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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lahser Knights versus Andover Barrons in Battle of the Sword Finale. Played Under an August Half Moon.

A Half Moon and another academic year as two high schools. Then the two halves combine to to form Bloomfield Hills High School. Nickname: the Ravens.Colors: Purple, Black and Blue

Ten months ago Lahser had a play off caliber team which went to the state play-offs. This year's team is also considered a state play off contender . 
Ten month's ago the Andover Football 2012 program was very much in doubt. Without a football team to root for the Marching Band, cheer squads and the fans, would lose an important autumn  community activity.
Lahser won the game 70 to 7 but  Andover fielded a team which fought hard in the season premier and benefited from a first class, band,cheer squad and fan support.

Bloomfield Hills School Superintendent Robert Glass enjoys the festivities

                                                                          Knights Celebrate with the Sword

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