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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

For mad dogs. The complete Agenda Packets for Today's Planning Commission and City Commission meeting. Also quick access to the new Sign Ordinance in its entirety.

The links at the bottom of the page will take you  to the beginning of the  Agenda Package for both meetings. The first thing you will see when link connects is the rudimentary Agenda for the meeting.
 Scrolling down on the right hand side will allow to you to  see all the documents that concern today's meetings. 

The Agenda Packet for the City  Commission is 108 pages long which relatively short as Agenda Packet go, The five City Commissioners as well as City Staff who participate in the meeting also receive the Agenda packet. When all the  pages are copied for today's meeting over a over 1500 pages will be produced. What the reader and this publication get is the dog copy that is  posted on the City Website. By dog copy we mean the staff of the City Clerk's office is probably pretty dog tired when the monthly meeting agenda packets are finished. Besides who else beside mad dogs and Englishman would venture beyond page 100 of  an Agenda packet ?
To read  the proposed  revised   sign ordinance  in its entirety,   
Click here Sign ordinance.The ordinance  runs from page 52 to 90. Clicking  on the Sign ordinance link will also produce the complete agenda packet  for tonight's City Commission meeting.                                             
 In addition to the complete sign ordinance your reward for accessing the City Commission agenda package so will be  the following added bonus material.
  • The complete waste hauler contract as it now stands 
  • page 91  to 103.
  • The yet to be posted minutes of the January City commission meeting page 42.
And a behind the scenes look at various City Departments such as Public safety (Crime an other incident reports), Treasury (assets and liabilities) and Building(Vacant property report).

To access the agenda package for this afternoon's Planning Commission agenda package click here

So some pages  are crooked, blank, or go side ways instead of up and down or worse are upside down to begin with, your determination to get to the bottom of even the biggest agenda packet will be rewarded and perhaps even celebrated in song.  

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