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Monday, July 27, 2015

9 candidates vie for five seats in upcoming November 3rd City Election.

The number nine is a number we have seen before. In December of 2012  nine applicants applied to fill a city Commission seat vacated by  then City Commissioner  Michael McCready when he was elected to  to the State legislature.
That selection  was a rather haphazard affair .  Of the nine who applied  many  were were either not invited to the deciding commission meeting  or chose  not attend. The Commission then nominated two candidates before selecting current commissioner Stuart Sherr.  

In the three years since  The City has yet formulate  clear cut methods of identifying talent  for future leadership or vacancy filling.

Hopefully the nine candidates  and the upcoming election will take steps in that direction.

There seems to be a new dynamic in the air. Both here and in Birmingham where a record number of incumbents have  retired and  equally gargantuan number of new candidates have have emerged. 
Below are the names, addresses, and phone 
numbers of the City of Bloomfield Hills contingent. They are also located on the Oakland County web page. Feel free to call or contact any or all. You won't be an intrusion.  Traditionally  fall campaigns begin after Labor day but with nine to contact and five to vote for on election day you need not wait.
After  Labor Day  the candidates will be intruding on you and if past is prologue after the election only  the e mail addresses of the elected will remain on the City web site.

Note:  Number of signatures acquired by the various candidates should not be regarded as an indication  of the candidates popularity. 20 signatures were required but  the dynamic of which we spoke earlier  prompted 303 City residents to provide their signature. Those residents who stopped walking the dog, washing the car, jogging, mowing the lawn, gardening, or whatever to sign petitions are to be congratulated. Without their signatures the upcoming election would not be possible. 

The word "non" before the candidates name   means they are non partisan. In the City of Bloomfield hills all are.

 Fee is not applicable in our City but applies to other cities where candidates pay a fee to run for office rather \than obtaining petition signatures.

Filing date is the date the candidate turned in petitions to City Hall.

None of the nine candidates chose to withdraw and all will appear on the ballot in alphabetical order which will vary by precinct.

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