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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Sample Ballot For Tuesday November 3rd Election.

You have five votes to cast, That is you are  instructed to vote for no more than five. A ballot with no votes or more than five will be disqualified. Best advise? Vote for as many candidates  as you feel comfortable with  but no more than five. You are not obligated to vote for  more than one, A single vote for a single candidate is but one vote and doesn't help either the candidate or the City very much. It does however reduce the clout of your ballot  by 80%. If you run out of candidates you know or like you may vote for any number between one and  and five by filling the corresponding ovals.
 Remember  every oval you fill is but one vote.  There is no way you may cast more than a  single vote for any candidate you  vote for.

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