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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Yipes! Stripes! The City of Bloomfield Hills Blog Is Three Years Old Today !

nd we almost forgot ! When we remembered we had to look up the date to be sure. June 1st 2011 to June 1st 2013. To be exact.

As we see it our Birthday present is our readers. Google maintains good statistics in that regard. The number that appears on lower right hand corner of the blog in  little meter says in two year we have had 33,125 page visits for 389 postings. Google calculated that to be by 8301 people of which 3,748 are totally unique. That means they are counted but once and if Google is correct m more than half  have visited us more than once. The average person who visits looks at 2.87 pages and stays  on our site for slightly over 7 minutes .New readers  comprise 45% of our readership.

 24% of the readers are from "Bloomfield Hills" .That has not always been case. Initially Birmingham (16%) and Franklin (5%) led the parade. 

At one time we were all the rage in Keego Harbor (10%). A number of theories were advanced as to why this was so. Those four communities plus Clarkston (3%) round out the top five. West Bloomfield, Troy, Detroit, and Pontiac are also in the top ten but none has more than 1.7% of our readership.

If you count the top hundred cities world wide we have a number of International Cities that read us but not in any significant numbers unless an American presence (usually military or government)  is present. Domestically Bethesda Maryland tunes in occasionally.  100th on the list is Indianapolis Indiana with five readers who have spent a whopping  three and half minutes with us during the last two years.

The World Wide Map Shows
surprising penetration in South America and Africa. The latter is a fairly recent phenomena. Possibly as result of our Cairo (largest City on the continent) and Nairobi (largest Sub Sahara City) blog page link. The darker the blue the more visits. Very light shading  means no visits.

. We are told that we are asking too much for Google to  separate out the City of Bloomfield Hills and Bloomfield Township numbers . On the World, national, territory, and City stage Google does an amazing job of pinpointing. The City of Bloomfield Hills with 3800 people is probably coming  in a yet to be developed neighborhood stage.
If you are  curious our readership in any country except the United States is less than one percent. India ranks second  with 67 visits and looks like this...

By City 

The United Kingdom and Canada follow with 66 and 63 visit respectively. Below is  Canada.

In all probability, high numbers in Alberta are due a cable which brings Detroit Television broadcasts to the province.

The Bloomfield Bottom line ?

24 % of all visits  or  2024 are from Bloomfield Hills.  90 % or 1840  are returning visitors. Returning visitors spend an average of  14:66 minutes on site per visit and consult an average of 4.61 pages.

The tiny number of new visitors over a two year period is curious .  Usually on a monthly basis  the number is between 35 and 50 percent new visitors.

If we are doing our job right New Visitors quickly become returning visitors but over a two year period 184 did not become returning visitors. That is 10% of the 2024 total from Bloomfield Hills. You could say that is a 90% approval rating. 

The "new visitors only" did  however give us on an average two minutes of their time before moving on which is fair. 

That is something we will have to work to improve in year three. As they say onward and upward !

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