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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Social Media and the 76 Year Old School Board Candidate.

Joan Berndt (pronounced "bear ant") the oldest candidate, in the school board race,   the   first  to  imaginatively use the so-called social media.  She writes blogs in community electronic publications. She seeks voters, volunteers, and donations with  a very good website.  What is good about it ? She tells you about herself, family, and her perceived role in the community . She also tells you where the campaign trail takes her like high school football games and student  music concerts. On her website she states her case in  a 3 minute and 51 seconds  .You  can access it from her web site's home page by clicking  the Youtube icon.  It is also posted on Youtube and you can also watch it here. Other candidates in larger elections have played around with Youtube.  Most efforts  stay around  a minute or thirty second commercial  length.. Joan packs her whole campaign and raison d'etre in just  under 4 minutes in what seems to be a effortless performance. Consultants train Fortune Five Hundred CEO's  on the art  but Joan seems to have it naturally. The secret ? Maybe it is as simple as  a lifelong occupation spent as a school teacher. Maybe there you learn to spit it out, and talk over noise and get your message across.
Joan was the first candidate to file for the two year term election term she has to run for. Last Fall the School Board unanimously picked her to fill the Kate Pettersen vacancy, On November 6th the voters will  confirm Joan as their choice to finish the two year term or select another candidate.

Joan is running against two other candidates .One in print suggested a " Dialogue with the entire community"

Well there's Joan Berndt,  the first to arrive electronically, in medium for new century and designed  for a generation which is two and a half behind hers,

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