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Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Kingsley Inn sold to Birmingham Michigan based Elia Group.

The Macomb Daily, in an article by  Megan Semeraz  reported that the sales was completed May 1st.

Good Food Beautiful Cocktail Lounge  Kingsley Inn Woodward and Long Lake Road  Bloomfield Hills

 The Macomb Daily account also reported  that the Hotel will be renovated and for the time being and keep the Radisson name and affiliation. A new deli restaurant, Nosh and Rye  is scheduled to open  on the premises on early July. It will replace the Deli Unique and will hire back it's former staff. It is  expected that the fine dining restaurant vacancy  will also be filled shortly. The Elia group is no stranger to food service operating  more than 100 Subway Sandwich locations through out  the metro area.

The Kingsley Inn which sits on eight acres of land is a long time Bloomfield Hills landmark and location of lore.  Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays,  corporate meetings and other occasions have been celebrated  there. The hotel conveniently accommodated  out of town guests coming for such  events. 
In 1971  Arthur Hailey, author of popular novels which featured  the inner workings  of various professions such as Airport and Hotel which later became movies and  TV mini series, wrote Wheels about the Auto Industry. Hailey novels are known the meticulous research  he employed for each of  the industries he wrote about. Some critics felt the story line dragged a bit in "Wheels," but praised  the research that integrated the community  with the Industry.
In the suburbia of best seller Wheels, characters of note meet for drinks at the Kingsley Inn, contemplate the meaning of life while strolling around Quarton Lake, and talk about the Eccentric Newspaper.
"Wheels" in 1978 became a made for TV mini series  starring Rock Hudson and Lee Remick. Naturally Hollywood  jazzed it up and filmed it in Los Angeles. 
Above is the mini series introduction en francais. 

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