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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ye Gods and Little Fishes ! The City of Bloomfield Hills Blog is now in News !

The City of Bloomfield Hills Blog has  moved and we are  honored to be placed in the esteemed  blog category of  NEWS which is one over from HOME on the left hand side on your  Oakland Press On Line Edition. While flattered by this honor we will fully understand when it is realized that a mistake has been made and we belong under any or all of humor, satire, world travel, and graphically illustrated  magazines with flip out pictures.

The again maybe we are being too modest. In  recent months our mentions of the Spanish American war probably exceed that any other metro news source. The topic came up when we were discussing the movie Citizen Kane and we try to be thorough.

Seriously we do cover the City of Bloomfield Hills City Hall, residents who make a difference and city events from  rummage sales to occasionally  high school football. We also cover the Bloomfield Hils School District, and the Birmingham Baldwin Library. If you are a card holder you may use this blog to look for titles and check out audio and e-books on your computer. On on the right hand side of this page you will find links to Bloomfield Hills City Hall website and other publications that cover the City including the Oakland Press which also provides access to breaking news.

We are a City Blog and as such recognize and link to other City Blogs round the world.  On the right hjand side of the page a click of the mouse will take you to. Brooklyn Heights. We love reading about the weekend subway train schedules for Coney Island. Cairns Australia, a small City most us will visit someday (Great Barrier Reef) and blog which offer the best in smash mouth local politics. You will also find  Havana Cuba, and  Lagos Nigeria (with 14 million inhabitants it is the largest City in sub Sahara Africa.) Then there is Living In Egypt. The author started in Cairo (largest City in Africa) decades ago. Now husband is not in picture and kids are grown and gone elsewhere but the author carries on in rural Egypt. We also offer Our Man in Hanoi, Paris, and Warsaw. Naturally all are in English due a variety of circumstances. If you have an interest in Foreign languages however a box in the upper right hand corner will translate the City of Bloomfield Hills Blog in any  of  100 plus world languages. Perfect for saying "Happy St. Patrick's Day" in Gaelic or "Happy New Year " in Chinese.

For those who prefer Time Travel we provide that as well with Mid Century Menu and Time Capsule Homes.

We also have a Google  search engine which can search our blog and other local new blogs we link to.
All  past posts going back to our first edition in June of 2011 are available in the Blog Archive in the lower right hand corner.
We strive to be informative but entertaining as well. Ours in an amazing world that can be captured electronically on a computer at kitchen table and sent around the world. We use words, pictures, video, and music to tell the story of Bloomfield Hills. Our story has turned up on Google HU (Hungary), Google Hong Kong and even Google Iceland and Google Albania. We do not wish to be predictable and will be most flattered if  you as reader are ever prompted to say, "Ye gods and little fishes what will they think of next."

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