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Monday, March 9, 2015

December 4th 2014 Case Number U-17542 after a year before the Michigan Public Service Commission.

 It seems every one has an opinion on what  the report says but few have actually read it.  

 The report is ten pages long. What everyone is curious about is what  exactly what the MPSC ordered  the utility  companies to do.  Through editing  we have provided that information at the outset.
Then after a few  observations of things we have noticed, so that  that  the reader might  better appreciate what is  being reported,  we have printed the report in it's entirety without  editing  or modification. 

It is important to understand that the MPSC is a regulating body. Like your parents when you lived at home it makes the rules. If you read this report and  the two other that provided  earlier in the this series of articles you will realize that  the MPSC is always on the utility's back about a number of issues on a consistent  basis.

 Examples include response time on such things as  the  response time for downed power lines, customer refunds for outages and how fast they are processed,  and of course  the big bug a boo tree trimming money and how fast that money is processed and spent for  it's intended purpose
In the below report  Consumer's energy is chided for having spent only 46 million of the 53 million  requested in vegetation management money. (page 4).

On page five  It is noted that DTE  "is currently spending  all of its allocated  funding  on vegetation management. Note the use of the present  tense." Would some of that allocated money be spent  ground to sky  initiative DTE launched on Kensington road later in the month ?
Read  the MPSC report of December 4th 2014  and you will see no mention of  a Ground to Sky program. That is because it is  a  DTE program DTE came up with  to show the MPSC that it is  doing it's homework in terms of tree trimming money spent and Pilot programs. Grand to Sky was harsh , The actual  assignment given by the MPSC on December 4th 2014 was rather benign.

 The data for the hazardous  tree removal program was to be drawn from Pilot programs from many communities including the City of Bloomfield Hills. 

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