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Friday, April 3, 2015


You must be a Comcast customer to watch. In The City of Bloomfield Hills  where Comcast is the main service provider that should not be a problem.  

If you do not have cable TV  but do have  Comcast  Internet  and Phone service  you may qualify for some "On demand" viewing privileges on a tablet or other portable device. 

During the Watcha-hon that  "some" means virtually  everything. 

To connect with  Comcast on a portable device   you will need to download the Comcast app on you portable and enter with you Comcast user ID and password.

IF  you choose to watch on a portable device the Comcast app works nationwide. 

This is the third year for Watchathon which starts at midnight  Sunday the 6th of April and ends at midnight the following Sunday. Last year Comcast was generous about not cutting one off at exactly the stroke of midnight conclusion.

Comcast bills Watchathon as  biggest thing on Television and they may be right. For customers of Comcast it a once a year chance to view premium programs at no cost and to catch up on episodes they have  may have missed. It is 168 incredible hours of viewing. For more information you can scroll downward or call Comcast, or push the help button on your portable device, or consult other sources on line. If you choose the latter maker sure you specify Comcast Watchathon 2015.

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