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Monday, October 31, 2011

Library Historical Time Line. Part 2. October 14th 2003.

Commissioner Dale Dawkins led the charge that evening. Word on street says it was Dawkins who convinced Mayor Benjamin Hoffiz to write break up letter to the Township Public Library. New kid, Pat Hardy, elected to City commission that May later remembers Dawkins as saying it was something that must be done.  Still later she said she regretted having done so. If a library  millage increase was 7.5 times whatever it was last year Commissioner Hardy a former English teacher would have a hard time saying no. Dale Dawkins was for her a role model and mentor and the stand he took is what she remembers. Commissioner Zambricki  was articulate  especially in the closing remarks. Commissioner Davy was the first to mention  the Troy Library and the $100 family  full privilege  card. Mayor Hoffiz presided but did not say much.None of the five (except for Hardy many years  later)  supported millage increase.None of the five suffered for taking that position. With the exception of  Mayor Hoffiz who was completing his second stint as mayor, all the commissioners went to eventual terms as Mayor.

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At the Public Hearing seven residents spoke in favor maintaining library services regardless of the millage increase.Three spoke opposing such action and seven residents had comments or wished to ask questions.

Not : Minute meetings of the era were quite detailed. The names and street addresses  including house numbers  of residents speaking were listed. We have omitted the house numbers and because the residents who spoke were speaking on a topic now eight years old we listed only the first initial. The name of the street are listed. to indicate interest in many parts of the city. If you recognize yourself by an initial and street name  and regret the omission of your full name, please inform us in the grey/blue comment box at the end of this post. You can also tell us if your opinion has changed or remained the same.

A library survey sent by city commission that fall had a 691 replies or a thirty percent return. Better participation than the percentage of voter turn out at some city elections. 375 said no to the millage increase. 288 residents wanted to continue library services regardless and 28 returned surveys with comments only.

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The last document on this page is most interesting. Few if  any in our current government  may be aware of it's existence. That being said the original is not be found  on the City's website. It comes to this publication as a copy of a copy from a private collection and was slightly of kilter when it went through the copier.

The date of the letter is October 14th, 2003 the day of the City Commission meeting  who's minutes appear above. The letter as such was not mentioned by at the meeting. Commissioner Davey does mention in 10/14/03 minutes other options beinging looked into such as the one described in the letter.

The letter represents a agreement that both parties 2003, City of Bloomfield Hills Manager Christine Bremer and Troy Library Director Brian Stautenberg are the sae page on such things a dollar amount and availability.At one point in the letter CityManager  Bremer  references a remark  by Director Stautenberg that the library over the three years prior to 2003  had actually served  644 "Bloomfield Hills" residents.

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