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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Candidate McCready Omitted from Eccentric Newspaper On Line Election Guide

For the August 7th Primary Election some  local publications have been publishing an on line Election Guides. Regrettably some have been lacking crucial ingredients like candidates. The Birmingham Eccentric election guide highlights  40th District Race for State Rep but provides profiles of only three of the four candidates.  Candidate  Michael McCready  long term City Commissioner and former Mayor of the City of Bloomfield Hills was omitted .McCready e-mailed the paper's Editor Greg Kowalski  Thursday afternoon to ask about the omission. Friday morning he received  an e-mail reply from Mr. Kowalski which said the matter would be looked into. As  of 2:30 pm Saturday afternoon  the people at the Eccentric who are looking into it, are still looking and Candidate McCready's profile has yet to appear.

Also of note  the candidates  for State Rep in the 40th district are not listed in alphabetical  order which is the standard  impartial way of listing. That may seem like a minor point but one's  name on top seems to be of value. In Last Sunday's edition  which endorsed Candidate Potts, a Sticky Note advertisement for Mr. Potts appeared on page one. We do not mean to imply any correlation  between the endorsement or the ad other than to emphasize the value of getting one's name on top. Mr Potts may have bought that ad six months ago and there was nothing  to prevent (except a prior purchase by a rival candidate or a home improvement company)  anyone from buying the sticky ad note  for that or any edition.

The State of Michigan also feels who is on top the list as matter of importance. In Bloomfield Township there are 32 polling places and 4 candidates for the the office of  State Rep  40th District. Candidate McCready's name will appear first on ballots in the 2nd, 6th, 10th 14th, 18th, 22nd, 26th, and 30th Precincts. Candidates Lawrence, Potts, and Wolkinson will also appear first on eight ballots in 32  precincts as the candidates names cycle through all the positions on the list.

We hope the Eccentric is able to find what  is necessary to include Mr. McCready  in the  Election Guide before the actual election and that they list the candidates alphabetical order which is Lawrence, McCready, Potts, and Wolkinson.

You are reading an electronic publication like the Eccentric's On Line edition where the Election Guide appears. It is our experience the corrections of  misspelled names and other errors can  be corrected fairly quickly .

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