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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Mishaps,Mayors,Mastodons and Winter Comes Early in the City of Bloomfield Hills. But starting today the the days get longer !

We are pleased to report that Mayor Pat Hardy is home and on the mend from a  nasty  fall. That occurred  while taking the dog from a vet appointment during the Thanksgiving Holidays. She  explained that she was using a retractable leash when her dog saw a German Sheppard. The latter   didn't look particularly thrilled at the prospect of paths crossing.  The Mayor  pulled on the leash but to no avail.  Then the retractable leash snapped knocking her down.  A fractured hip and a week long convalescence at  Woodward Hills resulted. It is hoped  and the Mayor expects that she will  be able to attend and chair the  January  14th City Commission Meeting.

Last  Tuesday Former Mayor Kellet  (2009-2010)  visited a zoning board meeting and brought a little history with him. That is not first time that he has done that. In 2012 at the January Planning commission he reminded  the planning commissioners  and those attending that the very day, January 10th. was  anniversary of the publication of Thomas Paine's Common Sense.

At the zoning meeting,  in reference to property  in the vicinity of  Charring Cross and Warrington Roads, Mayor Kellet indicated area of wetlands on a topographic map, and said a swamp was drained in the early 1930's as part of a WPA project.  That  resulted in the discovery of  young Mastodon  bones. The bones were then sent to Cranbrook for re-assembly  Kellet ventured that the remains of  Mother and Daddy Mastodon might  be found beneath larger wetland areas to the north.  

The Mastodon is the official fossil of the state of Michigan.

More from the Bloomfield Historical Society which says  there are 17 known Mastodon sites in Oakland County.....

Kellet is a member of the Bloomfield Historical Society and has prepared  area history slide shows which he presents on many occasions.

Winter may be here but the days will soon be getting longer. Today, December 21st, is the day of the winter solstice. By mid to late January, afternoon  dog walkers and joggers should notice the difference. No more pitch dark at 4:45 pm. At least not until next year.

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