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Friday, May 30, 2014

Home invasion, shooting suspects,to stand trial. Oakland Press and Birmingham Eccentric on line editions provide the latest details.

The Eccentric  article  written by reporter Jay Grossman who also provided photographs, can be accessed directly be clicking  the  Birmingham Eccentric  link which is provided on the left hand side of this page under Other news sources.

The latest from the Oakland Press and reporter Megan Semeraz  can be read clicking here

Yesterday the Oakland Press on line edition  published the audio of the 9-11 call to City of Bloomfield Hills dispatch. Both of the above newspaper accounts say  the the threat of calling the police prompted the shooting into a closed door wounding the home owner. Of note on the audio is the calm of our dispatchers in getting information in what was a fraught and  potentially life threatening situation. 

The name of the street where the crime occurred  is two words with beginning with consonants  that  if spoken rapidly may not be easy to understand.

The street itself is a not major one. In fact it dead ends. If you know the neighborhood's twists and turns however, it can be accessed by two of the City's major arteries. Possibly for that reason when Police arrived at the crime scene the suspects were gone.  Initial TV news reports said  the Police had no suspects. That would change. By May 5th the Police had made arrests.

The crime believed to be a blotched robbery,  occurred on April 30th.  
At the April City Commission meeting, three weeks prior  Chief  David Hendrickson asked City Commission  to participate in a multi community Police task force called MCAT. A motion to do so passed.  The memo the Chief wrote  for the commissioners  detailing the City's participation in MCAT and potential benefits was  posted on in our May 13th issue.  

In many conversations  with the media,the Chief has credited MCAT and  the addition resources  provided at a nominal cost as the keys to  the breaks in the case.

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