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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Short History of the May November Election Date Debate

  Agenda Item  6. The Commission will consider moving the annual city election to an odd year election cycle
The City Election wasn't always held in May. In fact for the first 72 years of it's History it was held in April. In 2004 in order to be compliant with Michigan Public Act 298 (sometimes called the elections consolidation act) which mandated elections at  four dates thorough out the year, one of them being May) the date of the City Election was moved from April to May. This was done by resolution and changed in the charter which would have implications later on. The Mayor at the time was Michael  Zambricki.

In 2007 the City voted to move the Election to November provided annual election date was possible. The Mayor at the time was Dale Dawkins.

In January 2008 the City revoked the Election Date Change after learning that the November Annual Election date was not available to Cities. The Mayor at the time was Pat Hardy.

The time of the meeting was late April 2010.The Mayor at the time was David. Kellet. In the audience at that meeting was Private Citizen  Sarah McClure attending her last meeting as a  Private Citizen. At the meeting Citizen McClure spoke on two issues. PUD agreements and Garage Sales. Public comment on the topics the commission  discusses was eliminated in the Administration of Michael Zambricki 2011-12 and  has not been revived  by current Mayor McClure.It flourished however in the administrations of David Kellet
2009-10 and Micheal McCready 2010-11.

The date of the meeting was June 2010.The Mayor was Michael McCready. Of the note the audience in attendance  for the first two meetings McCready's administration was so large that a ballroom at the Kingsley Inn was rented to accommodate the residents who wished to attend.

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