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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tuesday is Trash Day for West of Woodward Residents and Wednesday for East of Woodward Residents. Snow, an Unanticipated day one Guest.

Note cart tire tracks and  foot prints going and coming.

The lingering leaves of Autumn on a Spring day from a picture taken last week. Note the season identifying greenery. What is it that they say about Michigan Weather.?
Green and Taupe anyone ?  The colors of the golf course or for that matter the U.S. Army but not  the colors of  the City of Bloomfield Hills. What if the cans were re-done in Army forest camouflage would they be less apparent ?  We hate to be critical but the City is very picky about it's colors. Black is more apparent close up. Army green at a distance. Regardless the cans
seem popular to the point of some becoming permanent edge of driveway fixtures.

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