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Monday, July 25, 2016

An invitation from Sally G

Look over the following list of fundraising events and pick a non-profit you'd like to support. 

If you get to the party and don't know anyone, find me. I've been covering the charity scene for 35 years and can probably introduce you to some really nice people. Heck, if you can't afford a ticket, call and see if they need volunteers. Sally G. 

 On one occasion This writer had the chance to see Sally G in action at the Bloomfield Hills Country Club. Very simply she takes her own photographs,makes her own notes,and somehow keeps it all together so the correctly spelled names go with the right pictures. Most of which is accomplished in a social setting  where poor lighting (as in shadows) and people in the perpetual way comes with the the territory.

When asked, Sally G, said numerous articles about her had been written and she wasn't interested in more as much as she was her in her work that evening. 

While most gracious in allowing one to watch a master at work, It occurred to me that I might be getting in the way. 

The invitation that begins this  article appears now and again in Sally's photo gallery which is featured in every issue of Downtown Birmingham and Downtown Bloomfield Magazine in both the print and on line editions.

Should you take Sally up on her offer ? That depend on you.

I once volunteered to help out working in the kitchen of a society sit down,and wound up going home with paper plates of brownies, cookies, and pockets full of canned soft drink beverages. Legally, I presume.

But that is me and  in my family I  am regarded as decidedly dull.

 By contrast my mother once said of my  Aunt Helen that if she sat on the curb long enough someone would bring her lunch.

That my wife said was a skill in itself. Perhaps that is why  My Aunt spent 40 years in the last century, in the big apple, sharing champagne and conversation with the rich, famous, or at the very least the interesting.

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