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Monday, May 25, 2015

In Memory of the 13 Michigan Veterans Killed in Desert Storm.

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1.   Bartusiak, StanleyRomulus, MIArmyDesert Storm
2.   Benz, KurtGarden City, MIMarine CorpsDesert Storm
3.   Brilinski, RogerOssingeke, MIArmyDesert Storm
4.   Brooks, TyroneDetroit, MINavyDesert Storm
5.   Hansen, StevenLudington, MIArmyDesert Storm
6.   Hill, TimothyDetroit, MIArmyDesert Storm
7.   Howard, AaronBattle Creek, MIArmyDesert Storm
8.   Matthews, KellyBuckley, MIArmyDesert Storm
9.   Palmer, WilliamHillsdale, MIArmyDesert Storm
10.   Phillips, KellyMadison Heights, MIArmyDesert Storm
11.   Shaw, DavidSouth Harrisville, MIMarine CorpsDesert Storm
12.   Tormanen, ThomasMilford, MIMarine CorpsDesert Storm
13.   Valentine, CraigAugusta, MINavyDesert Storm

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