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Monday, July 27, 2015

City Police Beat

12 July 2015:  At approximately 5pm, BHDPS Officers stopped a driver for a traffic offense in the area of Lone Pine and Cranbrook.  She was suspended with prior convictions and had several misdemeanor warrants for traffic violations.  She was arrested and later released pending charges from the Oakland County Prosecutors Office.

16 July 2015:  2am Officers stopped a suspicious individual walking in the area Woodward Ave and Hickory Grove.  A check showed warrants out of Oakland County for Child Support.  He was released per Oakland County and given information to answer to the Warrant.

16 July 2015:  3:45 am Officers stopped two individuals,  16 year old male and 18 year old  male, walking in the area of Woodward and Long Lake.  Officers queried them for warrants and they returned as involuntary missing individuals from a group home in a nearby City.  Both individuals were detained and turned over to responsible authorities later that morning.

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