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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Today is Election Day. Enjoy the neighbors yard signs while you can and don't forget to vote !

Would you believe waterproof paint strong enough to withstand  the fringes  of  Hurricane Sandy ? Believe it. Number one question everyone wants to know is how much.  Lots.You can ask Primetime Painting Inc for an exact quote.for that special occasion or just to tell the world whatever it is you want to say. We do not know if you can see it from outer space or if it qualifies for the Guinness Book of Record. Yes it is lit up at night. No the neighbors don't mind . Would you believe such vivid verve in the City of Bloomfield Hills ? Believe it !

Below the same message, slightly more discreet  in what we believe is vinyl. Note the colors coordinate with 
the landscape.

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