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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Public Safety Officers Chris Furlong and Rick Mattot Commended for Top Notch Police Work.

Officer Furlong
At a recent City Commision Meeting. Chief David Hendrickson commended Officers Furlong and Matott for making significant arrests.  

Like you see on  TV from Columbo to Elementary, Officer Chis Furlong, was able to put his skills, training, and power of observation to good use in turning a routine traffic stop into an  arrest.

Officer Mattot

A   more dramatic incident, widely reported in local  newspapers occurred in Bloomfield Township. According to the newspaper accounts at  approximately 10:45 pm a woman leaving a store at Long Lake and Telegraph  en route to her car in the parking lot  was pushed  from behind to the ground  by two  assailants who then with her purse ,fled in a vehicle.That vehicle would be stopped by officer Rick  Matott. He had been   monitoring Township radio calls and using his powers of observation was able to put the pieces together and make an arrest  of the alleged perpetrators.

" It  was your guy that did that (made the arrest) ", Township Police  Chief Geof Gaudard  respectfully told Chief Hendrickson when they met at a meeting.

If the name is  Mattot  is familiar  it is because Mattot's father, Chief Rick Mattot  just retired after 31 years of service to City of Bloomfield Hills. In a career than went from 1982 to 2013,  Chief Mattot rose from an entry level dispatcher to Chief in 13 years . He also helped the City in a pinch by serving  a number of years as  both  City Public Safety Director and City Manager.

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