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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

An E-Mail from Mitt Romey


Tonight, Ann will address the convention here in Tampa. It marks an exciting milestone for the campaign, and I'm humbled by the support from across the country that has gotten us this far.

Two supporters will win the chance to join us here at the convention for Thursday's festivities, and it's sure to be an incredible celebration. I'm looking forward to accepting the nomination that night before a united and energized Republican Party.

Don't miss your chance to be here -- entries close tonight.

Donate $3 now to be automatically entered for your chance to join us in Tampa for the convention's biggest night.

I hope you'll be here with us.


Mitt Romney

Dear Mitt thank you for the invitation to participate.

 Regrettably  I  read your e-mail this morning after the deadline for entering had passed which may be for the best. If I won my wife who never gets time off from work on short notice would say, "you have to do
what ?" Then she would bring up a whole list of things that I "had to do" which interfered with what I  should be doing.

I suppose I could have taken  Uncle Mike who I was going to take to the rally you spoke at last Friday in Commerce Township. Unfortunately when we factored in the heat and the restrictions of liquids one could bring, the Mrs. decided the event would not be appropriate for Uncle Mike who is actually older than the City of Bloomfield Hills. Somehow (and I think I know exactly how)Uncle  Mike got the idea I was a biggie in the Republican Party which is not the case. Uncle Mike, who often hears what he wants  to hear may have thought I could arrange a private tete-a-tete with you or at least Veep Candidate Ryan. Michael's number one issue if you are curious is "free loaders" and their detrimental effect on economy and our country's well being. I would  be more specific  but Uncle Mike makes his assertions in dozens of different anecdotal ways. If the trip to Tampa included complementary Polo Shirts with the initial  RNC  and a cute little elephant on the front pocket, Uncle Mike would be looking for six more for family and friends. If the trip did not include complimentary wearing apparel, Uncle Mike would feel slighted and let it be known before concluding "Three dollars sure doesn't buy what it used to."

But enough about me. Congratulations on what will be one of the most memorable evenings in your life.

You probably have a million things to attend  to before the big night begins.

I will conclude by telling you that your hometown, The City of Bloomfield Hills, is very exited for you and will be watching tonight. In fact if I have the address right one of the players, on which looks to be very promising Lahser football team lives in your old house. I am told your knowledge of the  French language is world class. Well the the football player's parents speak the best French I have ever heard. They also speak better English than I do which is an accomplishment they share with many.

Your buddy John Rakolta,  who the Detroit News said  is your "biggest champion in Michigan, " lives just down the street sort of. I don't know if you remember, but it's a funny street which actually goes in three  directions. In fact when you were growing up it may have been the only street in what was once a  farm. If you see our neighbor John today (actually it can wait to tomorrow) ask him about the old neighborhood. He will fill you in.

Thank you for the chance to participate. As my wife would be quick to point out, despite my carrying on, I am not the only person in the world to receive an invitation. The concept of a drawing would indicate that. Still I am thrilled to have  such an opportunity regardless of whether  it was prompted by a last minute vacancy or not. I therefore have taken the liberty to share  it in a blog I write. I hope this will not preclude future correspondence, but I think voters should know you are thinking about us, and it isn't just money.
Uncle Mike may have his opinions but you and I both know $3 will barely buy a 16 ounce Starbucks.

I thought you might enjoy  this clip on You Tube. It is a silent film taken by a delegate of The Michigan Delegation the 1956 National Republican Convention. That Convention nominated President Dwight D. Eisenhower and Vice President Richard Nixon for re-election. Both appear briefly at the podium towards the end of the film. The Convention was held in San Francisco in a building oddly enough known as the Cow Palace. Convention guests of note included former President Herbert Hoover, my grand father,  father, mother and myself. The latter four individuals were there in an unofficial capacity of course. It was not planned. I think granddad got tickets at the last minute and we all went after dinner as a lark which you could do in those days. Check out the pink Buick with holes in the hood which appears briefly around the Maryland Hotel. Back in the day we would have walked right past it.

Thanks again. Certainly for you and your selected guest it will be a most memorable occasion  and one to tell the grand children.

                                                                                                       Good Luck and stay in touch.
 -                                                                                                                                       -Mark

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