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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Havana Cuba anyone ?

On  your right just below the Oakland Press Box, fifth one down is Here is Havana a blog published by our Girl In Havana. She writes
Here is Havana is navel-gazing, cathartic venting at its best and worst. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to kiss on the Malecón, go to the doctor for free, smoke tasty 5 cent cigars,  or forgo toilet paper, welcome to Havana.
Since she is young and we are older (much?) it might help to think of her as a daughter who got straight A's in school but who's passion for the enchanting and exotic precluded the sane and the sensible which makes everyone nervous.If you meet her on your trip you might squeeze in another Cultural Exchange. 
17 people attended the Community House  Cuba Travel Presentation. The Price double occupany is  $4349 which includes air faire from Detroit and  all meals, Single occupancy is $4749 and virtually full but the tour is willing to match singles for the discounted double rate.

Please feel free to visit our other City Blogs  located  just below the Oakland Press Box. Those of us who in  old age prefer the enchanted and the exotic to  the sane and the sensible, love to turn a midnight snack into jaunt around the world ,  Havana, Paris, Bucharest, Warsaw,Lagos Nigeria, Living in Egypt, Hanoi, and Cairns Australia all have interesting Blogs written by interesting individuals accessible by mouse click.

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