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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

47th Edition of the St. Hugo's Altar Guild Rummage Sale Continues Thursday with Free admission 9am to 7pm.

The good book tells us that in giving  we  receive  and   the St. Hugo's'rummage sale now in its 47th year offers three ways in which 
you can give. They are Donate. Volunteer. Shop.
 To determine what you will receive when you Shop,Volunteer, or donate  lets look at them in reverse order.order.If  the shoppinwasn't good  the  St.  Hugo's  Rummage sale wouldn't be celebrating 50 almost years. The Student volunteer  who meets your car and takes your donation s to the door can earn community service hours.  Adult volunteers  who contribute their time and  talent can pick their own hours  and assignments while enjoying working with like minded people.
All donors may  deduct the fair market value of what they donate. The  form is available at the door. The details are described below.
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