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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Complete 2012 -2013 City Commission Annual Budget

Clicking on the above red  words will produce the  the entire 74 page 2012-13 (Last year's budget. The one with  the $500,000 plus deficit to the General Fund )  City Commission Budget. We happened on it quite by accident while actually searching the City web sight for something else  entirely. Reading it will give one something to do while awaiting tonight's 2013-2014 budget approval meeting.

The official budget, approved on May 1 2012, a year ago today, has many useful features like  a table of contents, glossary, and more explanations in 74 pages than we could manage in two. When the 2013-2014 budget  (which begins on July 1st  2013)is made avialble  we will compare it with the the 2012-2013 budget (which ends on June 30th of this year) to test for accuracy and adherence.

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