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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Election 2013 Winners: Rookie candidate Stuart Sheer a surprise top vote getter in City Election with 529 votes.

Even more surprising is that there were no real losers in the election. Everybody could take a bow including the voters. 

Voter's  ballots were returned with an average of 2.38 votes.  Of course there is no such thing as a "zero, decimal point, 38" vote or a partially filled in oval. That strange little .38 fraction of a whole (arrived at by dividing the number of votes cast by the number of voters), does however indicate that  voters did their homework.  On election day  the residents had four choices, not voting, casting one vote, casting two or casting three votes.  

One vote was the minimum  that got you counted. Such a vote while not very helpful in resolving matters may have been used to vote for a favorite friend, who one wanted to win above all. Two votes were more the norm. Everybody had a favorite and a runner up. Adding to the "two vote" total  was a reportedly large number of voters who said they absolutely would not vote for "X" but saw that as no reason to cast the the extra vote for "Y". 

Three votes was the maximum allowed and the average voter providing  2.38, apparently finding something to like in three candidates more often than not.

The more candidates the voter selects, the more balanced the commission could be and the more  input the residents have. Taken in the extreme if all voters cast one vote for the same person, That person as the only commissioner elected would have to appoint the other four.

That could theoretically and mathematically  happen in 2015 when the entire commission will be up for re-election. In that election residents will be asked to "vote for five."

The 2.38 votes per ballot fell short of a perfect "three" by .62. Multiply.62 times the total vote and you come up with 107 additional votes which is rather significant number  when one considers the gap between each candidate ranked by votes was around 112.

In addition to Mr. Sherr and  the 750  voters there were the other residents of note as well. Most notably the election workers who made the election possible and of course the three other candidates.

Pat Hardy was the second highest vote getter with 517 only twelve votes behind Stuart Sherr. Her election will mark the beginning of  years eleven and twelve as a City Commissioner. First elected in 2003, Commissioner Hardy has never lost a City election.

Michael Coakley delivered a bravura and successful first time   run for City Office earning 424 votes and a  seat on City Commission.

Mark Kapel  the only candidate to run in both the 2012 and 2013 election was fourth and last with 312 votes  but that was double the number of votes received the year prior.

1936 Presidential Candidate Alf Landon once said that when you only carry Maine and Vermont you don't lie awake nights thinking about what you might have done differently.

Candidate Kapel can be pleased with his elevation to the realm of sleepless nights.

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