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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Precinct Maps for the March 8th Presidential Primary.

Below are Oakland County Precinct Maps for all candidates in the March Primary. A legend is provided beneath the maps. Below is the  Republican. one. At a glance  Precincts won by Candidate Trump are in bright yellow.  Those carried by  John Kasich are in pea green.  Cruz precincts are in dark green.  To  figure out where you are on the crazy quilt of lines and spaces look for the City of Bloomfield Hills in the lower right hand area of the map. It is the easy to find rectangle with a mountain or bulge inside of it. The   bulge  is the result of Cranbrook schools, the largest land owner in the City and the City's attempt to balance the size of the two voting precincts. The City of Bloomfield Hills sits  a diagonal line that is  Woodward  Avenue. If the rectangle looks  big it's because it is. The City of Bloomfield Hills with 3500 residents is  is larger in  area than the City if Birmingham which has 20,000 inhabitants. Remember the maps are  drawn  to show  only voting precincts.
The City of Bloomfield Hills has 2, Birmingham 9,  Bloomfield Township 32, and Oakland County 520. If you visit the Oakland County  Elections Web site from which this information is drawn you will find these maps.  putting your  cursor on  the map will reveal  the precincts name and number.  

Democrat map at a glance Green are  Sanders Precincts. Dark Blue  voted for Clinton.

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