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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

In the City of Bloomfield Hills location is everything.

The same could be said for flow charts where the top rules and everything flows downward from there. If truth be told  a  flow Chart hasn't been seen  in the City of Bloomfield Hills in three years. Ancient ones now confined to archives but based on the City Charter had the people on top and the City Commissioners  as the highest governing body next. As the City grew more levels were added below that of the commission. 
Eventually the idea of  people on top was  dropped. 

The City Commission listing which once featured pictures and biographies fell from from first to second from last on the City directory page and gone are the pictures and  the bio blurbs.

So with all that in mind,  if the need arose, how would a Citizen contact his or her 

City Commissioner ?

Well you could use the City web site of course. 

Once there,  you would, by clicking on a  Box on upper right hand side of the home page that says  I  want To ? then a drop down box would appear  and  you  would  select contact City Staff and  Elected Officials.  
Then you would have to scroll down a very long page. Second to the bottom  just above  Contract Associates (those who contract with the City  to inspect your air conditioner  or generator installation to make sure everything is up to City snuff ) are  your Elected  Officials. 

The Elected Officials are unique in the fact that they are the only ones on the entire page that do not provide  phone numbers. That may be because they do not wish to take calls at home or their place business . Fair enough, but as every politician knows one  can buy a  no contract pay as you go  Go  phone  and attach  it to its own answering machine in a remote location in your home. That way you can receive and  return your calls. An E mail address  works  for documents but it does not provide the  warm fuzzies politicians live for. Even if you can't help  the citizen you can at least commiserate and sound good in the processes.

There is also a  city web page that says Government which lists the commissioners by name but for contact purposes it suggest you leave a message at City Hall  or look up the Commissioners contact information  at the bottom of the long page that you reach by clicking on I want to... 

Government page useless for contact purposes

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