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Thursday, July 26, 2012

August 7th Primary Candidates Need You !

This is the original. Uncle Sam came later and so did a version for the Czar of Russia. It is probably one of the most famous and copied posters in the world. It debuted almost a century ago. The gentleman pictured is Britain's Lord Kitchener who was asked to raise an all volunteer Army for the Empire in the first world war. It was hoped that such an army would forestall  the need for conscription.

Today and through August 7th every candidate in every election needs you and not just for your vote. In fact your vote may not even be a factor until election day. You are needed to volunteer. Address envelopes, knock on doors, hand out leaflets  and so forth and so on. If you are lucky you will be paid in pizza and pop  (or similar refreshments ) eventually. There is no money, no inaugural ball invitation, appointment to a cabinet or any position to be expected. You probably won't even get an ordinary Christmas Card  let alone a prestigious one from the candidate. No offense but Christmas cards have a way of snowballing and the candidates we are taking about aren't all that prestigious.

So why do it ?  They people you pitch in and help are community leaders. Many are involved and participate in local government. That brings us to what is in it for you factor.That may sound crass but it isn't  because there are many benefits for you that need to be articulated.

But first a digression  to put things in perspective ....

A story is told about a soldier seriously wounded in combat and more or less left for dead in a field hospital. A pretty nurse approaches and tells the wounded soldier that he will have to do something or  make a sign."The Doctors think you are dead," the young nurse explains. With all the strength he can muster the soldier manages to knock over an IV stand and the Doctors come running. The soldier has a long convalescence and he keeps asking about the nurse at the field hospital who he believes saved his life. Finally he is told there are no female nurses at the field hospital and there have never been. It is too close to the front lines.

Most likely your Government thinks you are
dead as well. Only the regular receipt of your taxes payments convinces them that there is no need for  further action at this time. Attending meetings is one way to show them you are alive. Volunteering in an election even better.  Ogden Nash wrote, "Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker." The same also applies to the relationship between meetings and elections.

Once it is established that you are among the living your usefulness  increases 100%. They need you. You need them. Opinions are very important and form a  basic unit of exchange. The Candidates learns from you. You learn from the candidate. Equally important is name recognition. Your efforts to get the candidate name out gets you recognized. So don't be surprised if while you are addressing envelopes the candidate asks you about your opinion on a variety of issues from poster design, to  
how many people will vote.

Remember you  are not being asked  to volunteer for the French Foreign Legion, the salt mines, or a  slave labor battalion.

The candidates will accommodate your schedule and  be grateful for whatever you can do. If you call them six months or two years later and say "you probably don't remember but I came in twice and addressed envelopes for you for about a hour, " you will be surprised  to discover that you have  not been forgotten. You maybe remembered as "the lady with the hat" but you exist in memory.

So pick your candidate and campaign. Do so immediately. After The 7th of August there will be less candidates and a lot less need for your services. Judges and Sherrifs have very little to with most people. A state representative on the other hand represents a lot of people and the 40th District (Birmingham, Bloomfield Township, the City of Bloomfield Hills and Eastern West Bloomfield ) has four candidates spending tens of thousands of dollars to get the word out.

 If you live in City of Bloomfield Hills or a City like Birmingham with a similar governments and have an interest in participating in that government some day, the McCready Campaign would be a natural. McCready is a former Bloomfield Hills Mayor and long time City Commissioner.

If you want to work in state wide campaign candidate David Wolkinson  has campaigned for the Guv.

Robert Lawrence and Dave Potts will also put you to work but the Birmingham School Board and the County Commission  don't translate as possibilities for everyone. Still you will be learning and  having fun. Should you visit the prospective candidates web sites do not click on the volunteer box and fill out a form. It is too late for that. Call and find out where and how to help now. Don't let anyone dissuade you. The Candidates needed you yesterday. Who knows maybe you can write an article about your experiences or at least have some funny stories to tell.

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