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Friday, October 4, 2013

Sample Ballot for November 5 election. Candidates upper right. Ballot proposals center column and upper left.No need to flip.

This a precinct 1 ballot (votes at City Hall). You can tell bythe top of the center column centerand  left corner markings and the fact that Michael Coakley's name is on top (as determined by alphabetical order). Pat Hardy is next followed by Mark Kapel  and  Stuart  Scherr. In precinct 2  (Congregational  Church  at Woodward and Cranbrook) Michael Coakley drops to last  and all the other candidates move up  a slot with Pat Hardy first. If you vote by absentee regardless of where you live you will receive a precinct one or precinct two ballot depending on what they are mailing out that day  Ballot questions don't rotate.

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