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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Detroit Free Press Endorses City Commissioner and former Mayor Michael McCready for State Representative 40th District.

In  a  detailed and informative piece  in Sunday's Detroit News and  Free Press, the newspaper reported on  every primary race for the State House of Representatives  in the metro area and endorsed it's preferred  candidate in each election. The article is also available on line by county. The Oakland County portion can be accessed by Clicking Here
The  area of interest to most of our readers is  the 40th District which includes the City of Birmingham, The City of Bloomfield Hills, Bloomfield Township, and the eastern half of West Bloomfield (specifically everything east of Farmington Road and all of Precinct 15).

The Free Press wrote "This is an impressive and well-qualified field, especially considering that three of the four have elective experience.'' ( Editor's Note:That would be  Robert Lawrence, (Birmingham School Board), Michael McCready (Bloomfield Hills City Commission) and David Potts (County Commission)  "Given the current challenges to municipalities, Michael McCready's  council experience seems especially significant and an asset to both the district and in Lansing."

McCready forces have always have always maintained that the Commisioner's   experience in Municipal Government which includes four  years as City Commissioner, one year as Mayor, and his current position as Mayor Pro tem would be a benefit to residents in Birmingham, The City of Bloomfield Hills, and the Townships of Bloomfield Hills and West Bloomfield. 

McCready's municipal experience could also benefit  a state legislature in a still struggling economy,  where nationally  the unthinkable has become thinkable. Stockton , population 200,000+, and San Bernadino,  population 300,000+,  California  have filed for bankruptcy protection .

 McCready's role in a municpal environment also includes that of a business owner in Birmingham Michigan

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