source and to provide a link to their website. Our links to are provided in red.. Most likely many of our firework fans from past years are going to directly to That is particularly  evident this week when many of our readers are using our on page archive to get the web address for and thus producing a weekly total   like the one below.
 This Blog  is pleased to serve as middle man in bringing you this information.  Any  future reference to "I" in these listings  is  from the writing  of  Meg Geddes the creator of

July Third City of Birmingham Fireworks.

The below listings is brought to you by
Please remember that while I strive for 100% accuracy, I'm 98% human so mistakes will happen. I urge you to double check the event site link before you head out!
Date:  July 3, 2015 at Dusk
Where: Lincoln Hills Golf Course
2666 West 14 Mile 

City/State/Zip: BirminghamMichigan 48012
County: Oakland County
Event Phone: 248-644-1800
Event Website: 
Admission: Free
Event Parking: Parking is available across the street at Seaholm High School.

Event Details:
Enter through the gates at Lincoln and Cranbrook; they will open at approximate 7:30pm. Picnic baskets, chairs and blankets are welcome, but please, no alcohol, sparklers, or personal fireworks. Donation buckets to help offset the cost will be available; please feel free to donate if you can.
Have you seen this Fireworks Display? Rate it! 
Rating: 3.8 (146 votes cast)
Note: I am not affiliated with this event, I only list them; if you have a specific question, please use the contact information provided to get in touch with them directly

2015-2016 Michigan Fireworks Displays By Date

             Please remember that while I strive for 

100% accuracy, I'm 98% human so mistakes will happen.

 I urge you to double check the event site link

 before you head out!

Michigan Fireworks Displays By Date

These are all the dates for which I have current Michigan fireworks display listings for the next thirteen months or so. If you click on a date, you’ll get summaries of all the displays for that date.
Note: the Baseball Fireworks have been moved to their own page here
 The below listings is brought to you by
Jul 1, 2015 (4) fireworks displays
Jul 2, 2015 (6) fireworks displays
Jul 3, 2015 (60) fireworks displays
Jul 4, 2015 (161) fireworks displays
Jul 5, 2015 (4) fireworks displays
Jul 8, 2015 (1) fireworks display
Jul 9, 2015 (1) fireworks display
Jul 10, 2015 (4) fireworks displays
Jul 11, 2015 (12) fireworks displays
Jul 12, 2015 (1) fireworks display
Jul 16, 2015 (2) fireworks displays
Jul 17, 2015 (3) fireworks displays
Jul 18, 2015 (8) fireworks displays
Jul 24, 2015 (5) fireworks displays
Jul 25, 2015 (6) fireworks displays
Jul 26, 2015 (1) fireworks display
Jul 31, 2015 (2) fireworks displays
Aug 1, 2015 (6) fireworks displays
Aug 6, 2015 (1) fireworks display
Aug 7, 2015 (3) fireworks displays
Aug 8, 2015 (8) fireworks displays
Aug 9, 2015 (2) fireworks displays
Aug 15, 2015 (6) fireworks displays
Aug 16, 2015 (1) fireworks display
Aug 22, 2015 (2) fireworks displays
Aug 28, 2015 (1) fireworks display
Aug 29, 2015 (5) fireworks displays
Sep 5, 2015 (3) fireworks displays
Sep 6, 2015 (2) fireworks displays
Sep 11, 2015 (1) fireworks display
Sep 12, 2015 (3) fireworks displays
Sep 19, 2015 (2) fireworks displays
Oct 10, 2015 (1) fireworks display
Nov 6, 2015 (1) fireworks display
Nov 19, 2015 (1) fireworks display
Nov 20, 2015 (2) fireworks displays
Dec 4, 2015 (1) fireworks display
Dec 5, 2015 (2) fireworks displays
Dec 11, 2015 (1) fireworks display
Dec 12, 2015 (1) fireworks display
Dec 13, 2015 (1) fireworks display
Dec 17, 2015 (1) fireworks display
Dec 18, 2015 (1) fireworks display
Dec 19, 2015 (1) fireworks display
Dec 21, 2015 (1) fireworks display
Dec 22, 2015 (1) fireworks display
Dec 23, 2015 (1) fireworks display
Dec 26, 2015 (1) fireworks display
Dec 27, 2015 (1) fireworks display
Dec 29, 2015 (1) fireworks display
Dec 31, 2015 (2) fireworks displays
Jul 4, 2016 (1) fireworks display