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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sierra Club celebrates "new" meeting place in Bloomfield Hills. Announces Fall General Meeting Topics and Dates

Last  Winter the Sierra Club of Southeast Michigan moved  the location of their General meetings to the Birmingham Unitarian Church. which oddly enough happens to be in the City of Bloomfield Hills.The City is 80 is years old this fall and among other reasons it became a city to avoid incorporation into the City of  Birmingham. The Southeastern tip of the City (Woodward and Lone Pine where the church is located ) is the only part of the City still in the Birmingham School District.

How successful was the move ? Sierra Club members of  Southeast  Michigan Phil Crookshank and Joanne Cantoni  did a top ten list of reasons to celebrated the move and had a hard stopping at ten so they added an eleventh.

Don't let the words "general membership meeting " fool you. You do not have to be a member to attend. There is no admission charge and there is plenty of free parking. "Membership" means a way of attracting new members and thus the topical topic presented at each meeting . Meetings are held on more or less  a monthly basis on Thursday evenings.Light refreshments are served at 6:30. The Meeting starts at seven.

Below is the fall schedule. To make it bigger click on it with your mouse. For more information call 248-561-5019.

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