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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Communications Tower (Stealth or Otherwise) and Roads on Afternoon Commission Meeting Agenda.

This a special meeting at a special time. It starts at 5:30pm "quitting time " One commissioner is expected to be phoning in  in his participation .The meeting agenda , and documents to be discussed can be found in the July 26th City Commission Agenda Packet.  

Two Big Topics
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Agenda Item 3: The Commission will discuss a proposed communications tower on the Department of Public Works property.                                                           

On  page three of the proposal from the Haley Law Firm PLC ways to "maximize aesthetics" by having the new tower "mimic" an existing one or "alternatively. a stealth structure such as a faux pine tree which the City has previously approved and in now constructed at the Manresa Retreat" are mentioned .

We think City of Bloomfield Hills resident should know what is being considered for their neighborhood.

There  are questions residents should be asking. How many towers are there currently in the City ? Where are they located ?  What do they look like ? How many are disguised to resemble something other than what they really are ? What are the benefits to he city residents ? Are there any known Health issues ?

Commissioner Pat Hardy addressed a couple  of these topics at the last commission meeting.  When the tower topic was briefly mentioned, she asked, "does anyone remember the tower they tried to make look  like a tree at Manresa ? Has anybody said anything about any health issues. ?"  Unfortunately she was the only one. Hopefully this afternoon  other commissioners will ask questions on behalf of the people they represent.

Agenda Item 2: The Commission will discuss Phase 3 of the Road and Improvement Program.

This item takes up eight pages of the agenda package. It is very detailed and discusses works past, present, and future. If  you look hard enough you may be able to find the street where you live. This writer found the street where we now live and the street where we used to live. In The last issue of Hills Highlights, Mayor Zambricki wrote  that the city "will employee best practices   to accomplish certain municipal functions....the road building process is a good example.  In addition the City "will improve the metrics  used to evaluate the road  replacement program. 

Other topics to be discussed this evening include

Agenda Item 4 Commission will discuss locating United States Post Office drop off  mail boxes at city hall.
Agenda Item 5 Commission will discuss the City goals.
Agenda Item 6 Commission will hear an update on  the  Tree Beatification Program.
Agenda Item 7 Commission will consider other business.
Agenda Item 1 As always this item is a call to order and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Communications  Tower Proposal

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